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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mary's Astrology Blog for May 2010


In ancient times May 1 was the feast of Beltane, a time when the ancient goddesses gathered together and through the use of fire, they sent signals from hill to hill to remind each other that another winter was completed and the hopes for a bountiful harvest were beginning to show signs of growth and fruitfulness.

This past winter has been a very challenging one, not only because in many parts of the world, the weather has been colder than usual, but also because of the additional pressure that finances, health and emotional challenges. It takes a decided effort to remember that we are spiritual beings, having one incarnation; and no matter what is going on, we are always connected to The Source of our highest good.

If the outer drama of life has been overwhelming your spiritual strength, take a moment out of your day, right now. Put your attention on your breath and slow it down, taking deep relaxing breaths. Allow your chair to support your body and if you can feel tension anywhere, take a moment to flex the muscles that are tense, letting go of your physical tension as you exhale your breath. Turn your heart to The Eternal Source of Life and reaffirm your connection with that Source.

Oh Infinite Presence, I open my heart to You and breathe in the Power of Your Unconditional Love
Help me to always be aware of my eternal connection to Your Love
Help me to know that I am one with You, not only at this moment, but for all eternity
Help me to remember that in Your Presence, is the Source of Health and Vitality, both physically and emotionally
Your Presence is the Source of all Good Things in Life, including money.
Your Presence inspires my intuition and leads me to my highest good.
Your Presence brings balance and justice into all of my existence.
When I feel sad or frightened, awaken in me, the remembrance that we are eternally connected.
In this moment I renew my connection with Divine Eternal Love.
In Your Presence I command Harmony, Happiness and the Presence of
God’s Abundance
In my Mind, my Being, and my World

ARIES: Do you feel like you are in jail? You may as well be. Try not to give any power to those places in your life where you feel stuck. You are not really stuck, you’re wonderful fiery Aries energy is just being held tight and forced to examine the past. That way the future can be shaped in a more beneficial way. I know that you hate that. You prefer to be spontaneous, and no one has more spontaneous courage than you do; but sometimes it is important to take the time to draw the wisdom from your experiences At about mid month the energy will begin to move you forward. It’s been a stressful few months, so let that magnificent playfulness come out whenever you can. It will keep you balanced.

TAURUS: This is a very powerful time for you. There is a great influence around you which speaks of past lives, relationships being reunited or old rivalries being resolved. You’ve had some time now to examine what your past patterns have been and now you are ready for manifestation. Long term projects, will come to manifestation or they will fall by the way side. Whatever falls will be dead energy trimmed away to make way for success. Have faith in your process. It is truly a time to live your spirituality in practice as well as in words or thoughts. It will channel much grace to you if you open the door. The Force is absolutely with you this month, learn to use the energy to your advantage.

GEMINI: You may feel like you are in a steel vice this month as most of the planetary influences are focused straight at you and sending laser beams of energy. You have been spending a lot of time looking backward, so much so that you may have confused yourself as to what your true direction is. But you are very clever Gemini, and this momentary time of confusion will allow you to become more conscious of where your heart really wants you to go. Follow that path. This is your time of creation from mid month into June you will have the opportunity to transform your life. You have one of the best minds in the zodiac, but this is the time to follow your intuition.

CANCER: This is a time of hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unpleasant. Apply yourself to those areas of life, which hold your interest and give you great joy. You will reap rewards later on in this cycle and they will be totally dependent on the energy that you put into things now. You are a great care- giver, but it may be time to take care of yourself first. You may find yourself using those fine cooking skills of yours to give yourself a healthier diet. Whatever foundation you build now will be with you for the next fourteen years, so this is the time to form good habits. You have strong and sensitive emotions and it may be helpful to start keeping a journal as a way of letting some of that energy out.

