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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Question from a Reader and a Message from Omnia

From Kathleen in Ohio

Quote from your Prayer :

(What is there in us that makes us long for what we cannot have. It may be a job, or a particular relationship, or a level of financial security or youth and vitality. Our desires take many forms. I have noticed from experiencing the good fortune to hear so many of your stories that this seems to be a universal longing.

It makes no sense, but at some time in our lives, we will all do it. We will all want something that is unavailable to us. If we ever get what it is that we think we want, we often want something else. The Dalai Lama says that happiness is not having what we want, but wanting what we have.

Doesn't this go directly against what Omnia says about self creation? I'm genuinely confused


Dear Kathleen,

Your question is excellent. You are absolutely correct when you say that we can manifest anything with enough focus and determination. The difficulty comes when our “human” kicks in and we fear that we cannot manifest the “desire” which we are creating. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Either the manifestation takes longer than we believe it should or, signs in the outer show that we are not being successful; or so it appears. It's at these crucial times that many of us lose confidence and give up.

My messages before the prayers on Astrology day are usually taken from the general climate of feelings which I hear from the clients who contact me. For example, right now, many of you are going through financial challenges and in some cases even hopelessness so I have asked Omnia if she would be kind enough to address this.

Omnia has never had a human incarnation so she does not have the emotional experience of longing that we have. She speaks of what we are capable of. She is here primarily to teach us about our power and to encourage us to use it to bring in the Light. I, on the other hand, am quite human and have been subject to the same doubts and fears which my clients face. When I feel a great deal of that energy coming up in certain areas, either with clients or with myself, I go within to write a prayer which helps to bring balance while reminding us of our power.

We truly can manifest anything. I know because I have used these principles successfully for much of my life. But, experience has also taught me that my intellect is not the most reliable in knowing what will bring me the most happiness. For example, I met a man who lived in New York while I lived in Florida. I used all the tools I knew to bring him to Florida and we had a three year relationship, which turned out to be a disaster, or a great learning experience, depending on how centered I am when I describe it. It taught me to always insert the phrase for my highest good or for my greatest happiness in whatever manifestation statement that I am using at the moment.

I have channeled Omnia since 1985 and I do live her teachings to the very best of my abilities so I appreciate what it's like to do this as a human being. It's a process and it's not easy at times. Many of my clients are in the same process so I have an understanding of where they want to be and a compassion for the distractions which pull them from manifesting their greatest happiness. I also have over a quarter of a century of metaphysical 'tools' which I find helpful centering myself and prayer is one of them.

Prayers such as I put in the Astrology column are one such 'tool' which I offer to those of you who find them helpful to use in this way. They are intended to assist us in getting back into the energy which is essential for us to stand in if we are to Be fully in the Light. In so doing we live our true harmony and bliss which we incarnated to achieve.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my vision and my goals with all of you. I also give gratitude to the Divine Presence which created this experience.

Love and Light




Well, Greetings to all of you and great love from the depth of my being to all of you. That's it. Take a moment breathe it in. Do you remember, Loves, when we used to gather in person? I would watch my dear lambs coming into the room, so stressed, so tense, so lonely and there we were, about to have a good time and no one was anticipating it.

At those moments I reached out my energy to all of you and, as you exhaled, I took whatever part of that weariness from you that you were willing to give up. And, make no mistake about it, each and every one of you chose to hold on to a bit of it. So........right now...... as you read these words.......take a huge, deep breath and let it out and give me whatever is most holding you down. Just let it go. Energy is Energy and the fact that our physical presences are no longer in the same room should not make any difference.

The subject that I want to address today, because this is a subject that I see is weighing down a great many of you, is the subject of money. Money is an energy, like anything else, and yet for some reason you give it great importance.

Let me tell you a little secret. There is an ABUNDANCE of Prosperity in Any form it could possibly be needed and it rains down on this planet in unending deluge, and it is judged and sought after, condemned and worshiped, rejected or accepted, all by your thoughts, your feelings and the words that come out of your mouths. The true creative force in this Universe is The Word, those spoken are most powerful, but those thought must also be under your awareness.

With each word that you speak, ask yourself.......IS THIS WHAT I WANT TO CREATE? MY WORD IS SENDING ENERGY TO MAKE IT SO. DO I REALLY WANT TO DO THAT? And if the answer is no, then call that energy back and speak the words CONSUME IT!

