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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mary's Astrology Blog for June 2010


Many of you are releasing old conditions. The origin of some of these conditions lay in your past, sometimes it is the past of this incarnation and sometimes it is the past of another.

It is important as you challenge these issues, that you become gentle and free of judgment. Whatever you have done or whatever habits that you may have outgrown, at one time, you believed that these activities were for your highest good. Since we are all one, the less you judge others, the less you judge yourself. Everything that happens, will eventually lead to God. Since all things are an expression of the Divine, Creative Force, all is God in Action. It is not always easy to come to this awareness. Judgment is often a very subtle thing.

Today, as you read these words, open your heart and allow the healing energy of Divine Compassionate Understanding to enter and free you from all situations where you are hard on yourself. You are a Perfect Child of God, Unconditionally loved for all Eternity.

Infinite Spirit, with every breath, I bring you deep into my heart.
I fill myself with Divine Love
Help me to let go of all preconceived ideas of how the world should be
Help me to know at the deepest level of my being, that there are no mistakes in life, only opportunities of growth
Free me from the Spiritual Arrogance in which I judge myself and the world, forgetting that there is a Divine Plan for all, which I may not fully understand.
Open my heart so that I see myself through Your Eyes
Fill me with Your Love, so that I can project it forth to all that I encounter
Open my awareness, so that I fully know that even perceived mistakes are tools that you will use to lift All to Our Highest Good.
I Am Your Healing Force, now made manifest.

ARIES: Look for breakthroughs, which have to do with family relationships and speaking your truth. You may feel that you have been working hard to reach your goals, but this month could give you a little leg up and give you the awareness of what direction you really want to go in. The answers lie within. Spend some alone time and some quiet time, which we all know does not come easily to you rams, but it is essential for you this month. The Universe does still seem to be keeping you in one place and although that can be difficult for you, it will work out favorably in the long run. There is a purpose to your life and the Universal energy is going to hold you still so that you can figure out what that purpose is and so you don’t spin your wheels wasting energy on false starts.

TAURUS: You may discover that you have been holding on to things, which are actually slowing you down as you strive towards your goals, particularly your financial goals. What do you really value? This is a question that keeps coming back to you again and again. It is time to step outside of your comfort zone and this transit will open up opportunities for you to do just that. Don’t let fear or patterns that have become old habits hold you back. This includes romantic things as well. What do you want in romance? Now is the time to get clear about that and to honor your own emotions. All of these things and a wonderful energy of creativity is yours for the asking, but you have to let go of the old, before the new can come in. Try it! You may surprise yourself.

GEMINI: There is a shift in energy this month, all of it leading to a breakthrough and deeper communication with your higher self is felt internally. You will know yourself as you have never known yourself before and it will allow you to expand in new and wonderful directions. You have one of the most creative minds in the zodiac, but you are often fascinated with things, which are outside of yourself. Now you will find yourself looking deep within and delving into the depths of your own mystery. Great changes are about to occur in your life and great transformation is possible at this time if you work with the circumstances that come before you. You are your own best teacher at this time.

CANCER: This may be a time of great confusion for you, and at times like these it is often best to just stay in the moment and respond as things are. You have been reassessing your life for a while now and you may feel ready to move forward, but no matter how much you push yourself, you may find that for now it is best to wait and see. You may find plans in the talking stage at this time. Truth about past events may be revealed to you in unexpected ways, and always it will be truth that heals. Information will come your way which will bring you greater understanding if you will allow it to. Take some time to reconnect with whatever brings you spiritual comfort. You may find yourself embracing new spiritual practices try not to judge or think too much. Just experience it.

LEO: For much of this year, you have been searching for your hearts desire, your place in the world. You often let yourself be distracted by what others need from you, but this month will give you the ability to look at yourself and see what it is that you want from life and how you will find your greatest happiness. Try to let go of the past, as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if the past represents pain or success for you, if you dwell there, it will hold you back from seeing the path of the future. You are a great thinker, but now is the time to let your heart feel the way. Finances will be there when you need them, even though you may have the illusion of lack. Change is all around you and you will be led into it gracefully and gently, relax you can not miss it.

