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Monday, November 5, 2012

Manifestation and Visualization



Dear Fellow Traveler,

As I was meditating and waiting for inspiration as to what I should write about this week, I began to think of the early days of my training and how blessed and fortunate I was to have the many wonderful teachers who came my way. In those days, metaphysics was not something you talked about, or learned in the open. People spoke to each other tentatively until someone was brave enough to use words which would be recognized, such as reincarnation, or paranormal experience. Those words became cues to reveal that you were in the company of a fellow traveler. Classes were difficult to find to the extent that I eagerly drove 90 miles so as to attend class

Words became a way of recognizing each other, much like the early Christians drew fish in the sand so that they could identify themselves to like-minded souls who would then realize that they were free to speak openly. Later, when crystals were more common, it became easier to spot each other, but in those days you almost had to be psychic to even find a class. Even after I found a class I had to pass an interview before I was allowed to attend and, except for rare circumstances, absence often meant being dropped from the roles.

It was in the early period of those initial studies that my teachers first presented me with so many important and memorable sayings; some of which had been translated from Sanskrit. These sayings encapsulated the "truths" of life. For example, one which was written over the doorway of an ancient temple, built 4000 years before the birth of Christ, advised the reader : To Dare, To Do and To Be Silent. There is great power in these instructions.

To Dare is the first challenging part of this timeless wisdom. Everyone who has ever felt the urge to expand the boundaries of their consciousness has first of all dared to explore the whole subject of spirituality; and this includes you. Rest assured that you would not be reading these words if you hadn't had the courage to explore and search for truth. But the "dare" part doesn't stop with the exploring. One of my teachers explained to me that we were actually being challenged to step out beyond our conditioning and then "Dare" to think of ourselves as Gods in embryo. To become aware that we are made of the very same substance as the Force of our Creation.This is a brave step in consideration of what society would have us believe about ourselves and what so many others around us feel safe in the continued undisturbed maintenance of.

I came out of a religion that had as part of its ritual the striking of our breast bone while uttering the words “Oh Lord, I Am not Worthy!" Many others came out of religions where they were taught that men are sinful and in need of redemption, This conveniently ignored the words of Jesus, when he said “ All that I do, you can do too, and more!” It took me many years to be able to fully dare to believe that I could manifest.

To Do is kind of self explanatory; To Do is an action word. We all do. We pray, we say affirmations, or we decree and write statements of visualization and intention. I'm sure that you will have a carefully considered note somewhere which contains an extensive list of the characteristics which you want your ideal partner to have but which doesn't match with your experience of reality. So what went wrong when "doing" seemingly comes so naturally to us? A big part of why we don't see more visualizations come into being has to do with the last part of this brief but deceptively powerful statement.

To Be Silent. The importance of this last part was explained to me in this way. When God decided to create Light, He didn't say “I'm thinking of creating Light, what do you feel about that?” He stood in his power and decreed “Let there be Light!” Light happened instantly. There are cosmic laws which made this happen and those laws have been generously revealed to us over the ages.

So often when we have something we want to manifest in our own life, we share that idea with friends. We assume because those friends are fellow travelers, that it's okay to share our desires. Take a moment and think of something that you wanted in your life and then think of how many people you shared that desire with. Now, try to remember what was said to you in response. Often your friends will give you well meaning advice which may include advising you to not be so ambitious while setting your goals a little lower. All this will be done for your "own good" and with the "best of intentions". Even those who keep silent may emote an attitude of patient indulgence that says “you haven't got a chance” or "you're crazy".

Every time you express your desires to someone else then what you are actually doing is leaking out or draining away precious energy. When energy leaks it has to build up again in order achieve its purpose. This always results in the extending of the time before the manifestation occurs, if it ever occurs at all. The longer it takes the more it eats away at the part of your consciousness that originally dared to believe that you could manifest in the first place. Reading The Secret, or The Law of Attraction is only the first step. When you are ready to concisely express your creative statement, express it to the Universe and then hold that precious manifestation deeply in your heart and Keep Silent !!


  1. Know what you want to manifest. Be able to express it in words no greater than one index card.
  2. Examine your motive and make sure that it is unselfish and that it will evolve you spiritually.
  3. Connect with your power. Feel your Divine Eternal Energy; look into your own eyes and speak to your reflection the statement of what you are creating, Begin with the words - I AM creating......
  4. Let it go! Other than those times during the day when you speak your manifestation statement to the Universe, do not dwell on it. Especially do not dwell on the time it is taking to manifest.

Until next time, practice manifesting something. Chose something that you feel comfortable with. Write your statement on an index card. Look into the mirror and speak the words to yourself several times a day. Tell no one and then watch what happens.

In Love and Light

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