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Monday, August 3, 2009

Prayer For Health


I hear from so many of you who are feeling the physical effects of this energy transformation that we are building towards in 2012. It requires a whole new way of being. Many of us who have been focused in the Mental and Spiritual worlds, are now having to listen as our physical bodies teach us. If we do not give our bodies the right things to eat, the right movement, or the opportunity to let our energy flow to every part of the body, it will speak to us very clearly with pain and discomfort.

Every one of us is different, so it's important to observe the direction in which our intuition leads us. Each of our bodies requires a unique health plan. It is important for us to get in touch with our bodies, spiritually and intuitively and ask those parts that give us discomfort to reveal the lesson and express its guidance.

Take some deep cleansing breaths, as many as you need so you can feel your body.
Observe how gently your breath moves in and out of your body.
This is your life force. Send love and gratitude to your breath for all its service.
Take some time to let your consciousness give its attention to every part of your body.

Find those parts that are uncomfortable and speak to them.

"I apologize for making it necessary for you to have to become uncomfortable so that I would listen to you.
I don’t expect you to trust me, but I am ready to listen. I want to know why you hurt.
I want to send you only love, I know it may take time, but I truly believe that if I am consistent with you, I will learn what you are trying to tell me.
I love every part of you, and I know you want only my highest good, for we are one.
Help me to truly know that I am the Limitless Love of the Healing Heart of God, Now Made Manifest in my body".


ARIES: You are giving birth and this is the difficult part of the labor, but it is also a time of great intuition for you. Do not be afraid to dream, especially if you have been putting in the hard work that goes with making dreams come true. Aries, I know that you love to express yourself spontaneously, but right now, you would benefit much more from a little organizational skills and some attention to detail. The Divine Presence is providing you with wonderful opportunities to make your dreams come true, but you must stay on top of things with your creative Martian energy in order to make it happen. Right now, more than any other time of the year, WHERE YOU PUT YOUR ENERGY, YOU WILL CREATE. Pay attention.

TAURUS: Dear Taurus, first of all, let me give you a big hug, life has been a little intense lately and it is not likely to let up for a while yet. It may feel like a burden, but actually it is a wake up call. You can be the beautiful dream; making life comfortable for others but not taking the time to return some love to yourself. Like your wonderful symbol, the bull, it is time for you stand in the pasture and smell the flowers while you think about what you want to do next. These are the days to look at what serves you in life and what needs to be released in love. It should be a gentle process if you cooperate with the way things go, if you don't you will find yourself blocked. You will be held still, until you see truth.

GEMINI: Expect the unexpected, but who flows better with the currents of the winds than you, dear Gemini. The trouble is that your mind can become ballast, which pulls you earthbound and lands you in places you do not want to go. Trust your instinct, a bird does not map out its flight, only humans do that. A bird trusts its inner vision to ride the currents of its world and makes the best use of the energy that is being provided to it. That is your task this month. Make the most of your opportunities and give your thinking mind a break. Let it exercise itself on puzzles and games, while living life is left to the heart. You may be feeing confined, but it is only to give you the opportunity to pause and breathe and decide which way you are going to fly. Let your heart lead you.

CANCER: Life may seem to be moving in slow motion right now. Everything seems to take longer than you might want it too. Don't blame the butcher the baker or the candlestick maker, just realize this is how it's going to be for a while and that there is purpose to it, just as there is purpose to everything. The clues will be found as you look at the past fourteen years of your life. What were your goals, what were you doing to reach them, what part of that are you still doing and how do you need to change things. If you take this careful inventory and cooperate with the energy, you will manifest changes beyond your dreams and you will not really suffer any true losses.

LEO: This month will be all about you, not too hard for you to take, dear Leo. You may get teased a lot about wanting to still be royal, but you take your regal responsibilities seriously, and you often end up doing much more for others than you ever do for yourself. What do you value? What makes you happy? There will be lots of clues this month, so stay alert. You may find yourself meeting someone who inspires you and awakens a sense of direction, which guides you to your heart's desire. When you are happy, everyone around you benefits from your sunny disposition and your playful nature. It is time to discover what makes you happy and to pursue it with all of your passion.

VIRGO: You have a lot going for you this month, dear Virgo. First of all what you say and how you express yourself will be seen as an expression of authority or truth. Your words and thoughts are respected by others, so, if there are any dreams or ideas which are close to your heart, now might be the time to bring them forth. The other good thing is that miracles happen around you this month and the Universe reaches out to give you a helping hand in many varied and unusual ways. You get creative input from many different cultures and the energy becomes alive in you as you express it to create your ideal. You will manifest to the degree that you believe is possible for you. Don't limit yourself ! Reach for the stars.

LIBRA: This month, you will be encouraged to look at your beliefs about life and why you are here. You may have been neglecting the spiritual side of your nature. That doesn't mean you need to get yourself to church, but it does mean that you may need to contemplate what you believe and more importantly how you connect with the Divine Presence that gives you support and inspiration. There could be sudden changes in your life this month, and it is important that you know that these changes come from a Higher Source that has only your greatest happiness in mind.

SCORPIO: Lots of change happening in your life. Whether it may appear that way on the surface or not, the ultimate results will be positive. What is really happening here is transformation. Your beliefs and values about life are changing. There may be unexpected changes within the family, even loved ones moving in or out of the home, but count it all good, because that is where this is headed. Those parts of your life where you most desired change will be under the fire now and into the process of transformation. You have never lacked courage, and your courage won't fail you now. Hold on to your hat, because things will turn around quickly, be ready for miracles and make good use of them when they come.

SAGITTARIUS: It's a good thing that you are the mutable fire sign because flexibility is what is called for this month, for all archers. You have been going through a lot of personal upheaval and while you may be far enough into it, to see some of the benefits; it still hasn't been much fun. Just when you think you have your direction worked out, the Universe drops a tree in your path and you have to rethink things. If you can think of life as a dance in which quick steps are required, it might be more fun for you. All the hard work that you are doing now, will pay off about six months from now. On a happier note, you may find love popping into your life in an unexpected way bringing happy news in the middle of the month.

CAPRICORN: Take a good look around at those people whom you deal with on a daily basis. Life has sent you a wonderful teacher, although you may be less than enthusiastic about learning the lesson. This teacher will refuse to go away and causes you to take stock of the last fourteen years of your life. Where are you in terms of your goals. If you are in business, you will find it easy to generate money this month, hanging on to it may prove a bit more of a challenge. You are so busy that sometimes you don't pay close attention and you get talked into things which are not in your best interest. If that is going on it will be hard to ignore and the opportunity to change it is at your fingertips.

ACQUARIUS: You could find it hard to trust your instincts this month. Usually you are clear with lightening accuracy, but this month could find you going back and forth between beliefs and opinions and what you want and what you don't want. You could even be having a difficult time trying to figure out how you feel about a loved one or partner. Just remember that you are probably not seeing clearly. It is not the time to act on these emotions, but rather to look at them closely for there will be a bit of truth in each extreme. Look for your answers in dreams and omens, these will be your best guides at this time.

PISCES: You are trying to break free of an old habit and life has been cooperating with you and bringing you opportunities for you to see where you are stuck. Take a look back over the last 20 days and see what you were dealing with. Whatever part of the lesson that you didn't get will resurface somewhere in this month. You will have another opportunity to gain understanding and to free yourself. The good news is that things will happen quickly around you. It will be easy to project the image which you desire in any job seeking or interviews. Change will come quickly, but it will always lead to your highest good.


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I'll sure try it. This could not be more timely for me. Thank you so much for this healthy idea. Glenna

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