VIRGO: Look for your opening to come in the area of career. You may be better able to communicate what it is you want to do for the world, and therefore; better able to manifest it. People and situations will enter your life, which will have long-term results. When you speak, you will create a sympathetic vibration in like- minded souls and doors will open as you recognize others who are here on similar soul paths. The key this month is cooperation and the Universe cooperates in helping you to achieve your goals especially as you learn to articulate them. You may find yourself working with unusual people and even traveling to foreign lands because of business. Do not limit your thinking. It is possible to do what you love and still create prosperity for yourself.

LIBRA: You will find breakthroughs in your life in areas of higher learning and travel. If you have any desire to take additional training or education, now is the time to put those plans in motion, they will open up new horizons for you. You may be frustrated with finances lately, but June will bring opportunities to improve your prosperity through unusual changes. Someone in the family may turn to you for help and you will be instrumental in putting a difficult situation back into balance. Don’t be afraid to cherish those secret desires in your heart. Your goals may be easier to reach this month and the end of the month may bring good news. Change is the word this month and the changes lead you to a much more comfortable inner peace.

SCORPIO: Don’t be disturbed if this month brings you dreams and visions and perhaps allows you to communicate with Beings from other worlds or dimensions. You will find that the veil between this life and the next is easy for you to see through, so trust any messages you may receive this way. It is NOT your imagination. An old love may return to your life, or you may understand more fully a past love relationship removing any blocks it has created in your life. You are the one sign that is not afraid of the deep mysteries of life and you may get a glimpse into their depths in June. Creativity will come to you in spontaneous ways, so be ready for it and let yourself go with the flow. You may feel restricted from making a move, but it is all a matter of timing. Trust it.

SAGITTARIUS: Look for new understandings with lovers and partners. Communication will occur at a more intimate level and you may be able to make yourself understood at a level, which is far deeper than before. You desire love and fear being tied down both energies operate in you at the same time. This month you will have more understanding, and you will be able to know those forces within you, that prevent you from having your ideal partnership and bring them into peaceful alignment. There may be man changes, especially around home, just remember they are all leading to a good place.

CAPRICORN: Work may seem like drudgery, but your big breakthrough is coming in the area of creativity, so pay close attention to any creative thoughts or impulsive ideas. You are not impulsive by nature, so sometimes the Universe needs to shake you up to get you to change direction. You may need to pay closer attention to financial matters. Usually that is where you shine, but unexpected expenses may make it difficult for you to know exactly what you have. All will be well, but it will be an exercise in Trust. You will have the opportunity to learn from gifted teachers but they may not come to you in the traditional sense. Everyone you meet is your teacher. You will have the gift this month of understanding your emotions, something that is not always easy for you.

AQUARIUS: Remember that it is at those times of greatest confusion, that the Universal energy can step in and create the perfect solution. You are in a period of great change, sometimes it happens almost daily. Stay as flexible as you can, you are also at a time of great creativity and tremendous opportunity. Luck will open doors for you in ways that you would not have dreamed. The best thing now is to just do what is in front of you to the best of your ability and be ready to change in the blink of an eye. What may seem like hard work, is just the energy building momentum. The resolution will be an unusual surprise, but you like surprises. You are not in this alone, you will notice help coming from others in ways that bless you.

PISCES: Deeper understanding about how home and family have effected you will enter your awareness like a flash of the sun. This is your opportunity to let go of all past baggage, which you are ready to release. The time has come to let go of those blocks, which are keeping you from doing what you were meant to do in this lifetime. You want to get out in the world and find your success and yet you may feel stuck by your present circumstances. There is nothing you are doing wrong, it is the Divine order of things relax and let it manifest its miracles. Your heart cries out for love, but first you must love yourself. Treat yourself as you would wish your loved one to treat you, that will open the door for love to find you.

I hope that this has been uplifting and helpful to you as it comes from me with a great deal of love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to -

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With very much Love and Light to you all



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