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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Technology - Virtue or Vice?

Dear Friends,

Are you enjoying this time of transformation? Aren't you glad that you signed up to incarnate during such an incredibly 'interesting' time? I can assure you that there really is a very good reason why we made the choice that we did but the trouble is for many of you that it's proving increasingly difficult to remember just exactly what it is.

Never has it been more important to meditate on this so as to connect with the core truth of your glorious infinite being. This is what provides you with the necessary degree of spiritual stability when you are so much in need of it. While doing this it will also give you lots of opportunities to practice being present in the moment; what the teachers call, Conscious Living.

At the very same time that we have this pressing need to engage in conscious living, we find ourselves being pulled away from this necessary state of awareness by all manner of electronic devices like phones, iPads and computers. Our lives can get to feel like one long immersion in thoroughly distracting 'can't-possibly-live-without' gadgetry.

This is the point where I hold my hand up and say that I'm not immune either. My iPhone recently disappeared. It is most probably in the house. If you asked me before I lost it, I would have said that I barely used it; my data and minutes bear this out. However, once it was gone then I realize that I actually get a lot of texts from my children; and of course with the grandchildren visiting for Easter it was my camera and my music not to mention it is where I keep track of all of my appointments.

I still want it back, but I am resolved to become more conscious of doing everything, including using my phone. The world is changing and that is part of it. Those of us who remember the world without smart phones smugly comment tsk tsk, just as our parents did over tv, but technology is here to stay, until it is replaced by something else. In the future it will probably be todays children saying the very same tsk tsk and in a similar manner while adding - 'In my day we held the device in our hand and had control over what went in it and now we have a computer chip in our arm and now its all controlled from another source'.

We aren't going to stop technology and things aren't going to go back the way they were when we were kids, that's not the way life works. Here are some tips for staying conscious as you use your devices

  1. Breathe - Make it a habit to take a deep cleansing breath every time you pick up your phone or laptop or iPad. Take another deep breath when you change from texting to reading your e-mail.
  2. Use the games as meditation. When your mind starts thinking of other things, go back to what you are doing in the game.
  3. If you are using a hand held device, be aware of what it feels like against your hands.
  4. If you are having lunch with someone, leave your phone in your purse; put it on silent and enjoy real human company

All of this is leading someplace. This is a time of transformation. Its important for you to discover what it is about you that is special, unique and joyful. If you are preoccupied, you will miss potential sources for happiness.

One of the great opportunities of this world is that we can go as far as our creativity and our persistence can take us. It is our feelings fear or unworthiness that limits us; that and distractions. Balance is the key. Work balanced with fun. Diligence balanced with humor, activity balanced with silence. Inspiration comes in those moments of silence when the television and the music are turned off and our technological devices are recharging. Take advantage of those moments of power to get involved in the world.

You are here for a purpose. So many of you who consult me already have a feeling of this. You sense that there is a purpose, you just have not discovered or remembered what that purpose is yet. The awareness of your purpose comes through the feeling world. Your body will give you hints, your heart might beat a little faster, your eyes might want to examine a little closer, you will feel excited, curious you will want to examine it and perhaps even to try. It is not important if you find your purpose with the first experience that draws your attention. The search and the journey is more important. Its more important because when you get used to what interest feels like, your own senses will lead you to where you are meant to be. Trust the journey.

Too often I hear things like, “ I took a class and I thought that was going to be it” this is almost always followed by a sad, downcast “ but it wasn't.” How wonderful. You got to scratch something off of your list. Perhaps it was something that you mastered in another lifetime, perhaps it was your last occupation.

There may be false starts, but those false starts will teach you something. They may teach you that you have more ability than you thought. They may be teaching you that it is safe to let the world know something about you, even if it doesn't lead to your true purpose. So many of you were raised in environments where it was necessary to fit in, otherwise you risked ridicule. It takes a while to overcome such things. Be patient with yourself.

That critical voice in your head has got to go. It doesn't matter if it came from mom or dad , or the school authorities, or your pastor or rabbi. It has to go. Whoever initiated it is long gone. Why carry their negative fears for them. The truth is, you were put here magnificent and unique to make a contribution to life. You may not know what that contribution is yet, but if you stay conscious you will find it.

The good news is that its never too late. Many of us who are enjoying the upper digits of aging will have another twenty years to discover what we want to do with our lives. More and more age is just a number and that is only going to get better.

Remember if you are facing challenges you are not alone. Help is as close as your phone. I'm here to help you make sense of it all and to encourage you on your journey to express your highest good.

With love and light as always



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