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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Energy in the Physical and Spiritual Bodies



Dear Fellow Traveler,

In Parts 3, 4 and 5, I focused on the Mental and Emotional bodies. Today I'd like to guide your attention to focus on the Spiritual and Physical bodies. Unlike the Mental and Emotional bodies, the Spiritual and the Physical are great friends. They interact and co-exist very well with each other where the Physical body is an excellent communicator for the Spiritual body. There has been a lot written on this subject, under Body-Mind connection, and I would encourage anyone who wants more extensive information to read Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life".

The Physical body is the last line of defense for all of the bodies. We often ignore the Emotional body while the Mental body can trick us into thinking that it can figure out virtually anything that we need for our continued survival and prosperity. However, the one body that we can't ignore is the Physical body. Certainly we can try to ignore it but, if we do, we will just get to hear louder and louder messages of complaint from it which manifest in the form of increasing pain and distress. Eventually it surely will get our attention while hoping that we will also hear and recognize the message which it's urgently trying to convey to us.

Some illnesses are karmic but the majority of what ails us is caused by the disharmony which exists between all four of our bodies. Pain and distress is simply the Physical body's way of saying “ Hey, something is out of balance here.” Most of the colds we get are the Physical body's way of sending the message that - “You need some rest.” It is not interested in the fact that in our culture we are raised to value a strong work ethic. There is nothing wrong with working hard as long as we play hard and interact with loved ones with the same enthusiasm and dedication that we give to work. Balance in all things is everything.

As we approach Dec 21, 2012 then anyplace that we are 'out of balance' will swiftly become clear to us. Very often this clarity will come to us through manifestations of dis-ease in the physical body. So many of you who consult me are telling me about physical ailments or emotional feelings that are chronic and difficult to deal with. Whenever these circumstances arise then it is important that you seek medical attention if you feel something different in your body. We are often the first to notice that something is not the same. However; along with medical attention it’s always very important to consciously explore the spiritual and emotional causes so as to decode, in the most beneficially enlightening way, just what the body is trying to tell us.

Whenever we do this, then it is important to bear in mind that our Spiritual body is the mirror of our Trust in the Divine. It is where our belief rests that we are truly worthy creations of Divinity while emanating from the very substance of Divinity and for that reason alone we are worthy of Divine Love. For that is what God is; Pure Unconditional Love. So how can the physiological and emotional changes, which we perceive ourselves as undergoing, be regarded as either bad, fearful or both? 

Always bear in mind, whenever these kinds of feelings arise in your life’s experience, that we all had extensive guidance and advice before we incarnated. We chose to be here with the help of many guides and teachers and, although some of us may not be able to see and hear them at a conscious level at present, we certainly do hear them with our hearts as well as in our Spiritual bodies. Please be assured of this while holding on firmly to this comforting thought in your most troubled times. Trust your connection with the Divine to guide you through this most challenging period of transformation.


Don't fight the change, embrace it -Welcome it! Know that you are engineering it. See where it is taking you! If you would like an adventure, like a shining adventure, it will be well. Your attitude is everything. If you're stuck in self-pity, if you're finding yourself in a situation that seems to overwhelm you and the emotions are just coming up, don't chastise yourself. Loved Ones, let the emotions come! What are they but a symbol of your passion, a symbol of the energy that you use to create. 

If your emotions are going off in a direction that you don't want them to go, stand back and say “Well I am capable of a grand passion, let me harness it and send it in the opposite direction! Wonderful! Look what I can create! Sit back and relax because you only have one little task to do. That task is to harness the fear. You do it thought by thought, so be aware of your thoughts and the rest is easy. Just watch each thought as it comes up and change it when you need to – Change it.

Till next time, please allow me to remind you once again to –

Embrace you Intuition and Challenge your Fears

In Love and Light


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