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Sunday, May 29, 2016



Love to All of You Fellow Travellers,

Just when you think it is safe to go out of the house, 5, count them, 5 planets went retrograde on you. Retrograde is when the planet appears to be going backwards from our stance on the earth. The planet actually continues in its orbit, but its energy hits us in a pushing inward motion rather than a pulling out of our inner reactions.

We have all experienced the fun that Mercury retrograde can cause with messages, appointments, travel arrangements, computers and automobiles; just to name a few things. Well just wait … it gets better.

Jupiter, which governs our prosperity, was retrograde, but has now gone direct. However, Mars, Saturn and Pluto remain in retrograde, although Mercury just joined Jupiter in direct motion. Now remember, all of this energy is directed into your heart and soul and requires quiet time from you to sort things out. If you do that, you should make huge inroads in your life direction. If you continue to fight the flow of the energy, you will find yourself swimming upstream and making progress at the rate of a Cohoe Salmon. Which, for those of you who did not grow up in salmon country, is pretty darn slow.

It’s wake-up time, and those of you who have bravely chosen to remain and see this grand transformation through, you need to get off the fence and quit waiting for the leader to come to show you the way. The time is now and the leader is you. What’s more, I see such amazing growth in so many of my clients that I am more than convinced that you all have whatever wisdom is needed to navigate this adventure.

I’m excited for all of us. I can’t wait to see where and on what adventures it takes you. I thought I’d drop some hints for those of you who may be wondering.

ARIES: Can we say explosion? You’re angry at yourself.  You’re angry at others and the energy is directing you to take a good hard look at your life path. Anger and sexual tension may be disguising itself at the moment. It’s time to get clear.

TAURUS: You are probably navigating the storm better than most. Mercury was retrograde and messed you up a bit and your finances required some prudent attention, but Jupiter was the first to go direct and Mercury followed so for you the worst is over. Try to remember what you learned, particularly about money, because there will be a test. 

GEMINI: Silence is golden for you right now, however; it may also be nearly impossible. You will find the need to share your insights. Please take a look at the pronoun, they are YOUR insights; take some quiet time to see how they apply. Mars and Saturn Oppose you right now, not to be mean, but to slow you down so you can process what you’ve learned. 

CANCER: Time to look at finances and make some changes. Who is undermining you? How does the rug get pulled out from under your feet just when you are getting ahead? There is a pattern here. Go within and find it. I’ve no doubt you will figure it out.

LEO: This is an exceptionally good time for you. It is a time of great change and you may not like that you have to look at situations through new eyes. The energy is a Trine so it will be gentle, but you will see how you are undervalued and when the realization comes strongly into your heart, change will be right behind. You won’t have to do a thing. You will recognize it on sight.

VIRGO: You have just come through a time of deep contemplation of finances and how you want to have more serenity in that area of your life. Take a deep breath, it’s on your doorstep. Change may not always be peaceful, but if you let the bricks fall, the transition can be swift.

LIBRA: You are the peacemaker, the balancer. Let’s try to be a little more peaceful in relationships, especially those closest to you. You don’t have to carry it all by yourself. It’s time to realize that most of what you worry about never comes true. Like the song says … Let It Go!

SCORPIO: You never forget a slight or a snub, but try not to burn your bridges. There are those from your past who are willing to help you advance. You’re ready for the changes. Prosperity and travel bring happiness; if you handle these times well. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you are wrong, it just means you are done wasting any more energy on things that are far in the past.

SAGITTARIUS: Mars and Saturn are retrograde and opposing the Sun and Venus. Time to tread lightly, especially if you are in the mood to be critical; it is very likely to come out meaner than you intend. You like to have the last word, but right now silence is golden and meditation is crucial.

CAPRICORN: Although not a gambler by nature, in fact often cautious to your detriment, it is nevertheless important to think deeply about a proposed investment. Unexpected conditions may derail predicted profits. You are honest and hard working, but not everyone shares your integrity.

AQUARIUS: You the idealist of the zodiac. You want a perfect world, but often that perfect world starts at home. Many things have been challenging over the past few weeks. Finances, work, health issues and relationships have all caused their own brand of stress. Forget the world for a moment and look within to how you can improve relationships closer to home.

PISCES: This is a crazy time for you and yet you could not even know it. You take closing your eyes to personal truth to an art form. But, be gentle with yourself because the motivation is a fear of being alone and unloved as life goes on. You need to look within and look hard. Stop trying to prove to others that you are lovable; prove it to yourself to the point where you don’t need the approval of anyone except your own heart.

I hope this has been helpful and as always I am here to help you make sense of your challenges. Let your heart lead you and if you need me, you can call 828-252-7573 for an appointment.

With much to you love and light as always 


My New Book - Everyday Prayers for Everyday Miracles - will be out shortly. If all goes according to plan, it will be published in paperback at the end of July. An eBook is planned to follow soon after that.

I have created it with a lot of love so that you can have something to keep with you every day and then use it in these challenging times where it will be your little helper, like having me with you.

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