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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recognize, Acknowledge, Accept, Release

Dear Friends,

With the combination of the full moon and this major cross still in effect, as the planets involved are slow movers, we are all experiencing a huge pull on our emotional and Akashic bodies. These subtle but powerful forces are completely irresistible where no one or no ‘thing’ is immune. So learn to accept what ‘is’ while going with the flow and giving up to the process which is now well underway.

This is a time to focus entirely on your own issues without feeling in any way guilty about doing so. It’s your time to find your true self without being concerned about whatever else is going on around you. There’s enough drama in your own experience to deal with and sort through without having to be concerned or conscious about that of others. As the energy intensifies and brings to the surface everything within us that holds us back from realizing our own Divinity, we need to look closely at our embedded belief systems and intuit whether or not they truly serve us well any longer.

Do they really support who we truly believe ourselves to be? If not, they have to go and this is the time to let this whole process happen while being an active and grateful participant in it. In doing so then it will serve to free us from this karmic-producing dance of longing and wanting for ‘ideals’ which were never of our making. Strive for acceptance of what is because ‘what is’, is perfect.

Yes I did say Perfect. And no, I'm not living a serene life with no bumps and precious little drama of my own. The difference is that over the years I have learned that the drama is a teacher and the lesson is to stay in my Divine consciousness. In other words, not to allow the drama to rattle me so much that I lose my cool and my objectivity. This is a time when keeping to the right path without straying from it is vital.

This is the path of freedom. It’s not an easy one, but it is a rewarding one. I urge you instead of hiding from the drama in your life to ask yourself, “What is this here to teach me?” If you are truly open-minded, and you can push the ‘ego’ to one side when you ask this question, the answers may well surprise you. The amazing thing is that we are all capable of getting those answers through a wonderful part of ourselves called The Higher Mental Body.

The sublime faculty of ourselves is the part that remembers and understands every life we have ever lived. It is keenly aware of each circumstance that has happened and what we hoped to learn from it and where we succeeded as well as where we are still a work in progress. The great thing is that you can communicate with this extremely valuable aspect of yourself whenever you feel the need to.

It’s best to do it right before sleep. There is no magic formula, simply say “Higher Mental Body, show me the truth of this situation.” Then take a deep breath and resolve that it will be okay for you to know that truth, even if it doesn't fit in with what you think it should be. Although the term ‘Higher Mental Body’ has the word ‘mental’ in it, in truth it’s more accurate to say that it’s aligned with the intuition than the mind. It will inspire you with the answer and you will feel its truth. It will never ‘dictate’ to you as the mind does.

Back in my earlier days, or as my kids call it … back in olden times, there was a song the lyrics of which really define a challenge that so many of us face today. Two of the lines were -
Tonight the look of magic's in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow

In the musical Annie, she optimistically tells us that ‘Tomorrow is only a day away’. When times seem difficult it is sometimes easy to want to escape into tomorrow. We make plans for tomorrow. When the job comes, or when financial serenity is restored, when the relationship or our dreams is present in our lives. One wise being said “Life is what happens to us, while we are busy making other plans.

Last week I talked about living consciously. It is so important to stay conscious and present in the moment. It is in the ‘moment’ where the power lies. A certain amount of visualization is healthy, but when most of our conversation and a great deal of our thoughts are centered around events that are not here yet, we tend to be ignoring what is right under our noses. This can very often prevent us from seeing the lessons that need to be cleared before we manifest what we desire.

So often I hear you say, I visualize every day. I say affirmations and decrees and nothing seems to be happening. If that is something that you are finding true in your life, I encourage you to explore staying in the now. Put down active visualization for a time. Tell yourself that you will have permission to pick it up later and then decide for yourself how long your experiment will last. Try it for a week. You may find it more challenging that you thought or it may be easy for you, but I do encourage you to try it.

An Experiment of Consciousness
  1. Notice what you are doing.
  2. Use your senses touch, taste, smell, and observe the color of the world that you live in
  3. Take a deep breath of gratitude, “In this moment I have EVERYTHING that I need.” I don't have everything except a relationship or a prosperous bank account. In this moment I have everything that I need to be alive and sentient on this planet.
  4. Look around and see all that you are grateful for. It’s true that there may be conditions of lack, but as we focus our Light and the energy of creation, it is the things that we are grateful for that we would like to empower with Divine Creative energy.
  5. When you find your mind wandering to the future, bring it back. It may happen that you are making that call many times a day. That's okay. You are practicing a new skill.

Here is how it may go. You may be sitting at the table looking at the patterns of your dishes and cups and thinking “How beautiful this breakfast is! I am grateful for this food, especially when so many in the world go hungry. Thank you God for this wonderful food. … When I get my new job, I will donate to ‘Feed the Hungry’ and perhaps I'll plant a garden with my brother and we can share vegetables. '

Those two things are kind thoughts, but you have propelled yourself from the present, where things happen, to the future, which is just a dream, most of which never materializes. Think back on your life. Most of what you dreamed didn't happen and most of what you feared didn't happen, that’s because the creative energy for both loses its power when it is held there away from the present.

The Power for change is in the present moment. It may create a future for you, but you don't live in the future. Your power is in the now and, as I have said, ‘now’ is in a process of great flux where, more than ever, you need to pay attention and stay focused.

Remember if you are facing challenges you are not alone. Help is as close as your phone. I'm here to help you make sense of it all and to encourage you on your journey to express your highest good.

With love and light as always



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