It is time to realize that you are gods. I used to say that you were gods in embryo, but 'tis past that point now. You are toddler gods and you are running around using your powers without any controls and I AM YOUR NANNY! LOL. I find that thought quite humorous and yet, not far from the truth.

Feelings are next on the list. It does little good for you to walk around declaring that you are prosperous. For example if you say, The Power of the Great I AM that resides within me is the Source of my Abundance, and then you walk around with a long face feeling poor because your job does not bring you in abundance, you send forth two messages to the Universe. First a confident one. You are part of the Great I am and so you are abundantly supplied and then, by feeling poor because not enough money is coming in, your actions are saying that God is not the Source of your Abundance but that some work situation is. See it all as coming from the Divine and then you will not limit our Sources.

Remember that outer circumstances can and often do change in a moment. One thing happens and everything is different.

The consciousness of the world has been manipulated by those in power to create a climate of economic fear. People are easier to control when they are afraid and there are those in power who would like to create nations of sheep. But don't let that little drama distract you. Politics, organizations, even churches, like to create dramas too so that people focus on the drama and forget about using their power to move the energy to create what they desire, even balance in the very places that are upsetting them. Everything is energy and change starts with changing the energy.

You can get upset at the political climate which is causing your financial distress, but that perpetuates your role as victim and it denies your role as creator. Many find it easier to blame some situation or person because it's easier than facing the responsibility for what has been created, especially if they don't like what has manifest. But it's all just energy and if you shift the energy everything changes. So don't get caught up in drama or distractions, just shift the energy.

1. Do not give into the fear of lack. EVERY TIME you have a thought of fear, consume that thought and replace it with ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY RAIN DOWN FOR MY USE.

2. Do not compare yourself to others. It's a waste of your energy. Do not waste energy saying My neighbor has more or less than I do. You often do not do these things in jealousy, you do them by wanting the world to be fair, or wanting to help that soul who appears to have less.

Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be in order to learn what they need to learn or else to have the means to teach others. The tools of transformation are Universal. Each soul on this planet is capable of using them and if they chose not to use them in a way that meets your approval or your understanding.........Let it Go! You cannot hope to understand the lessons of every soul on this planet. Those of you with great interest are probably Future Lords of Karma but at the moment your evolution is best served by simply focusing on your own journey and using your own abilities.

3. Take time in your day to just breathe and look around at what you do have which is going well and what you have manifested successfully. Take time to send energy out to your brothers and sisters in the Light who are here at the same time and anchoring the Light as you are. Feel the power of being part of that Force. You are not Alone! You are Legion and your brothers and sisters in the Light are everywhere and they work in the very organizations that you may need assistance from. Do not be afraid to spend some time in prayer and have part of that be an asking of those who are here with you to help if they can. Ask and you shall receive.

Money is the Love of God raining down on you. You are a part of that Divine Creative Energy. You are an army of Light here on the earth at this time of change to anchor in the Light. No General sends his army into battle without supplies. So help is available to you.

4. Your mind is your tool, not your ruler. Do not think that your mind must be able to know where that help would come from. Do not let your mind have the last word of either how something manifests or exactly how much is allowed to manifest. In most of you the mind is a 'bully' ordering you to follow its dictates and ridiculing your intuition. That must change.

Dearest Loves, I know these are challenging times for many of you, but one of the things that attracted me here to work with humans in the first place was that wonderful quality that resides in each of you. When things are at their darkest, there is a resiliency in the human spirit. You tap into your creativity and then the most marvelous ideas manifest. You hold the power in your hearts to change your world. Do not allow Fear to make you cower in the corner. Shine the Light of Truth upon it and BE the Magnificent Being that you were meant to be.

From my heart to your heart with massive Love


I want to thank Omnia for her wonderful insight and her gift of unconditional love to us all. I hope that this has been as uplifting and helpful to you as it has been to me and if you would like to leave a comment please go to

Mary's Blogspot

With much Love and Light to you all

Mary and OMNIA


The Love That We Are said...

Thank You, Mary and Omnia, for such a wonderful message of Who We Can Be Because of Who We Are...As always, such insight coming from, pointing to, the Light...may this Love be wonderfully received and fulfilled, set free...humbly and gratefully...michael:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for kindly encouraging me. I am where I am supposed to be is importent for me to hear. It is so importent to let go of fear of lack and go about my own journey with gratitude to the universe and for the help so freely given if I choose to see it.

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