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Friday, August 5, 2016

Omnia's Message for August 2016

You are here to hold hands as One Force with every other being on this planet. Whether you know them, whether you don’t know them; with one force with one energy, one heart you are one. Om!

No matter what religion, no matter what nationality, or what part of the world separates you, whether you are friend or foe, you are one with that whole wave of souls that came in at this time at this moment to say, No more war, No more fear, No more cruelty, Peace! Harmony! Love! You are here, all of us are here, to bring this energy through.

You are here to learn that you are Divine. You are here to learn that there is not one drama you can mention to me that is going on in your life that can be a speck of an effect on the power of the Eternal Being that you are. There is no one who can say anything to you, there is nothing that can touch you. You are a force and you are unique and you are Divine. Why do you fear each other?

You were seeded in this world to get along. That story is told in many ways. One way that is familiar to many of you is the tale of Adam and Eve. Many believe that there great separation came through the discovery of sex. But that is false. Sex is a natural part of humanity made for the procreation of children and the relaxation of the nervous system.

There is nothing wrong with sex, but many of you have been brought up by those who are uncomfortable with it. I could spend a lot of time on this subject, but I won’t, at least not today. The difficulty in that story is not the male discovering the female or the positive energy molecules discovering the negative ones and then creating a spark. The mistake was in letting that separation mutate into ‘Us’ and ‘Them’. Every country on your planet feels that their land is superior and so they criticize those who seize the power as evil. They see those with a different way of life as wrong. You judge each other endlessly and you do it so habitually that you don’t know it.

You talk about ‘we are the world’. You even sing about it, yet those with a different way of life are considered as being wrong. You judge each other endlessly and you don’t know it. You speak of ‘one love, one heart’ and yet in the next breath you are talking about building walls. That worked when the Chinese did it, but people travel on faster things than horses and yaks today.

The separation came from seeing male and female almost as a different species. You are the same species in interesting interpretations of the same energy which causes a spark of creation that has birthed many things.

No, it was not the great separation of seeing yourself male and female, for you do know that at one time you were one; everything was. Then, like a bursting flower, many little seed pods came out to inhabit the world. They settled in what you now call many countries, when in fact your land mass was pretty solid before the first ice age. So it was really mostly one land. The egg of the seed contained two pods, which actually were connected with other pods

These kept growing and separating like ameba reproducing themselves. This was the result of the two pods discovering, in an ecstatic dance, the awareness that one was female and one was male. Again, I’ll say a bit about sex. This ecstatic dance has nothing to do with the genital equipment of either pod. It had to do with color and vibration. Color and vibration create sound and when that energy harmonizes with each other, Universes are created. It just expands and expands in synchronization and resonance until all atoms are at peace.

Synchronization is an agreement of energy. Yes, we are creating something that harmonizes with us in body, mind and spirit. That’s another long topic, but let me say this. Look around you and if where you are and the world you are allowing to exist is not in harmony with what you believe, then stop looking for us to come down and save you. You created this little by little in your daily lives, because let me tell you, Light, Harmony, Joyful pleasant existence with other Beings, cannot live as long as you recognize ‘Us’ and ‘Them’. There is only ever ‘Us’.

We prefer to live in certain way where we are close to people who vibrate like us, but when Vibration is understood, along with synchronization, you will understand that whatever our vibration is, creates what surrounds us.

The Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the Democrats, but no one says, ‘Hey! I’m creating this vibration of energy’. Saying and doing are two different things. You say both, I want peace and comfortable coexistence, yet the war continues.

Now amidst you are many who would say, ‘Let’s leave it in the hands of the Divine, no matter; just jump in and go with the flow’. These people often end up in a military-like atmosphere because they really do want the flow directed by the Light. It’s all Energy and it’s all Light, as long as we don’t redirect it.

Do you realize that you are the only ones who can choose how to direct it? This has been called The Experiment of Free Will. What would happen if all of us have free will, because you know so most of us here have chosen to eliminate aspects of Free Will? That is also another long story, but you humans have free will.

From our perspective it gives moments of amazing courage and love for humanity, it is asserting peace while preparing for war, which confuses me. How could you hope to believe that this would be successful? But it is not my desire to get political here. I have come to speak of vibration, synchronicity and how it creates your world; just in case you’ve been wondering. Mary would say, ‘you digress’, and I do. Back to the point.

Your entire world is populated with beings who are essentially the same substance as you are. These beings had certain needs, depending on the climate they inhabited; for example, when things were pretty cold for you. You drew your energy together and all wished it was warmer or easier to live and so you created things with this energy because you were all in harmony. But once you were warm, and not worried about food or survival any more, you began to start losing your connection with things that were outside of your personal comfort zone. You lost the courage to live your spirituality. You lost contact with your source and so you learned not to trust.

Not trusting the outer is good advice, it changes constantly. When you build a strong connection with the material melodrama of all life, you become gradually lost. It is your Soul that is connected to eternity. It is Your Soul that will recognize your path back to the Source. Your fellow travelers are taking their own path up the mountain and they will find their spirituality through their own heritage.

It is arrogant to believe that yours is the only path to God. Others will sustain themselves with whatever their Soul needs at the moment. Do not judge each other. The ‘I AM’ is in all forms. It is a wise soul who sees that and bows to the fact that we play different roles in the drama, but we need each other to complete this journey and when the vibration of earth is Peace then all will be peaceful

I am here to remind many of you how far you have come in the past 20 years or more. It is time to spread your Light into wherever you feel called to do so. It is time to hold up the Lamp for those coming out of the darkness. It is time to correct your thinking when it comes to feeling mistrust of another’s spiritual ways or cultural heritage.

Yes, that part is different, but we are all eternal souls, striving for the Light in whatever way we can find it. We were all created from the same substance by the same Source. As Sly and the Family Stone tried to tell you years ago, ‘We Are Family’.


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