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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Universe Plays its Trump Card - What Does it Mean for Us?

I have received many emails today expressing shock at the way the election went. Some ask me if I had picked up on the outcome psychically. My answer is that what I sensed was a lot of volatility, confusion and vacillation among a great many voters. Many seemed to have changed their minds at the very last minute. You can always count on the human race to be unpredictable.

You often ask me how much I can pick up for myself.

The answer is not much at all. I'm here to learn through my life experiences the same as everyone else. Also, what makes me a clear psychic is the fact that I am detached from the outcome; so I'm not trying to have it turn out the way that I would like it to.

You asked me if I was surprised. I was, but not for the reasons you may think.

Since Dec 21, 2012 the vortex of energy that opened has been pouring through us. It has two purposes - World Transformation and Balance. I know a lot of you believe that this will just lift you up in a shower of Light and into ascension. But ascension is only ever earned, it’s not an automatic entitlement.

It’s been crazy. Things that we thought we loved have been taken away, only to discover that what follows will eventually be our happiness. Transformation means change. Think about it, we are moving from one age to another and from one level of consciousness to another. If you take a moment to consider what it’s like to move your residence, a place that you are familiar with, then you appreciate how long it takes you to feel settled again. It takes a while to find things and adjust to the energies of your surroundings. With that thought in mind, try to imagine what would happen if everyone on the planet moved on the same day. That’s our world right now.

The energy at this time gives us the opportunity to change a lot of things. I'm surprised by how many people in this country are happy to support bigotry, and misogyny. Actually, I’m more than just surprised, I’m really shocked. I guess I live in a spiritual bubble.

How Could This Happen, she asked.

When I watched Donald Trump’s energy, I saw one thing. Stirring the crowd up like he did, I could see angry the crowd was; and also that they have been angry for many years. It was mostly about money, losing their homes, jobs gone overseas, personal purchasing power gone. Many feel that the government of the USA has betrayed them and failed to protect the American way of life.

They feel entitled to that way because of loving because they are hard workers and they obeyed the rules, and now a great many are living just one pay check away from being homeless. This fear and stress naturally fuels their anger.

Hilary to them, right or wrong, comes across as simply perpetuating the system while delivering more of the same. She represents a style of hidden government which deals in so many backroom agreements that do not serve the people’s best interests. She may as well be male as she symbolises the good old boys network so well.

Many people were scared of Washington cronyism and so they wanted a change. Change for the sake of change is not always wise, but angry people may not always be calm enough to think things through. Others who were thinking had reasons that were valid to them. Needless to say, emotions ran high right up to the point of actually making the final selection on polling day.

So, what Do We do Now?

My daughters are afraid that this will set women back on so many fronts. Back in the day, mine was the first militant faction of women who burned their bras at rallies in town parks. We picketed for ‘equal work for equal pay’ and we gained a lot of ground as a result. I trust the Spirit of women who fought that brave fight to persist and stand strong in its momentum. I feel certain that it will endure powerfully for all that women have gained.

I urge other groups to do the same. Whether you are an immigrant or part of the rainbow community, African American, or Native. Be a steward of your own group, expand your energy out to support the humanity of others. Thank Goodness for the next 4 years we can start to heal.

Remember that old saying -


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