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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Solstice Energies and You

Greetings Fellow Travellers,

As you are probably aware, we are at that powerful time of year once more, the Summer Solstice. It seems to have come around so quickly again doesn’t it, but that’s because time is speeding by as we head relentlessly onwards towards our ultimate destination.

Many of you may be getting ready for graduation, or to send your baby out of the nest and off to college. Some are getting ready for weddings while others think about vacations or even just taking stock of their lives while making benefit from the renewed sense of optimism and promise.

June is historically a busy month and so, inevitably, it seems to come thundering through our life like a strong wind. This energy carries with it the encouragement to change while being faced with different and sometimes difficult choices.

Even if you pay no attention to the placement of the planets and the moon, it might be good to realize what is happening in the physical world. I won’t confuse you by telling you it’s the longest and shortest day of the year. Our brothers and sisters below the equator are enjoying the winter solstice and we in the north are enjoying summer; so perceptions are far from universal. It’s part of life and why we all see things so differently. This in turn contributes to the richness of experience which makes life such a challenge.

With this in mind I felt that it might be an idea to offer some guidance in the respect of what you can do so as to feel grounded at a time which may have its moments of seeming to be overwhelming. Here is what I would suggest –


1)    Enjoy your family and friends – take the time to truly appreciate all that you have been blessed with. Remember that everyone in your life is there for a purpose so as to teach you valuable lessons ( whether you label them as being positive or negative. )

2)    Make a determined effort to leave your work at work; where it belongs – this is not a time to clutter up your mind with the energy of worry and stress. The Solstice brings the opportunity of renewal and re-energization so that you are able to see your chosen path more clearly. To help you do this - 

3)    Get a very small plant and nurture it. As you put it in good soil imagine that it represents your hopes for the future. Tend it and watch it grow. If you don’t necessarily have green fingers, pick a hardy plant.

This is the time to think about dreams and where you might want things to go. Don’t stay in dreamland, come back to the power of the moment because that is where your dreams will manifest from.

This is also the time of year to renew your commitment to yourself. So many of you beautiful souls have spent your lifetime in care of others where you often give up your own desires so that everyone else will be happy. In doing so, you don’t even take a moment to ask what it is that your desire would be. This is so important, especially at this time of our year. So, I have a request.

I am asking you to write down three activities that would cost no money to do, but that would bring you happiness. Think about this please. Take some time to really search within yourself for what this means to you. Don’t be tempted to take the easy route and just say ‘world peace’; I know you all want that. Keep it intimately personal. What is it that would make ‘you’ really happy in a very practical and meaningful sense?

After having written your list, then ask yourself when was the last time you did these three things? You may be surprised to find out that it has been a while. So the next thing I would say is what is more important than giving yourself the same love that you give to everyone else. Try to make it a habit of giving your internal spirit the uplifting sense of joy, at least once a week; preferably every day.

So, as you nurture your solstice plant, talk to it while encouraging it to take the air that it needs and the moisture that it wants. If you over or underwater it, ask its forgiveness while doing the same for yourself in regards to the omissions and errors which have crept unconsciously into your life. Remember, growth is about progress, not perfection. We are all in a continuous process of learning as we mature and blossom, like your plant. Let it grow, prosper and achieve its full expression of beauty in the warmth of the life-giving sunlight as you do the same.

Happy Solstice and may your coming year bring health happiness and prosperity.

With much to you love and light as always


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I have created it with a lot of love so that you can have something to keep with you every day and then use it in these challenging times where it will be your little helper, like having me with you.

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