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Monday, October 8, 2012

Dealing with our Fears

Help Through our Changing Times

Part 3

Hi Everyone,

      These times can be confusing. Things are happening quickly and before you know it they’re changing just as quickly. Sometimes decisions and choices have to be made in an instant. It is important that all of your choices feel in harmony with what your heart tells you. The kingdom of Heaven is within each persons’ heart and each of us holds our own key. You know best what your heart wants better than any outside source or person.

      There is also a force around us, in these turbulent times, which has an occult investment in creating an atmosphere of fear. Television programs bring us frequent reminders of terrorism and other troubling situations. Pharmaceutical companies speak of diseases that many of us did not even know were possible and then they try to ply their wares while reminding us that even these are not safe.

      Added to this the very real problems that the world is facing, such as global warming and the economic problems of many nations then it is easy to see why it’s not so hard to create an atmosphere of fear. Fearful people are easier to control.

      Next week I will show you a video which, on the surface appears quite benign but which has the subtle energy of fear throughout it. There are so many messages from Spirit available on the Internet where some are genuine and very helpful while others are disruptive, misleading and harmful. It is important that you listen to your heart so that you can recognize the difference and thereby take in the information which is valid for you and discard the rest..

      One of the hurdles which many of us are learning to conquer in these final weeks is overcoming the obstacle of fear. Have your fears held you back from seeking your destiny? Have your fears convinced you that you are not able to achieve your dreams? Have fears kept you clinging to a false security? These are questions that we should all ask ourselves as we face the choices of our lives.

     Here is Omnia's advice on fear

I call to your hearts with every pulse of my energy. Do not let the quicksand of fear, suck you in. You are in a time of great cleansing. You will create situations in your life that will tempt you towards fear. Every fear that has ever held you back will come out to dance with you. If that is not enough, the televisions and the news sources will also encourage you to be afraid. Be alert to these things. Be Invincible when you feel your emotions react towards fear. If you can do this, you will create Paradise!

    I am happy to tell you that I am now available for telephone consultations if you feel that this will be helpful to you. Please feel free to call me on 828-252-7573 and we can set a time that works for both of us or email me at

Till next time , Stay true to yourself.

In Love and Light


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