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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Your and Your Aura

Dear Fellow Traveler

I hope you have been enjoying your summer. It’s been beautiful here in North Carolina and we’re all looking forward to Fall in the mountains when Mother Nature will paint our surroundings with a beauty that is magnificent. As I began thinking about these spectacular colors that will soon be in our lives, I felt prompted to write about your aura.

The one question I get asked most is, “What color is my aura?” Like many children, I was born with the ability to see people's auras. I've seen auras as long as I can remember, so people ask me this a lot.

The answer to that question is not a simple one. Auras have many colors. They have a strong resemblance to egg shaped rainbows that surround the body; but particularly the head and shoulders. Unlike rainbows they are constantly in motion and some of the colors change when your mood changes.

There are areas or bands in the aura which correspond to parts of your life. It’s very much like the slices of pie in an astrology chart. One band tells the story of your relationships, another your health, another explains your psychological development, your intelligence. There is even an area of the aura which will reveal past lives and how they effect the present.

When someone asks me a question like “Will I get the job I'm seeking?” I simply look at the specific band of the aura which has to do with employment and then I simply let it tell me its story. Your whole life is written in your aura; your triumphs as well as your blocks, your flexibility and where you can be stubborn.

The amazing thing to me is that I don't need to look at you to see your aura. When I speak to people on the phone, it’s even clearer because I don't get distracted by facial expressions or body language. All the answers that you might ever want to know about your journey or your destiny are written in your aura. It’s a great tool, and like astrology and numerology, it can help you to navigate these interesting times that we are living in.

Before the colors of the aura appear there is a radiance which is about two inches or less in depth. This is composed of pure white light and surrounds the entire body. This is the life force and it’s where health concerns can be detected. It works a lot like an x-ray but psychics are not allowed to diagnose; so the most we can do is to encourage our clients to see a doctor.

Let me also reassure my friends and my family that I do not sit around reading peoples’ auras unless they come to me professionally. Or, in the case of my family, unless they ask me a direct question. Then, even if I tell someone what there aura is saying, they may not be ready to hear it. But the aura tells me that as well.

For example, someone can say “I want to switch careers. What would make me happy?” I always tell my clients that I won't make their decisions for them but that I can look and tell them what talents they brought into this life which their soul would like them to be able to use. Often those talents will lead them in a certain direction. However; if the client does not believe enough in their ability, or if those talents would put them in the public eye and they feel too shy to attempt that, then I can watch the blocks start to rise up in their aura. Even before the words are out I know that they will be rejected. When I was younger I found it frustrating but age has taught me that the soul’s journey is a marathon and not a sprint.

How You can see an Aura

I have taught psychic development classes all over the United States and I can assure you that most people can see at least a part of the aura. There are some things that will make it easier for you.

1. Indirect lighting. It is much more difficult to see an aura in direct sunlight or direct artificial lighting.

2. Keep the background simple. If the walls are white or beige it’s much easier.

3. Look with soft eyes – remember when it was Friday and your last class at school and you were pretending to look at the teacher alertly, but your mind was already on the freedom that awaited you. That’s how you look at an aura. If you wear glasses then take them off.

4. Focus on the forehead between the eyebrows, or just above the left or right ear; or if you are sitting behind your subject look at the center or the back of the head.

5. Look with your eyes half open until you begin to feel relaxed and almost sleepy

6. Let go of any preconceived ideas of what it will look like. In the beginning it may just be patches of color or you may just see the life force.

7. Try not to get too excited when you do see color. The key is to stay relaxed and sleepy.

8. The last thing you may see is the motion.

Good luck and remember, the more you practice the better you get. School, church and large meetings are good places to try this technique out.

With love and light as always



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