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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year - 2017

It’s that time of the year again. The Christmas festivities are behind us, the stores are already advertising Valentine’s Day along with post-holiday sales clearing out their old merchandise and making way for the new. In our life we are ending the vibration of 2016 which was a nine. The vibration of endings and loss. The loss is usually something we should lose, but we don’t always want to and that is where the trouble often lies.

To refresh your memory. You figure out your personal year by adding up your birthday and month. Unlike astrology you don’t need the year or the time of birth. So if you were born on April 15, the 4 of April added to the 1 and 5 of the day equals 10 or 1. In numerology we keep reducing until we get a single digit. Add that one to the vibration of the year, in 2016 it was a 9 and 2017 will be a 10 or 1. A person born on that day will be going from some serious losses or endings and moving into a vibration of new things and experiences, perhaps even new people.

These past years have been difficult. 2014 was a 7 and dealt with depression or at the very least a feeling of isolation. There is always a positive and a negative side to each number. So, while 2014 may have been isolating us, if we used that time to go within and get creative then exciting things could have come forth.

2015 was an 8 year, all about money. Look at the world economy during that year. We saw countries go bankrupt, something which never happened before in my history and, as my children will tell you, I am old. I have seen us go from an ice box to a refrigeration, which is something they can’t imagine. Often when we are watching old movies I hear them say, ‘Why doesn’t he just use his cell?’ When I tell them we didn’t have cells and that we had beepers if we were truly on the cutting edge, they look at me like I must be making it up.

A country which goes bankrupt must be normal because so many have done it. They don’t see the significance, because personal bankruptcy has become so commonplace. If we used 2016 correctly, it was as though we were cleaning out closets and getting rid of those things that were no longer serving us well. Emotions, jobs material possessions, beliefs; ‘Let it Go’ was the watch-cry for 2016.

If we cleaned that closet with enthusiasm then it was not a very difficult year. But if we were determined to keep all those things that might have a use some day, then we suffered losses that were difficult; because if you don’t let go willingly in a 9 vibration, then 9 will take it from you by force. 9 is determined to move you forward unencumbered by past baggage.

On Dec 31 we chimed in the new 2017. New experiences, new beginnings, sometimes new employment situations. A lot of what will come to you will depend on how comfortable you are with the changes. For example, quite a while back I had a client who divorced in late 1998. Early the next year she told me that she wanted to meet a nice man and be in a relationship by the new millennium. She saw this as a new beginning and wanted to take advantage of it.

I had to tell her that if she continued keeping track of all of her ex-husband’s activities, she would be much too focused in the past to welcome the future. Letting go was vital in order to make the space to let new things come into her life.

Another client at around about the same time lost her job and was looking for a new one. However, she was determined to get back in to her old company and so she kept applying only to the jobs which were advertised in that place. She was well educated with years of experience in her field, but she was so determined that her old employer should re-hire her. I could see that she was just trying to prove that she shouldn’t have been downsized in the first place; but in being focused in such a narrow way she was missing so many golden opportunities. Fortunately I managed to get her to see this.

Over the years I’ve been constantly surprised by the number of my clients who ‘get in their own way’ like that. I look at their auras and see that they have earned some good experiences, but often they are directing the flow of energy to the past instead of to the future. They want good things to be given to them and they want them in spite of negative thinking and poor opinions of themselves. Clearing out the ‘garbage’ is important, but recognizing that it’s there in the first place is vital. You can’t build a nice house on a refuse tip, so clean up your act whenever the opportunity presents itself.

As this year comes to a close then make a conscious effort to affirm your good points. Weed out those things that hold you back and then get ready to see what gifts 2017 has in store for you.

I wish each and every one of you a gloriously Happy New Year. May you be well prepared for the new experiences to come and the special people that 2017 will bring your way. May you recognize your highest good in all things while letting go of all the negative energies, thoughts and habits which keep you rooted in the past

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With much love and light as always



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