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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Time of Birth

A Message from Omnia

To all of my beloved friends in the Light. I am Omnia and I am here to show you the way to the realization of your own empowerment. I am not here to empower you, for you are already magnificent beings of Light. I am here to remind you, or perhaps it is more accurate to say, that I am here to wake you up. LOL

In your earthly form, some of you have forgotten your magnificence. You have forgotten that you are one with the Creator. You have let your consciousness become identified with being a victim of life. Life being other people or circumstances. I am here to remind you of who you are, because you are in the dawn of your own evolution. This is the evolution of your old world into the new one which it is becoming. You are changing not only your own world but even mine as well. It is time for you to blaze Your Light, the radiant magnificent Light that you are! - No Pressure there LOL

Before the butterfly bursts from the dark safety of its chrysalis, before the bud pops its head out of the dark gentle earth, before the human child comes forth from the womb, there is a time of intense focus and determination. Some would look at the child and say the child struggles to be born, but in reality it is a time of quiet, of one-pointedness, activity that leads to one purpose and one purpose alone. The child may weary of the journey towards the world or the bulb may tire of digging itself through obstacles and the butterfly may tire of flexing its muscles and wondering when? When? When? it will be able to push away the chrysalis of confinement. Does that when? When? When? Sound familiar does it.

This change that you are in the process of going through, over the next two years, is all about time. When humanity first walked upon the earth, time was unimportant. It was measured by the activity of the sun and the moon. You lived in harmony with days and nights and your inner clocks focused more on the task at hand.

You had no knowledge when news would arrive or when travelers would return. The moment in which you were living was where you put your attention. As humanity began to evolve spiritually and the industrial revolution took place and factories could be lit well in the hours of darkness, your inner rhythms were thrown off by this and time began to get a foothold in your lives.

Time was still useful, it measured your growth and it allowed you to see how many days you took to gain wisdom. Time took a huge leap as the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl arrived in your realm in 1986. If you examine your lives at that time, you will see his influence in bringing change and Light, but you will also see that time speeded up.

Now you are on the threshold of a great change. You have become slaves of time and you worship that slavery in the name of responsibility. Your Higher Self has a plan for each day and a reason for that plan. Your Higher Self is that part of you that is eternal and never left the Love of God, the Light of Creation. Trust your Higher Self and do not waste time condemning yourself if the events of your journey make you late for an appointment.

The energy is intense right now, and many of you are staring deeply into the eyes of the dragon which embodies all that you fear most in this life. Remember you are eternal and this life is just an exercise. Try not to take it so seriously. Nothing can harm your immortal soul and you did not come on this journey alone.

You are on this journey with a staff of advisors who encourage you as you make your choices. They also join their energy with yours for every constructive choice that you make. Your job is to battle fear and reduce its power to that of a gnat. It may be annoying once in a while and you may have to swat at it to push it out of your consciousness, but it has no real power to disturb your journey.

I want to thank Omnia for her wonderful insight and her gift of unconditional love to us all. I hope that this has been as uplifting and helpful to you as it has been to me and if you would like to leave a comment please go to

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With much Love and Light to you all

Mary and OMNIA


Anonymous said...

I woke up early this morning and was unable to get to sleep. I was pushed out of bed to paint for a bit and when I got back into bed my phone, connected to my email, let me know there was a new email. I chose to look and was so grateful that I did. This message felt directed to me, and while I know it is directed to all of us, it is a beautiful thing when we hear our name being spoken to. Thank you Mary for giving Omnia a voice through you in your blog. Mariel

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Mary,
Omnia's message is just as if she is talking directly to my issues. Thank you for the insights!
Much love to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the inspirational message. I, too felt it was directed to me. I couldn't sleep Saturday night struggling with the gnats of negative thinking and fears. By Sunday night I was better.

Mary Pompeo said...

I want to thank all of you for your comments. It is helpful to me to know that so many find OMNIA's words uplifting and useful during these times. I agree with her that you are all amazing souls and thank goodness you decided to incarnate and help bring in an age of harmony. Love to you all Mary

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