LEO: Things begin to look a bit better financially in mid month. The Universal energy of life is in your house of travel and higher education. It is also possible that you may find love or romance in areas that have to do with either of these subjects. You have been looking into your heart trying to discover the reason for being here. It is time now to begin to move forward and expand your horizons. Don’t expect final answers all at once, life will lead you one step at a time, but if you follow your intuition it will always lead you toward your greatest happiness. You may feel a longing for love this month, but that may be intensified because you are looking for someone else to do what you are not doing for yourself.

VIRGO: You are standing in the midst of a creative vortex this month. Do not fear your creativity. The Universal energy of life is dancing with you. Find a way to give it expression. You will feel drawn to do this for society as well as for yourself. You may find yourself politically active or joining groups, which nurture the environment. All of this will enhance the way the energy is flowing for you right now. You can tend to be a workaholic, and this month will teach you that there is power in walking away, and playing as passionately as you work. Many things around you will be changing, but all changes are for the best. This is a time of great and positive transformation.

LIBRA: You may have the consequences of past actions confronting you at the moment. Although you can’t change the past, it is possible to use the wisdom that it has taught you to undo some of those actions, which you regret. Now is the perfect opportunity to reach out and make that happen. You may be discovering new ways to be creative. As much as possible it is important to keep your attention on the future and those things, which bring you joy and happiness. Your success will depend greatly on your attitude and at this time the sky is the limit. Take advantage of the cycle and try something new. There may be change in long-range plans, but these changes will be in your best interest in the long run.

SCORPIO: This could very well be a month for romance, especially after the 15th. If you are single you could meet your soul mate at this time and if you are married, you may discover karmic patterns being played out which you have been through before. This will not be love from afar, but love in the truly physical sense. It is the beginning of a good cycle where business and finance are concerned as well. You may find finances transforming although that transformation may be brought about by things which will at first appear to be losses. It is just the old dead energy leaving to make way for the new and more expansive future. Balance all of this activity with some good times of rest and you should be fine.

SAGITTARIUS: This is a power time for you, a time of real transformation. The tension has been building for a few months now and the spring is about to release and totally turn things around. Whatever has been holding you back in the areas of business, family, romance, or personal presentation to the world will be identified and released if you are willing to let them go. The change will be propelled by the strength of your ability to release. Of all the fire signs you are least afraid of change, let this courage carry you along with your excellent sense of humor. If you are seeking to start a family this is a very fertile cycle. It is fertile for partnerships and business as well. The creation is up to you.

CAPRICORN: This month you will find your intuition and sensitivity expanding and intensifying. Pay careful attention to any hunches or information that comes to you through these senses. Money will be increasing and you will have the gift to be able to communicate just what you want people to understand. You are never one to be afraid of the grunt work that leads to success, but this month take a step back and get in touch with your creative process. Give some thought to long range plans, where do you want to be fourteen years from now. Take the time to mend fences at home. It is also an excellent time to take a trip or a vacation.

AQUARIUS: You may start out this month questioning a lot of your beliefs and assumptions about life. It is important for you to decide what you truly believe and what you believe only out of habit. It is the latter beliefs that will most be under fire. You could also quite suddenly fall in love this month. This may not be the stuff of happily ever after, but you will have happy times with a fun companion for much of the summer. Don’t worry if you are experiencing blocks in your creativity you will reconnect after a much needed rest. A new closeness will result in the family as old wounds are healed and new bridges formed. It is also time to examine your spiritual practices, especially if you have been neglecting that are of your life.

PISCES: Expect the unexpected this month, but don’t fear it. People will come and go quite suddenly in your life, but they will leave behind them a legacy of power and freedom for you. You will be able to clearly articulate your values to others and without apology. This is the beginning of a cycle where you recognize your value and the world will see it as well. You will feel this more intensely near the middle of the month and beyond. It is good to make plans, but it is also good to remain flexible. There will be changes in your life style, either where you are living will change or your surroundings will be expanded in some way. Love and romance may be emotional, but being in touch with your feelings will help you to define your goals.

I hope that this has been uplifting and helpful to you as it comes from me with much love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to -

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With much Love and Light to you all



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