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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mary's Astrology Blog for September 2009


What is there in us that makes us long for what we cannot have. It may be a job, or a particular relationship, or a level of financial security or youth and vitality. Our desires take many forms. I have noticed from experiencing the good fortune to hear so many of your stories that this seems to be a universal longing.

It makes no sense, but at some time in our lives, we will all do it. We will all want something that is unavailable to us. If we ever get what it is that we think we want, we often want something else. The Dalai Lama says that happiness is not having what we want, but wanting what we have.

Divine Presence! Open my awareness that I may see the Divine in every situation that I encounter.
Help me to know that the Peace which Surpasses All Understanding is with me
I AM here in this life, to be Your channel of Light and Love; at this time of transformation
Help me to see that each challenge, which I face, is simply an opportunity to repeat My Pledge of Love


Special Note : Mercury is retrograde from Sept 7th and goes Direct Sept 29th

ARIES: Feeling a little tense these days? You are in the midst of effecting great change in your life, but you may find that you are kicking and screaming all the way to transformation. Aries you are often the leader, but this time you must learn to let the Universe set the timing. There are things that you need to take a look at and you are getting a second chance to make healthier choices for yourself. Don't waste that chance by having a tantrum about the timing. It will be tempting to lose your temper but it will not serve you well. Keep the focus on yourself and what your goals are both in career and at home. Then, ask yourself if your present choices are leading you toward or away from your goals.

TAURUS: Just when you think you know which direction you are going in, someone changes all the rules. You are not by nature the most flexible sign in the zodiac. This month it will be necessary to make the effort to cultivate flexibility. Life does not take a forward path for you, lately it seems to be made up of sudden changes, which often feel disruptive. You have been working to improve things at home and at work. The Universe is answering your plea and, since you are not the easiest sign to get to change directions, it has taken it upon itself to change them for you. For every sudden change, no matter what it seems like, rejoice; it will lead you to the manifestation of your dreams.

GEMINI: Finding yourself a little emotional this month, do you feel like the world is letting you down in many ways? It is, but only in those areas where fulfilling your request would not be for your highest good. The Universe is saying change and many of you are saying “I don't want to” The more you kick your feet, the harder the ride will be. Life is not disappointing you in order to frustrate you. Life is gently trying to get you to consider other options. Stay in touch with your inner intuition and you will be able to see that these disruptions are actually signposts leading you on your way. An interesting journey for you this month, but made more interesting by communications of love and romance sparking things up.

CANCER: You may experience a financial windfall this month, as money comes to you from an unexpected source. It is like a little mini reward in this two year journey that you have been on which is causing you to seriously take stock of your life. Many interesting insights will come to you through the communications of others, either written or verbal. Search for hidden meanings. I am not saying that there will be deception; it is more that others will give you good advice or direction without realizing what they are doing. Take a second look at any major interchange you have with anyone, there could be helpful meanings in them. A love from your past may reappear just to make things interesting.

LEO: Pay close attention to your health this month. Your body is trying to give you messages, or you may learn more helpful things to improve your health. There may be some stress in your life over finances. You could feel panicky as though a project that you have started might not be as successful as you first thought. Take another look at things. It is time for you to get the word out as to what you want to do. Once you make your work more public, the finances will reverse for the better. People could confuse you this month. You may not be able to figure out what they want from you. You could feel sudden intense attractions, especially to those you find unusual and interesting. Go with the flow.

VIRGO: You are having a second chance to look at a health concern and maybe handle it in a different way. It may appear that your health situation is reversing itself, but it is just giving you the opportunity to learn new things and the end result will be better health. If your career depends at all on work coming in from others then you will have a very active month. Any project which seeks to make the world a more beautiful place will move forward favorably at this time. Just remember that it may not be completed. Patience is the key, patience and remembering that you are making choices to move yourself toward your goal. It will be an interesting month of tying up old situations; endings and beginnings.

LIBRA: This is an important time for you to bring attention to aspects of your life which will create the positive changes that you would wish for. You will benefit greatly from focusing on the areas of your career, your relationships and your long-term goals. By allowing yourself to flow with the tides of change, you can let go of everything which is no longer necessary to you and which is holding you back from accomplishing the most passionate desires of your heart. The middle of this month brings you an opportunity to start things afresh but you must be totally honesty with yourself in order to take full advantage of it. Friends are especially supportive at this time so respond in kind and let them be in no doubt about your wonderful capacity to express love.

SCORPIO: Take an extra close look at anyone whom you invite into your home this month. You are usually pretty intuitive about seeing behind the masks that people wear, but this month, even you can be fooled. Sudden opportunities will arise, which enable you to make changes around your home, perhaps even move altogether. You could also be taking a sentimental journey and revisiting somewhere that you have traveled to before. If you are returning to somewhere that you have been before it will work out well. You are one of the few signs who are comfortable with the subjects of sex and death. You may find yourself passing on your wisdom to someone in need.

SAGITTARIUS: Right in the middle of what seems like a difficult period, you could find true love. Your emotions are peaking this month, and that means all of your emotions. You could find yourself saying exactly what is on your mind without prior thought; be sure you understand the situation before you express yourself. Lots of e-mail this month and if you have subscribed to a dating service you could meet a compatible soul mate at this time. There could be lots of correspondence, concerning finances. You may find yourself getting more organized. The check is in the mail, but this time it is heading in your direction. It will be good to remember that endings are also beginnings.

CAPRICORN: Finances will be up and down this month so be sure to check all bills and invoices. There are indications that you could be deceived this month where money is concerned. Your horizons expand and you may find yourself planning a trip or even a move. You are restless and want to express yourself. Don't get bogged down in too much responsibility. Cultivate play. Many of your growth experiences will come through close relationships. Remember the process of the mirror. What we behold in others we often have in ourselves. This period is meant to educate you so pay attention to the lessons. Take time for relaxation it will go a long way to boost your health.

AQUARIUS: You have a lot of nervous energy this month and there will be the tendency to want to go off in several different directions at once. You are trying to figure out your goals, but they may keep changing on you. This is not the time to make permanent decisions, this is the time to feel your feelings and try to figure out what is real and what is illusion. If you write then this is a good time to use that ability. You will find that you can express yourself accurately that way. There will be lots of opportunity to figure out what you want from a life partner as well. Don't take on the guilt of others. You may be closing the door on an unproductive relationship.

PISCES: You may find yourself more concerned with what you value about yourself, as this month progresses. It-s time to start taking better care of yourself and tending to those needs that you have neglected due to fear or lack of money. Money issues will be a concern this month, but more in your own head than in reality. It is time for you to change your whole concept of who you are, to shed the labels of the past. You are blessed with a high creativity cycle this month. Don't run away from it; see what it produces. Try to find the solution with your heart and not your head. Love will find you and it will be in direct proportion to how much you love yourself. That is September's lesson for you.

I hope that this has been uplifting and helpful to you as it comes from me with much love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to -

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With much Love and Light to you all



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the insight....please pray for us. We need to be in a place/space that is supportive filled with light and love.

Mary Pompeo said...

Dear Anonymous,
There are so many wonderful people who read this column and I invite them to join you and I as we lift up our hearts and our consciousness and let the confidence of that Peace that Surpasses All Understanding flow through us. Beloved Divine Presence surround us with your love. We stand in full confidence of Your protection. We take a deep breath and feel the Power of Your Love. Lead these souls, and all who are in need of a dwelling space filled with Light and Love, to that perfect space of rest and restoration. Amen

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