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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Solstice, Chaotic Times and You

Hi Everyone,

So many of my clients have been calling to ask, “Is it just me, or are these days since the great change more difficult than ever?” The answer to their question is that if they are difficult then you probably have a pretty good chance of reaching 4th dimensional consciousness.

I think a lot of the channelled material kind of glossed over the difficulty of the transformation of our energy. They led us to believe that either they would send energy to do it for us, or they were playing with the strands of our DNA and we wouldn’t have to do much, except just be present.

Here are some of the characteristics that will be present when you are ready.

  1. You won’t get angry. You will have such faith in the Divine plan and your ego will be so much in check that you will no longer be presumptuous to the point of figuring that you know best. St. Germain recommends that when you get challenged you simply say, “I have no opinion about this situation.” At this time when the political camps are beginning to let us hear the sounds of their engines, preparing to do battle, observe yourself and see how heated you can get about how things should be.

  2. Negative thinking will have vanished from your consciousness. As you approach 4th dimensional consciousness, you will become more and more aware of how powerful your thoughts and words are. You will become conscious of your thoughts and words and energy. Not just when you are in prayer or affirming your desires, but in between when you are wiping out the energy you just produced in affirmations with an equally and sometimes greater force of fear. Your feelings, words and thoughts radiate out of your third eye like a giant grow-light, bringing the creative force to whatever they are focused on. Be careful where you aim that power.

  3. Fear will also be gone. After all, you are very nearly an Ascended Master so what is there to fear? What do you care about how people interpret you? You know everything comes from love. This life is all ‘school’ and the situations are here for our growth, so how could any of it really hurt you? You are an eternal being of Light. That is the only thing that is real. Everything else is a story your ego is constantly telling you so as to justify fear. Everything in life is an expression of Love or an expression of fear, which is ultimately a cry for love and you very quickly can see the difference and you correct your energy with ease.

Politics and Awareness

Here in America we are moving into yet another political race for the presidency. Americans are very passionate in their political debates but they seldom seem to be about the issues; even when the vast majority of Americans care deeply about the issues. The political campaigns very quickly descend into personal attacks of what is known as mud-slinging, gossip and innuendo. I don’t know how it is in other countries, I only know how it is in the USA.

As you know everything starts with energy. We all look to schools or governments to change things, but change comes from within each of our hearts. I don’t care which side of the Obama debate you were on during that election, but let me just say this - if we could have got back even half of the energy that was extended trying to decide about his birth certificate, maybe those elected officials, elected by us, might have been able to find some answers to education or unemployment.

Try to go into this next campaign with mindfulness. Ask yourself with each commercial and with each debate if you can tell the intention that is being set by the energy. Is it positive or negative? Is it going to build a better country or is it seeking to divide us? Because negative energy also creates. I’m not sure we would like what it will create, but it will create and whether you believe that or not will not change the outcome of that particular cosmic law.

These are serious times for us right now and we have serious issues in front of us. Some of those issues will affect our very survival if we let them. Make your voice heard for a positive and creative energy intention. Let your political organizations know that you want them to talk about meaningful issues and not waste time on debating personalities.

Many of us are so in despair that we are calling for ETs to come down and save us. But it’s not up to them. Change starts in the heart of each of us and we have created a mess and it is up to us to do what we can on an individual basis. When I was a girl, people had a habit of littering the streets without thinking. Then the majority got disgusted with it and they began campaigns to make others aware. Along with that many would pick up a few pieces of litter which they came across and then put it in the trash bins. It didn’t take long for the consciousness to change and the country to be cleaned up.

You can do this. Use your energy. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Just do what you can. Send an email and be specific about what you didn’t like. You may even need to send it to your own party; after all, they are representing you. Are you really a mud-slinger or do you just let them get away with it? There is a quote which I have always loved. “The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

You are warriors of the Light. Pick up your Light Sabers and change the world.

What a powerful time to renew your intention

Happy Solstice

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Lea leiby said...

only now getting to this. Amazing knowledge, so applicable and how do people find this help?

Lea leiby said...

only now getting to this. Amazing knowledge, so applicable and how do people find this help?

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