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Monday, October 22, 2012

How Energy works in the Real World



Dear Fellow Traveler,

       Last week I spoke about energy and why it's important to be conscious of it. Spiritual theory is great, but too often we forget that it really has little value unless we apply the Spiritual tenets that we learn to our daily interactions and challenges.

       You have more than one body. You have the physical body which is the densest and the one you are most familiar with, but you also have a Mental body, where your intellect resides, and an Emotional body, which is connected to your heart and your emotions. It is here that your Intuition resides. You also have a Spiritual body, that part of you that is eternal and resided in all of the physical bodies that you have ever inhabited.

       You would think that these bodies would all get along, but the don't. The mental body is often the bully. Its not at fault for that, it is simply responding to a world that values right answers and judgement. It truly believes that it's your best guide and perhaps there were times in your evolution when it was; but as the song says, "The Times They Are A-Changing".

       One of the effects of this transition into a higher consciousness is that everyone on the planet is experiencing an awakening of their Intuition. Just as the mind collects and catalogs data, the Intuition reads the vibration of energy. Energy from this life and energy from others. It warns you of situations that may not be for your highest good. It just knows and it's confidence often challenges the Intellect, which wants data.

       Here is an easy way to distinguish between the Intellect and the Intuition. The Intellect will worry a decision to death. The Intuition will just tell you which path to take. It will tell you quietly and surely and with absolute confidence. It won't have any reasons, but it will convey a quiet peace about the decision. Here is an simple example.

Intuition : Turn off and take the scenic route home
Intellect : Now why would you do that? What would make you change a routine that has worked for years.
Intuition : Just turn off and take the scenic route.
Intellect : Are you crazy. Do you know how many traffic lights are on the scenic route? If you just take your regular route home, you can relax and listen to music and have some down time. Anyway if you were going to take the scenic route you will have to change lanes.

       So you stay on course and before you know it you are in a traffic jam, or worse, an accident and you get home much later than you would have if you had just listened to your Intuition and taken the scenic route. The goal of course is to have these two bodies work together, but most of us are a ways from achieving that goal.

Here is another way the Intuition fights with the intellect.

Intellect : Hmmmm I'm reading here that thoughts create. That sounds reasonable to me. I like the data from all of the Quantum Physicists.
Intuition : Yes I do too; I can see that thought resonates in our heart.
Intellect : Good so lets keep all the thoughts positive as we try out those new rollerblades that we got for our birthday.

Emotional Body takes over the Intuition when the skates are laced up. 
'Oh my goodness. I'm remembering all the times that I fell when I was a child. I even broke my arm once. My father told me I had no balance and everyone agreed with him. I don't think I have any balance; what am I doing here? I'm going to fall and break something. I'm too old for this.

       A fall will surely follow; hopefully not resulting in a broken bone but take note that it all depends upon the intensity of the fear.

       This is why it's so important to become conscious of what you are telling yourself and where that message is coming from. Challenge the emotions especially when they are fearful or limiting.

Challenge : Well it's true that I fell once when I was younger, but I was just learning then and my father perhaps was not as patient as he may have been. He was not around me enough to know if I had a good sense of balance or not. I'll be careful and this will be fun. I don't have to recreate the past in the present.


Journal all that you are thinking on a subject.
Be as honest as you can especially about your fears.
Challenge your fears point by point
Replace them with more positive statements about yourself
The only way the baggage of the past comes into your future; is when you pick it up and carry it with you.


       I call to your hearts with every pulse of my energy. Do not let the quicksand of fear suck you in. You are in a time of great cleansing and you will create situations in your life that will tempt you towards fear. Every fear that has ever held you back will come out to dance with you. If that wasn't enough, you have the television and the news sources that will also encourage you to be afraid. Be Alert to these things. Be Invincible when you feel your emotions react towards fear. If you can do this, you will create Paradise!

Till next time - Embrace you Intuition and Challenge your Fears

In Love and Light


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