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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year and What it Will Mean for You

Hi Everyone,

Well here we are at the threshold of a New Year. I don’t think too many of us will be sorry to see 2014 wave farewell. 2015 has to be better, right? I’ve learned not to challenge the Universe with phrases such as – ‘it can’t possibly get worse.’

If you are curious about what kind of a year it will be for you - in other words, what the focus of your experience will be - simply take the month and day of your birth and add it to 2015. Then reduce it to a one digit number by adding the numbers horizontally. For example -

April 15 added to 2015 works like this. April is the 4th month so I start with the 4 and then reduce the 15 to 6 ( because one plus five equals six ). 2015 reduces to an eight ( 2+0+1+5 = 8 ). So I add the four and six and get a ten. Then I add the one and zero together and get a one. I add the one to the eight of 2015 and get 9. The numbers stop at 9 because 10 reduces to one. ( 1+0 = 1 ).

So the whole process for April 15th 2015 looks like this –
( 4 + 15 + 2015 changes to 4 + 6 + 8 which equals 18 - then 1 + 8 = 9 )

For each of the numbers from 1 to 9, there is a specific and meaningful significance which applies. Below I have listed a brief outline of what each number means in terms of its general influence on your life.

1.    The year of the self and examining who you are and where you are at the moment. Are you living in the past? Are you dreaming of the future? Or are you fully present in the moment.
2.    A two personal year will be about your relationships. It will be about all kinds of relationships, work, friendship, family and intimate relationships of the heart.
3.    A three year examines your place in the world. Career issues are large in this year. It’s a good time to start a business or write a business plan.
4.    Four year is a year of hard work. What you put into this year is what you will bet back. If you started that business last year. This year you will see it grow
5.    Five is a year of change. Change by design and change by chance. All changes which come to you, even the unexpected ones will lead to your highest good. If you are initiating the changes you will find they happen easily.
6.    Six is the year of the family. Issues regarding family can not be ignored during this cycle. If there have been arguments in the family this year will bring new understanding and the potential for peace.
7.    Seven year will bring your attention within, to your spiritual or perhaps your psychological life. Meditation or long quiet walks where you can have the peace to think is just what you need in a seven year.
8.    Eight is a money year. You will notice news about the economy and on a personal level your finances will require your attention. This is often the year of raises or money coming in from unexpected sources. Because 2015 is a global money year, this overlying vibration will effect us all, but more particularly and more personally those who have a personal eight year.
9.    Nine is the end of the cycle. It is a time of release from your life of things that are in the way of you realizing your highest good. Don’t fret over losses. In a nine year, nothing goes which doesn’t need to go. Loss of a job, breakup in a marriage, even loss of friends or family members is all according to Divine Plan.


As always, if you need more help figuring out just how the vibration of the New Year will affect your personal life; just call 828-252-7573, and we can set a time to talk.

More than ever the Universe is speaking to so many. It is calling you, really, to have the courage to answer the call of your heart. So many of you were raised to be humble but part of humility is admitting what your talents are and what you’re good at.

In nearly fifty years of looking at your auras, I’m always amazed at how unaware you are of your unique specialness. When I see you or when I answer the phone and hear your voice and see your aura, I’m often blown away. I see an amazingly Unique being of Light. I feel I must be speaking with a highly evolved soul. That is the truth of your being, but circumstances of life have often hidden that from you.

Children are precious. I see that with my grandchildren and the children that they play with. The love and encouragement of their caregivers makes all the difference in how they grown up feeling about themselves.

My New Years Wish for all of you is that you come to truly know the magnificent being that you are and that you are able to throw off any critical conditioning that may have been a part of your past experience. You would not be here searching for the truth and for your spiritual destiny if you were not meant to take part in the evolution of this world. It’s time to accept your uniqueness and use it to transform your world.

Happy 2015
In Love and Light


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