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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Message from Omnia


Part 9

Greetings Oh Magnificent One,

We are close enough to the great change when I believe it will be safe for me to give you some more specific information about what will come about in the immediate future.

Earth Changes.

There will be some earth changes but these will not be the world disaster that we first thought it might be. Japan and the area of the Pacific will be hit hard and there will be earthquakes and tremors where they have not happened before. Weather will be unusual, but all of that is already going on. It is just that most people only pay attention to what happens in their immediate world. There is nothing wrong with that because for the most part your world is created from the immediate energy of your own heart which contributes to the global energy of the world.


Humanity as a whole will begin to demand that their leaders find a much better way to use public money other than spending it to wage war. On an individual basis, all of the world's population must come to an understanding that they can ascend while learning their personal lessons without needing the conditions of disaster to assist in that process. In order to bring about world peace then it must first blossom in the heart of each individual.


A five year process of balancing out the banks of the world will begin. World currency will be affected and the rates will change to be more consistent with the production of goods. Countries will no longer allow their goods to be sold by foreign corporations without proper compensation to those who live and create the products. The stock market will be greatly affected by this and for those of you who invest, I would strongly suggest that you look into the companies whose stock you may own and be certain that they are green and fair trade; the fate of those who are not is anything but certain. Avoid all banking stocks for if the banks do not develop a heart they will find that the people will abolish their existence.


The communication of the Internet and social sites will allow the common citizens of the world to speak to each other so that true communication will be more able to occur where facts and lies will be exposed. Some countries may try to cut off this communication but it will not be tolerated by humanity. Many of the new souls who have come in already know how to circumvent blocks which a government might set up.


Some of you will make your Ascension and be able to access your advanced DNA. You will be charged with assisting to use your new energy in order to create a better world. The challenge will be that you will be living among some who have not Ascended and who will represent some of your old habits which held you back.

Some of you may look out of your window at the same scene and the same people and you may think “Nothing has changed”. You could not be farther from the truth. You are first and foremost an energetic being of electro-magnetic energy. You give entirely too much importance to the physical. It is a very small part of who you are. Every change in your life, whether it is illness or marriage or death, happens first in the aura. 'All' change happens first in the aura. Your auras will be profoundly changed on Dec 21st and your lives will reflect that.

Your physical bodies will begin the process of healing themselves. You have the power to undo years of negative thought forms which have caused illness in your body but you will not do this overnight. It will take time but each day should be better than the last

It is as though you are being given shiny new presents which will make your life easier. You can leave them all in a box or you can take them out and use them. The Manifestation of this Golden Age has always been in your hands but then you were chosen to be here because it was believed that you have the heart and the commitment to manifest paradise.

A Special Note to Parents of Children who were born 2006 and beyond

These Souls are already in the consciousness of the Golden Ago. Parent them with love and try not to pass on your fears to them. They will already be displaying a comfort with technology which is superior to yours. They see the world through love so be sure to nurture that in them. You are their guardians but they are your teachers.

Mediate often on the magnificence of your being
Your very uniqueness is the gift that you give to the wold
In Peace and Love



Rosa said...

This is beautiful. :) Thanks Omnia and particularly Mary for sharing this!

Finding Meaning in Art said...

Thank you for this post during these difficult times. A few questions -- There are different interpretations of the word Ascension. I wonder if you could share what this word means to you. Also, I've not heard of advanced DNA before. What would someone experience who had advanced DNA? Thank you.

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