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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hi Everyone,

I want to thank all of you who responded so enthusiastically to Omnia's last posting. Several of you wrote very interesting questions, which I am passing on to Omnia.

Q. The mass spiritual community talks of 2012, which they call the Ascension, as an upliftment coming to all humanity due to a new and powerful energy being sent to earth caused by timing as the cycle ends. Yet, St. Germain instructs His students that Ascension is an individual process that we are free to choose and then strive toward through our own individual achievement of conscious, disciplined effort, finalizing with our raising our physical, mental, and emotional bodies to higher vibrational levels until all three merge into our Presence and ascend beyond human existence.

So, are they one and the same process or are there two processes being called the same thing? I guess my question is: Is Ascension a gift being sent to us en-mass or is it an individual attainment obtained only through our own conscious effort or are they both somehow aspects of the same process? Or is the word Ascension being misunderstood?

Cindy in Palm Beach Shores, FL

A. (from Omnia) First of all, let me send my greetings and Love to all of you who are reading this. Tis happy I am that we have this wonderful way to communicate. I am with many of you often, but I did enjoy our mass gatherings and this is very much like those days, even though the energy is in cyberspace. Bet you didn’t know I knew that word. (laughing……)

You brave souls have incarnated at a very special time. In fact it is more powerful even than the age change that you speak of. An age change happens every 2000 years, and in 2012 your world will be firmly in the age of Aquarius. Even more powerful than the Age change is the dimensional change, which will happen on the winter solstice, Dec. 21 2012 at about 7:30 pm GMT. At this time your earth will change from third dimensional consciousness to fourth dimensional consciousness. Many of you are feeling those changes taking place right now.

Fourth dimensional consciousness is a lighter vibration, less dense than third. Your bodies don't age as quickly, which is why even now life expectancy is longer than it was. You will find your bodies, even now, desiring a different diet to sustain it. Many of you will find that you naturally desire less dense foods such as meat or heavy starches and you will be drawn towards lighter fare. This will happen subtly so listen to your digestion.

Sleep patterns will also change; you need less change in fourth dimensional life. The present third dimension pulls on you like a heavy magnet, so many of you will experience fatigue. It is vital that you keep your circulation moving, so find a type of movement that is fun for you. It will make a great difference in your emotional and physical well being.

You incarnated at this time because there would be ample opportunities to break the cycle of death and rebirth. Now more than ever you have multiple opportunities to take dominion over the dense energy of earth and learn that you are not its victims, but you are the creators. That is why the lessons seem to be flying at you, but along with the lessons, comes the grace to master them.

It is also a great time of false prophets. Everyone will be bringing forth what they believe to be the truth. You will hardly be able to avoid them all, but listen with an open heart, and if you do not resonate with what is being said, then discard the message. Trust ONLY your higher self to give you the truth, no matter who you are listening to and that includes me.

In third dimensional consciousness, you had Spirit Guides and Masters to tell you step by step, what you should do. Those Guides and Masters are still with you, but they don’t instruct you so much any more. They are there to help you to recognize your own inner wisdom. Listen to your hearts.

This time has many names, the Ascension time The Kalli Yuga, The Rapture, The final days. Many of you will Ascend, but your Ascension is not given to you as a gift. The opportunity is there and no one can do it for you, or wave a magic wand and take all of your lessons away. But the Grace is here and the Helpers are here, enough for every single being who is in the body to make the transition.

Those who do not make the transition will not be lost. They will simply remain in the third dimension for a little bit longer and eventually they will be able to move on. One thing I want to stress, you are all souls on a journey of evolution. It is a journey that no one will ever fail. Eventually you will all Ascend and those who do it quicker are not counted as any better than those who take more time. You are all made of the same energy as the Divine Creator who brought you into existence. There is no difference. Each of you has been played all the roles in the drama of life, hero, villain and fool. It is a gift that you give to each other so that you create opportunities for growth. Those souls who bring up your strongest emotions, are your best teachers, Bless Them.

My blessings and love to you

Thank you Omnia for your insight which only confirms that which I've spent so long in striving to learn but I have a question from someone else who asks from within a set situation which correlates to this:

Q. A family member, or someone close to you, severely abuses you as a child wherein it is completely out of your control and not that which you've created from within yourself. It's clear the abuser is not to blame spiritually but is a tool for something better overtime for your soul and that of the spiritual realm. So forgiveness for that soul is there.

