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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Energy and How it Works

Help Through our Changing Times

Part 4

Dear Fellow Traveler,

       Last week I wrote to you about the subtle infusion of fear into our consciousness. You may wonder why this is so important. It is important because even though you may not always be aware of it, fear ( even worry ) changes your energy.

       We all have a field of electromagnetic energy around us. This energy has various tasks. It keeps our body alive and healthy. It directs our awareness to the evolution of our soul and our highest good. However; it also battles our self doubts and the fears that come to us from life experience and from our environment. Each of us has a finite amount of energy to work with and when we use a lot of it up on fear, we have less left for other things.

       The second reason to keep fear thoughts at bay, is that our energy is like the radiance of the sun. Whatever we shine it on will grow and thrive and what we deprive of energy will wither and die off. Since we have a limited amount of energy, it is good to become consciously aware of where we are using it. Many of us react to life without thinking. Many of us were taught by our parents that worrying was the responsible thing to do. I remember when I was working on this issue years ago. I had to get over the hurdle of worrying that I was not worrying.

       Here is an example of how it works. Many of you are desirous of creating more prosperity in your life. You may say affirmations and decrees which affirm how prosperous you are, but then you spend the rest of the time worrying about bills that need to be paid. You believe that if your intellect can not figure out how this prosperity will come to you, then it can't possibly come, so you doubt the power of the very affirmations that you spend time reciting. At the very best this will slow prosperity down, at the worst it will create poverty and deprivation.


       Get a small notebook like the kind which is used to write down class assignments. Then, each time you become aware of a fearful or limiting thought, put a mark in your notebook. Try this for one week. As you begin to become aware of how often you limit yourself with your thoughts and your words, you will understand why your affirmations are slow to manifest.

       Now that you are aware of your thinking and your words, make a conscious decision to reverse every negative thought or feeling with a positive one. Stop your fearful thoughts in their tracks and replace them with a statement such as this.


       Where you put your attention is what you manifest. So if you say “I heard great things are coming. When? They're not here yet. Whens it going to happen?” Each time you ask that ‘When, when, when?’ You throw another brick into the aura that your energy then has to push up and push out. So if your attention is on ‘When will that happen?’ there is a part of you in that question that says “I’m afraid its not going to happen.” Thats why your asking the question in the first place.

       It is happening, its trying to happen - prosperity, abundance, joy, fulfilling your life’s ambition, being at one with your universal energy; it wants to come through so badly and it’s your garbage thoughts, either created by you or put there by those who loving guided you through life, that's slowing the process down.

Till next time, Live Consciously,

In Light and Love

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