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Monday, July 18, 2016

Creation through Intention and Determination - a 'Must' for us all

Greetings Fellow Travellers,

It’s getting closer and closer to the time that my book will be in print. I feel like an expectant mother waiting for those first signs of labor. Actually, the labor came in wondering whether or not to write the book in the first place. When the opportunity finally did arrive, I wondered if I had anything to say - and it seems that I really do; quite a lot in fact.

As you are aware, the main work that I do is a kind of spiritual counselling. Many years ago it started out as psychic readings and there is still a bit of that involved, but as my clients evolved spiritually, and you did, amazingly so, I found that what they needed was a chance to make sense of what was going on in their lives; and how best to use what they had learned spiritually in order to weather the storms.

As you all hear me keep saying, we are going through some powerful times. They are times in which our whole lives and how we live them are changing. Things that we counted on, banks, religious institutions, pensions, jobs, are no longer working the way they used to in the past. In short, the outer is in a state of flux and the only solid ground to stand on is the inner, our spiritual belief system.

For many, what we believe spiritually has been an intellectual journey that we began after feeling a sort of disconnect with the old spiritual ways. We wanted more involvement, more personal contact with the Creative Force of Life. I use that term because many have experienced a ‘disconnect’ even with the word God.

So the search began, and now we are at a time when it’s vital to take what we have learned and what speaks to our heart and put it to use. I feel that I am not in any way overstating the word ‘vital’ because if we do not find our form of God, and thereby establish a relationship where we know that we are a part of the Creative Process which is shaping our world, we are in danger of becoming isolatingly lost.

Inevitably we will be doomed to feel like the victims of this whole process. It will seem as if we are out of control with ‘Life’ happening to us instead of being created by us; with the help of Divine Beings who have only our highest good at heart.

The Light is always more powerful than the Darkness, If you are reading these words, you are already a Warrior of the Light. You are here to bring in this New Age, not by sitting and shaking your head and bemoaning what is happening to you as the Darkness tries to push you into a corner of Fear and take over the process of Creation. You are here to bring in this New Age by realizing what a Powerful and Magnificent Being you are and how your Goodness has attracted Loving and Light filled Beings to join with you to create peace, harmony, love and prosperity in a world where no one wants and no one is treated with inequality.

It was the desire of my heart, to write a book that would help all of us remember our Spiritual Power. To remember where we came from and to remember why we are here, no matter what our personal experiences are. Part of the anti-Light energy is to keep us so stirred up about matters which focus our energies on family, money, health and faith, that we end up becoming far too distracted to become the Blazing Light the we are; and to use that Light to Create a World of Love.

It is my intention and sincere hope that my book will help you and very many others like you to understand the problems that we all face. The very special energy which is contained within it will help you to remember that you are not a victim of these problems while encouraging you to establish your connection with the Divine Creator.

I have written many prayers to help you to see my own process for staying connected to this non-judgmental Force. We are all created of that same sublime substance and so we all have the right to call upon that Force for anything we need to help us stay calm, balanced and positively committed in our intent.

My book has been lovingly created with a broad audience in mind and I have been guided to adopt a style which will prove to be comfortable, beneficial and uplifting for people of all faiths and beliefs. It is a book for everyone, and something which should serve many generations to come.

One very important purpose of writing what I have, is to emphasize the message that we are all, first and foremost, Spiritual Beings. In the craziness of our lives we so often lose sight of this. Becoming much more conscious of this aspect of who we truly are will help to bring about the changes which we are undergoing in a much less confusing way. The many prayers which I have felt the inspiration to write are intended to serve as a reminder that we are eternal Spirits who are just here temporarily, while learning as much as we need to from the uniqueness of our Human experience.

Through using my book to refer to it whenever the need arises, hopefully it will prompt you to appreciate that you are the one who has created what currently exists in your life today. If it transpires that you experience an uncomfortable feeling as a result of this awareness, let’s get together so that we can figure out what you have learned and what can be done so that you can create something more fulfilling.

The writing of my special prayers comes from my heart with the specific intention of reaching out to yours. Its energy encourages your awareness to recognize the wisdom and peace which constantly flows from within. All answers are present within you if you just but choose to spend the time so as to listen; my sincerest wish is that you do this.

If you feel that you could use some help in dealing with any kind of issues that may be coming up for you then please get in touch. If I can help you on your spiritual journey in any way, I am available to you in phone consults 30 or 60 min on 828-252-7573. Or if you prefer you can contact me by email at

If you would just like to comment on this blog then is the best way.

With much love and light as always

My New Book - Everyday Prayers for Everyday Miracles - will be out shortly. If all goes according to plan, it will be published in paperback at the end of July. An eBook is planned to follow soon after that.

I have created it with a lot of love so that you can have something to keep with you every day and then use it in these challenging times where it will be your little helper, like having me with you.

Just send me an email if you would like to reserve a copy, or look for it on Amazon etc. in a few weeks time.


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