But then how does one get over being a "victim", unable to be released, if one had not created this and yet the pain remains?

Thank you.

Jean, Asheville, NC

A. (from Omnia) Greetings, Dear Jean, I think your question is an important one, and one which many may wonder about. You look at children and you see their innocence. Humans have such beautiful and loving hearts. I think it is important for you to remember that about yourselves. There is no other species in the Universe that has as much Love and Determination as Humans. I know that does not have a lot to do with your question, but in so much of your literature I see you observing extra-terrestrials and seeing them as somehow more advanced simply because they have mastered inner planetary travel. But you dear ones have mastered love and I count that as far more advanced than mere scientific knowledge. If you learn nothing else from me, please see us as equals.

You humans are in the school of earth, and you are here to learn that you are Divine. You are here to learn that there is no situation that you cannot master eventually. You are also here to experience dramas from all the different roles, victim, perpetrator, enabler, hero. Many a soul has deliberately incarnated into a difficult situation, in order to learn about their strength.

There can be all sorts of reasons why a child chooses to put herself into a situation where she will be abused. The choice is the key. Before any of you incarnate you meet with a council of 7 advisors who help you go over your potential situation and those lessons that will be available for you to learn.

Perhaps a soul has a problem with being overbearing and abusive. That soul may chose a parent with those same qualities so that they can experience what it is like to be on the other end of the stick, so to speak. Perhaps the soul has had many lifetimes of pleasing others and neglecting the self. She may chose to incarnate into a situation that is so abusive that she finally learns to say "I don’t deserve to be treated like this"

Sometimes the soul is so advanced and loving that it will volunteer to be the victim so that it can teach the perpetrator the horror of his acts, and also give those who may know about the abuse, the opportunity for them to step up and protect the innocent child. Of course everyone has free will and sometimes souls come in to help teach someone a lesson and that person chooses to avoid the lesson. This makes it difficult for the soul who is being abused, but an opportunity like that offers great grace and so even if life was uncomfortable for a while, the soul who was the victim will learn amazing things and evolve greatly once the lesson is learned.

As a child you may not have had an opportunity to avoid or end the abuse. As an adult you can sit and ask your higher self "why did I choose this situation?" I strongly encourage you to journal your thoughts in free association. Often the act of writing will so occupy the thinking mind that the intuitive mind can express itself freely and you will learn much more than if you just meditated on the subject.

Once you realize that you took on the role of victim for a purpose, and that purpose is no longer necessary, you will be able to stop being a victim and make choices to take good care of yourself. For even if no one appeared to be your champion in that situation, you have the power and the strength to be your champion now today. And you will be able to let go of the role of victim as easily as you drop a pencil from your hand that you have no further need of.

I will add one more thought to this situation. I feel from your energy that you are a healer in this life. You may well have taken on the role of victim so that you could have first hand compassion for those who come to you for healing. You are a lovely soul, there is no further need for you to continue in the role of victim, you have learned what you need to. It’s time for a costume change and a new role.

My blessings and love to you

I want to thank Omnia for her answers. I hope these questions have been helpful for many of you. If you would like to leave a comment please go to

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With much Love and Light to you all

Mary and OMNIA


Pat said...

Hello Omnia -- So nice to hear from you again. One question from your response to the Ascension -- The response said "Sleep patterns will also change; you will need less change in fourth dimensional life." Did you mean "you will need less sleep in fourth dimensional life?" I've not been sleeping well and I'm tired, but I make it through the day. I wonder about this since our medical people tell us how important sleep is for good health. I wouldn't be worrying about the lack of sleep if I wasn't so tired.

Mary Pompeo said...

Hello Pat - Thank you for helping me clarify the sleep issue. Since the 4th dimensional energy is lighter, and since we are already somewhat in that vibration,humans need less sleep. Many will find themselves waking after 4 or 6 hours of sleep. But we are also still in 3rd dimension so the body feels like it is dragging lead, but more sleep is not the answer, fun movement and exercise is, especially if it is followed by meditation. I'm laughin here because you all know I can't resist encouraging you to meditate. But its vital now for your health and well being. OMNIA

Art of Seeing said...

Thanks, Mary. Will exercise and meditate more. :) Pat

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary and Omnia! Much appreciated. Glenna

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