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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Big Day and My Radio Interview

Dear Fellow Traveler,
       Well the big day finally came. I think we were all a bit excited to see what would happen. It also happened to be my granddaughter Kira's first birthday so it was a challenge to celebrate at her party and still get home to sit in quiet meditation by 7:30.

       As the energy began to come in, we suddenly got some very high winds here in Asheville. Asheville sits in a bowl surrounded by mountains, so the high winds, which often happen at the higher altitudes are not so common here in the town. As I was leaving my daughter's house I was reminded of the hurricane force winds that I used to experience in Florida, except these had an Arctic feel to them.

       My daughter Melissa came over and the two of us lit a candle and put some quiet music on and sat together in meditation. What happened next I have no words for. I also feel moved in my heart to keep it in the silence. Often deeply mystical experiences are meant to be private and actually lose some of their energy if you talk about them too much.

       What I can say is that the energy was moving through me like a freight train, it was coming from the center of the earth and up through my spinal column and out the top of my head. I have only felt energy that intense one other time in my life and that is when I sat in the woods in Lily Dale and meditated on the Stump which was a psychic vortex and a portal for Spirit to enter the world.

       Information came and Understanding came, but I find it impossible to describe.

       If any of you would like to share your experiences, feel free to send them to me by e-mail to I will put them together and publish them in the blog so that you can share with each other what happened. It is not necessary for you to use your name if you prefer not to. I must admit that I am curious. The silence following this is certainly interesting.

Hoping to hear from you

In Love and Light


from the Anglican Prayerbook of New Zealand

eternal spirit
earth-maker, pain-bearer, life-giver
source of all that is and shall be
father and mother of us all
loving god whom is in heaven
the hallowing of your names, echoes through the universe
the way of justice comes through the peoples of the earth
your heavenly will is being done through all created beings
with the bread we need today, you feed us
in the hurts we absorb from one another, you forgive us
as we forgive others and ourselves
in times of temptation and testing you strengthen us
from trials too great to endure, you spare us
from the grip of all that is evil, you free us
for you reign in the glory of the power that is love
now and forever , amen

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