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Monday, November 12, 2012

Be Your Own Ghost Buster



Dear Fellow Traveler,

Back in the 1960's when I was first training as a psychic and medium, I had the good fortune to work with an amazing psychic from England called Dr. Pierette Austin. I studied with her for 5 years and learned many things. One of the activities that I was pleased to help her with was what would today be called Ghostbusting, but what we called Sending Earthbound Spirits home.

I'm sure many of you who have lost loved ones, have seen signs from them to show you that they are well and happy. They often come back and stay with those whom they have left, in order to help the person left behind to adjust and find meaning with going on living. But there are other Spirits of a more cantankerous nature who are attached to their property or their loved ones and they raise a lot of commotion. In some cases they can even crash dishes and break things because they are upset by what they see going on in this world since they left it.

These souls do not leave easily. They are prepared to do battle and will often “ play” with the psychic or medium by presenting them with what they fear the most. Probably the best thing that I learned from Dr. Austin was that the Spirits were “ playing” and that all of the ammunition which they played with actually came from my own mind.

That was the beginning of my learning a very valuable lesson and one which everyone needs to master. The vital crux of this lesson to bear firmly in mind is – “to always keep your emotional body under control”. During these trying times we are all having to face the increasingly difficult challenge of being confronted with our own scary things. They may not be brought about by troublesome Spirits but in dealing with them then the very same “law” or principle still applies. This law states that if we feed them any kind of negative reaction whatsoever in response to the perception of that fear, then the fear itself will simply multiply and grow.

It is all too easy to fall into the trap of dwelling on what frightens us; we all do it in the respect of experiencing our humanity; i.e. we are naturally fearful. In being so inclined then we need to be ever conscious that we are actively building on any perceived fear through feeding it our emotional energy while it gradually gains a stronger foothold in our psyche. This unchecked and unconscious negative nurturing leads us to an inevitable confrontation with what we fear the most. But – and pay close attention to this next statement - We Have the Power to Stop this Process Dead in its Tracks. No Fear has any Power Over Us whatsoever Unless WE Give It PERMISSION ! Commit this to memory right now ! Hold tight to it and trust in the tremendous healing abilities of this deceptively simple wisdom.

Even though our greatest fear, or any other fear, can appear to have the disruptive energy of a team of wild horses, please let me assure you most emphatically that any and all fears can easily be reined in and brought under control. To do this then all that is necessary is for us to become conscious of the fact that the horses are merely phantoms which we indulge at our peril and that they are actually running away in the first place. Practice being the observer and not the participant. Watch them run away while not getting involved. Notice what the emotional energy of chaos is doing while not giving it any energy of your own. Stay in control even when everything around you appears to be going crazy. Stand firm in the belief that you have the ability to corral the capricious tantrums of your own emotions while letting others deal with theirs.


1.      Notice what it is that makes you afraid. Some of the common fears have to do with fear of lack, fear of poor health, fear of being alone
2.      Become aware of what your thoughts are on the things that you fear
3.      Visualize yourself blowing a loud whistle and holding up your hand like a crossing guard and then shouting “NO!”
4.      Take a breath and ask yourself if what you are feeling is truly present in that moment, or if it is something that has not manifested yet.
5.      With all the conviction you can muster, say this affirmation while feeling in the very depths of your being the commanding strength of the words - “I Am SAFE and I Am PROTECTED within the INVINCIBLE Light of Divine Energy”.
6.      Maintain this feeling while noticing that just the act of diffusing and releasing yourself from your fearful energy helps you to stay present in the moment while affirming a safer and much more promising future


You are divine, each and every one of you, you are divine and yet you look for your divinity somewhere else, as though someone could hand it to you, as though by reading a book you could discover it. It is within you, it is deep within you. And within that divinity comes a power, a very deep power. And yet sometimes it's like giving an atomic bomb to a little child. The power can be destructive, for if you wield it the wrong way, or in an unproductive way, it can cause chaos in your life while bringing the soul into despair so that you must repeat this round again and again, trying to remember that you are divine.

Each time you come you get a little closer to the truth and it is at this time, because vibrations are stepping up on a universal level, not just here but in other ways, too - it is time to begin to have assistance from those beings who inhabit other realms and other dimensions to come here and say to you what it is that you are here for. It is not to get a better job; it is not to find a partner to share your life with; it is not even to raise children in a holy and happy way; although each of these are noble things and nothing that you should be ashamed of, or put down. But sometimes you make them your whole life.

Keep your focus on who you are, keep your focus on the light and know that each of you has the power of creating your own universe. And you DO create it every day. Every day, by what you think and what you feel and what you worry about. You worry about things that are not here yet. You worry about things that inhabit another time and space that may not come into existence at all, unless you give them the energy to do that. You have the very power to do that, or not to do that. And some of you feel it's so necessary to worry, as though if you don't attach that negative emotion to things, they won't get done.

Release that. Instead, go within; go to your light-center, go to your heart. All of you have beautiful hearts. I look around here and I see the hearts open in so many of you, in such loving degrees. You have no idea of the power - the power which that love within you can bring to you. If there's pain in your life, if there's chaos in your life, if there are goals that you're not achieving: they can be achieved plenty and easily by contacting that ‘love’ part of you and saying –

 "I know this is who I am, this is my being. It is to love. That is who I am. It is not to war, it is not to pollute the environment, it is not to grab something first so that I can have it before my neighbor has it. It is to love."

This is the message I would bring you. You are all pure beings of love and yet you lose contact with that. In your sadness you so often forget this. 

This was Omnia's first ever message and one which is just as relevant today as it was then – so what have we learned from it?. We are the Beings who are constantly creating what is to come so we must choose how we qualify the future. We must remember WHO we are while not falling prey to the illusion that our ‘fate’ is something completely out of our control. Omnia tells us that this is absolutely not so. We all have the power to determine what we create if only we remain ever conscious of this fact. The power is in our hands and our hands alone.

These times that we are going through right now are very challenging indeed but within the many confrontations we are all being presented with there are incredible opportunities to Bust our own Ghosts or Slay our own Dragons. What you fear is WITHIN, it is NOT an outside Force that is out to get you; it is simply the ‘insubstantial’ sum of your own experiences. YOU created it so YOU can deal with it and CONTROL it. You are the MASTER.

The Mayans have spoken a lot about Time as we know it; their prediction is that it will shortly cease to exist. Fear needs the presence of 'time' to feed off. It is the substance of its very existence just as a fire needs oxygen to burn and spread. Deprive anything of its fuel and it no longer has any power; it quickly dissipates and ceases to be. What better way for that to happen than for the fears of the past to perish in the blazing light of our conscious awareness of the present moment. You have the POWER. You have had it all along. You just forgot. WAKE UP !!

I strongly urge you to immediately pick up the gauntlet of challenging your fear. ALL OF YOUR FEARS ! BE BRAVE, BE CONFIDENT, BE ASSURED, BE THE DIVINITY WHICH YOU ARE, BE HAPPY !!! YOU DESERVE NOTHING LESS.

The path to your freedom of Spirit awaits you. Every journey starts with the first step. Take that step right now this very minute while banishing the ghosts of your past to the insubstantial realms of impotent obscurity where they actually belong. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU REALLY CAN.

In love and Light


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