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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Silence and Creation

Greetings Fellow Travellers;

As I’m sure you are aware, we are all in the midst of some very unusual times. Never before in recorded human history has so much information been readily available to us. However, the sheer volume of material in and of itself creates its own problems, mainly through our efforts of trying to make sense of everything. As a consequence of this, never before has there been so much widespread confusion in the masses.

Our difficulties lie in the fact that we are in this time of transition which is creating conflict between the mind (or intellect) and the Higher Self (or Intuition). We have been told for years that the answers are within and yet we still have a tendency to seek them from without. Blogs, channelings, workshops and classes can all impart information which stimulates the receptors in your soul. You recognize it as truth, but you cannot tell your intellect why. The intellect will try to hold on to its supremacy by demanding reason behind your choice.

At this crucial stage of our evolution, there is precious little time for reason. In the past we have found proof in science or in ancient texts, but change is coming rapidly now and so it really is important to stay in sync with truth; and especially the way of the soul.

Each one of you has a knowing. It is a clear knowing and yet you may not be able to say why you know. All of these energy times starting back to the harmonic convergence in 1986 through the messages of the planetary configurations, Dec 21, 2012 up to this latest extended retrograde period of five planets are changing you in ways which it’s difficult to comprehend the full scope of.

You don’t need to be seeking it or even watching for it. It just happens to every living being on the planet. We are all in the truly amazing process of evolving at our own rate, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t exercise control over what’s happening to us. We each have gifts and are much more psychic or intuitive than we were ever aware of. This is important to remember as we progress on our journey.

In order to do so we must remain vigilant while ensuring that our intellect always makes make room for all of our talents. It can no longer be allowed to reign as king; as it has for so long. Balance must return in all aspects of our lives.

To enable this to happen, there is a feminine side coming forth in all of us; whether male or female, we all have both. We are destined to be the instigators of this process where the next several generations will learn to bring the male and female essence into perfect balance. This in turn will create the harmony on earth which we all long for.

What can I do now to ensure that I learn what I need to? 

The reason that there is so much information is quite simply because many feel that they have so much to say. Wading through all of this is like searching for gold, so here are a few tips to help you make sense of things.

As you listen to new speakers and as you read new blogs, it’s important to ask yourself, ‘What in this communication is of any value to me?’

In respect of this, beware of these conditions which cloud the issue and only lead to more confusion -

1.    The speaker or writer uses a lot of spiritual words, but doesn’t really say anything clearly. If you find yourself having to work hard in order to understand what’s being said, then it isn’t a message that you need to hear.

2.    What is being said to you is either written or spoken with a lot of confusing rhetoric. Remember, truth is always simple and not to be found in empty words. One of the greatest truths ever expressed was carved on a temple archway. It simply stated – ‘Be Bold, Be Loving and Be Silent’. You don’t need a lot of complicated words to express the truth.

3.    If you sense a lot of ‘ego’ coming from the speaker or writer, run in the opposite direction! Egotists are invariably very confused, but speak their ‘truths’ in terms or absolutes. This is positively dangerous.

You may find this trait in those people who say that they, or their groups, are ‘chosen’. If the speaker or writer gives you the feeling that he or she is experiencing things that you will not experience in your lifetime, then their message will not be meaningful or of any use to you.

Truth and the ‘way’ are open to everyone who seeks them and are never exclusive.

The kingdom of heaven is within each of us and we know how to get there. It’s where we have come from and where we shall return to. Trust that quiet voice within you which recognizes the truth and the ‘way’ and don’t allow yourself to be confused by all the noise on the Internet

Follow the pathway of your truth to wherever your heart is drawing you towards and always beware of your intellect trying to change the direction that your intuition has set for your highest good. You deserve to be happy while finding the way forward which leads you to the place of your ultimate contentment.

If you feel you could use some help figuring out what is coming to you. If I can help you on your spiritual journey in any way, I am available to you in phone consults 30 or 60 min on 828-252-7573. Or if you prefer you can contact me by email at

If you would just like to comment on this blog then is the best way.

Enjoy the journey
In Love and Light as always

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I have created it with a lot of love so that you can have something to keep with you every day and then use it in these challenging times where it will be your little helper, like having me with you.

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