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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mary's Astrology Blog for August 2010


So many of you have called and written this month to tell me about challenges in your physical body. It’s important to remember that our bodies are created by pure Divine energy. As we reaffirm this eternal aspect of ourselves then we qualify each cell with Cosmic Light and Love, and we call it into perfect balance.

If health is your challenge this month then these words will be very helpful as you take them deep within your heart where they may be expressed in the fullness of their Divine vibration. You will notice that this prayer does not speak of healing but rather it focuses on the perfect balance which we can achieve through love and forgiveness. Embrace these words as your own while qualifying them with the energy of your true intent as you set them forth within the infinitely creative energies of your wonderful heart.




Thank you, thank you, thank you……. for my life. For all of those experiences that have brought me to this moment. ……….Thank you. Thank you, Thank you.

Give me the courage to look at my mistakes

Give me the compassion to forgive myself and any others against whom I hold any resentment. Give me the wisdom to see them as my honored teachers.

Thank you for all my challenges and for the growth that has come with them

With each breath I exhale my love to the loving energy that has brought me to this moment. In humble reverence, I silence all regrets. I command stillness in the Presence of the Force of all creation.

ARIES: It is a magical month for you. Keep your eyes open for opportunities for spiritual growth. Circumstances will guide your steps. Let your intuition lead the way. You will have lots of opportunities to expand your horizons, particularly if you are in the company of a lover or a good friend. If you are in a love relationship, look for your partner to reveal deep feelings to you. This is also an excellent time to make money and manifest those things in life that you value. Emotional reunions with family members give you lots of warm feelings of contentment. You also have lots of energy behind your creativity this month as Saturn helps you to manifest your creative visions.

TAURUS: You have more energy than usual this month and it enables you to get a lot done. You may be having a difficult time deciding what you really want and emotions are apt to feel several ways about the same situation. Although it may be only a temporary annoyance it does give you the opportunity to examine all your emotions on any given subject. Remember feelings are neither good, nor bad, they just are. Allow yourself to feel. The Universe smiles on you this month and brings lots of admiration and flirtation into your life. You could find yourself exploring spiritual subjects which will help prepare you for the miracles manifesting suddenly in your career.

GEMINI: Emotions run high this month, and you find yourself facing lots of growth lessons as you deal with family situations. You may not know what to feel from one moment to the next. It is fortunate that your nature is mercurial and easily adaptable. This trait will come in handy, as there will be many changes in your life. It is also time to focus on your living space and to beautify it to reflect what you value. Allow yourself to make changes without self-criticism and you will come to know much about yourself by the outer changes that you make. Pay close attention to where your priorities lie. The Universe expands your creativity and uses your love interest to transform you.

CANCER: Lots of focus on money and assets this month. Things may appear to be limited, so it is best to prepare and handle things wisely. Look for communications to arrive regarding finance, this will help you to understand what you will need to do to prepare for the future. Karma is also working in your life and there will be opportunities to let go of old conditioning. Life will keep bringing you opportunities for change until you learn to set new patterns. I know the past few years have been difficult for you, but now you are under a very blessed aspect which unites grace with the energy of your mind to achieve the purpose of transformation.

LEO:It is a time to examine your life and your goals. You are ending a cycle and beginning a new one with regards to how you express yourself in the world. Now is the time to use the power of your mind to examine your goals and your methods for reaching them. All good things that you value should be increasing in your life, including your prosperity. All in all your journey to transformation is supported by some very gentle aspects which should make the ride much easier than it has been in the past two years. Keep your eyes out for a soul mate who comes back into your life. Sometimes history repeats itself, especially if you didn't learn from it the first time.

VIRGO: What a good month for you! Life teaches you to look out for yourself and blesses you with love. Health and vitality should improve and even critical you should look upon yourself and see your beauty. Work situations will change suddenly, sometimes keeping you very busy and sometimes seeming to all but disappear. Just let the energy flow. Finances look good for you no matter what as benevolent Jupiter brings you money that is not necessarily earned from work. Enjoy it! You deserve it! It is a time of discovery and the Universe will support your inner exploration, by lifting some of the day-to-day stress from you. Use this time wisely.

LIBRA: You may be entering a new work situation or things may change in your present situation. You should be more respected and talents, which you have had all along will be recognized. Health or work could show signs of frequent changes as the planets effect your house of health and work. Try not to let your fears run away from you. This is a cycle, which is leading you to good things. Trust your intuition on all creative projects. You may find moments of inspiration when your mind is occupied on mundane tasks such as driving. The moon is at the highest part of your chart this month, so your feelings should lead the way.

SCORPIO: This month has you looking at your career and reassessing how things are going. It will be especially helpful for you to see how the past fourteen years have gone for you in reference to your career. For the next two years you will be setting a new pattern, which will lay the foundation for the next fourteen years. It may seem like you are putting a lot of effort in and not reaping the rewards, but fear not, the rewards will be there for you down the line. Look for your love life to warm up considerably as the Universe brings its passion into your house of marriage. Those of you who have been considering a committed relationship may make that commitment at this time.

SAGITTARIUS: This is not the month to take chances and trust to luck. It is however a good time to sit back and see what the Universe brings to your door. There is a difference to trusting the path of your soul to show you the right way and just trusting to luck. I know it may be a subtle difference, but the more you go within and just allow things to work out, the more you will surprise yourself by what you can accomplish. You could find yourself romantically attracted to someone you work with at this time. Try not to let it distract you from your true purpose in this cycle, which is transformation. Fortunate opportunities could appear suddenly and it may even cause a move.

CAPRICORN: If you are married or have a close partner you may find yourself swept along in the energy of success that will come to you through someone who is close to your heart. Plans may seem to be delayed, but eventually the manifestation will bring success and happiness to you in a visible tangible form. Look for sudden trips to visit family members. Do not fear for your finances even if they seem unstable, prosperity is right around the corner. You may have been dreaming about expanding your career in a new way this month will bring you opportunity and open up horizons that you may only have been dreaming about.

AQUARIUS: Love and relationships become very important to you this month. Your heart is speaking to you and you can no longer talk yourself into emotions that you may not feel in your soul. Unless your relationship is truly meant to be, it may not survive this transit. On the other hand, any new love who comes in on this cycle could very well last for a lifetime. Trust your inner voice and pay attention to your dreams. Expect sudden changes in what you value. Things, which seem important; may suddenly be seen in a new light. At the same time changes, which will lead you to your happiness; come out of the blue. This month will be anything, but dull.

PISCES: You could be feeling a lot of nervous energy this month as you suddenly feel that there are no limits.. Energy and stamina could be erratic and you are more apt to be helped by energy workers than by doctors. Many of your physical symptoms have emotional roots. It is important for you to stick with any health regime that you may have begun. Due diligence to your plan may very well heal you. If you are in a love relationship, try to avoid criticizing your partner and take stock of the things you are grateful for. If you are wanting to manifest love, take your attention of the feeling that you lack it. Your creative power is very strong this month, what you truly feel will manifest.

I hope that this has been uplifting and helpful to you as it comes from me with much love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to -

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With much Love and Light to you



Dawn said...

Thanks again, Mary...once again you have really allowed me and my husband to have another perspective on the "now". You are a true blessing. Valerie introduced me to Louise Hays, "Heal your body", and that is another great way to deal with stubborn injuries. We have been in drought so long in this region, our bodies have to re-acclimate to the humidity and blessed water we have been getting of late.

joybell said...

My Astrology Report this month gave me chills, it's so spot-on! Thanks for letting me know I'm on the right path for me!

Anonymous said...

Mine was right-on too. Thank you.

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