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Monday, June 2, 2014

You are the Person that You've been Waiting For

Dear Friends,

As I write these words, the mountains of North Carolina are lush with infinite shades of green while being silhouetted against the backdrop of a gentle blue sky. Through observing them, I also become aware of a variety of energetic bird songs which I wish that I knew much more about. In thinking this, I am reminded of my admiration for those around me, and many others, who are able to not only recognize their species from simply hearing them sing but also interpret their language as well.

These gifted souls, who can hear this ‘bird-speak’, are able to eavesdrop on their communications. Some even know if they are telling us rain is on the way or that it’s mating season or if there are any threats in the area. Birds and animals have the ability to discern the natural order of things while appreciating that there is an order to the entire world; just as there is an order to the Universe.

You will notice that I use the word ‘order’, rather than predictability. There is an order to our lives as well, even though they are not always predictable. These days, many of you I’m sure would be more inclined to apply the word ‘unpredictable’ to your experiences. I hear from so many of you who are having to cope with unexpected challenges, whether it be in family relationships or change in career or health. Things are definitely unpredictable and many of us cling to the raft of life as it gets tossed about in strong currents. We may try to paddle or steer, but sooner or later we learn that it is best to let the current take hold and see where we land.

It sounds scary, but like my mountain neighbors, we too can learn to read the signs and omens. The Universe speaks to us very clearly. I find this again and again as I see clients in stress. Signs and omens are there all along but factors prevent those signs from being accurately read. The first factor is that many do not believe that they are worthy of being given signs. Somewhere in their past they have picked up the idea of unworthiness. They believe that the Universe just dropped them into a set of seemingly impossible circumstances and then just left them to fend for themselves; this same Universe that communicates with its tiniest creatures. When you think about it that way, it doesn't make sense.

The second factor is that their own ego or intellect has decided ahead of time what ‘should be’ and so it does not listen to the signs, no matter how often they are repeated or how strongly they are communicated. Each one of you has incarnated upon this earth in this life at this time for a purpose. Many are out of touch with what that purpose is. I can't tell you how many of my clients ask me to tell them what their purpose is. But the truth is that your purpose is a life long journey of discovery, and it starts with consciously developing an intimate knowledge of yourself.

The first step of knowing yourself is asking your heart what makes you happy and then listening to it. Your journey this life time can be divided up into one of two things. You are either searching for your purpose in life, or you are fulfilling your purpose. The other thing I should tell you is that while your purpose often becomes your occupation, it doesn't necessarily start out that way. So don't associate your purpose with a job.


1.    It is always in the present moment. It will not be found in the future, such as when I get rich I will open a shelter for the homeless. It is not something that you must train for, although once you begin it you may opt for more training.
2.    If you have found it you will do it regardless of compensation. The activity itself will bring you such joy and happiness that you won't care if you make money at it. Of course when you let go of wanting something it often comes to you freely, so many people do make money fulfilling their purpose, but you must love it so much that you would do it whether there was money attached or not
3.    You will lose track of time and troubles. The activity will absorb your attention so much that it becomes like a meditation and you lose track of time going by and you forget any troubles in the world that you may have. Your happiness is in the moment.
4.    Your health will improve. Stress is at the root of many of our health problems. When stress disappears from our lives, so does illness.

If you want some hints as to what your purpose is, then here are some questions for you to ask yourself. I would suggest that you print this out and make a few copies. You may find that after you have meditated on your answers, you may want to answer differently.


1.    What do I read about or watch on television?
2.    If I could get a front row seat to hear a speaker on any subject, who would I listen to and what would the subject matter be?
3.    What do I do for fun?
4.    What have others told me I'm good at?
5.    What areas do I feel confident in?
6.    What do I wish I had an opportunity to learn more about or to experience?
7.    If I had all the money in the world and all the time in the world and knew that I wouldn’t fail at it, what would I do?

You were born into this life for a purpose. You discussed what you wanted to get out of this life with a team of loving beings. You came with the help of an angel who was assigned just to you, to guard you and to protect you and to light your way to find your Highest Good.

We are in the midst of an Age Change. Many of you were disappointed because the Mayan predictions were misinterpreted by many. But make no mistake, there was an energy shift at that time and you are living with the results of that shift whether you acknowledge it or not. One of the consequences is change and that includes you.

It is no longer possible just to drift along in a state of unconsciousness. Every major event in your life is here to teach you something and every part of your life that disturbs you is a lesson. You can choose to see yourself as a victim as long as you appreciate that is indeed a choice. Certainly many have a history which makes that choice more than understandable. However; I have seen so many of my clients turn their lives around and achieve their happiness that I urge you to embrace your power. Learn to read the signs of your life. Make the course adjustments that you need to make and fulfill your destiny.

Remember, whenever you are facing your challenges, you never have to face them alone. Help is as close as your phone. I'm here to help you make sense of it all and to encourage you on your journey to express your highest good.

With love and light as always



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