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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stop Believing and Start Feeling

Dear Fellow Traveller,

It's been a while since I last wrote to you about our amazing journey into this new paradigm. A lot has happened since that time. What I appreciate from those I talk to is that much confusion exists as to what is happening around us and where we are all headed. The bottom line for so many people seems to be – 'what does it all mean for me in my daily life and what can I do about it?' This is the question that I'm going to address in this message to you. It's long because there is no short way to explain what's necessary, so you may want to pick a time when you can focus without interruption.

The very first thing I need you to understand is that everything, and I mean absolutely everything is 'energy'! Everything that you are and everything around you in your physical world is energy. It flows through everything, it IS everything and it constitutes every-'thing'. Energy is what you are and energy is what you exist in, as we all do. Your body is energy, your house is energy, your food is energy and your thoughts are energy. LOVE is energy. The only difference is in the quality and frequency of vibration.

I appreciate that this is very difficult to understand and even more tricky to get a handle on when it comes to the aspect of knowing how it affects your everyday life and what, if anything, you can do about it. So I want to bring your awareness to focus on this subject while hoping that you will be able to integrate it into your 'navigation' system and so alter the course of your journey.

Whenever you come to me for a consultation, or a reading, then part of what I do is to 'read' your energy. I do this just the same as you would read a book. That's why it's called a reading. To me, your energy is just like an information storehouse which I am able to access so as to gather the messages which are contained within it. Your energy speaks to me in the same way in which the words of a book 'speak' to you. I have been able to do this since I was very young but the greatest difficulty I have had with energy is understanding why others don't see what I do. It's completely natural to me and always has been so I trust it. No one has ever 'taught' me about it and so I have never had to 'believe' anything. Only just now am I beginning to understand your perspective and how you see the world around you so this is what I want to convey to you in this message. So here is the message -


I will explain.

A belief is simply thinking about what someone else has told you or you have read somewhere and then figuring out whether you agree with it or not. If you accept what's been said, or read, then you have established a belief. This belief becomes a part of the framework which you build that supposedly represents who you 'believe' yourself to be. It's an energy construct and I read that energy. I tell you about energy and you have to make up your mind about whether you 'believe' me or not. I don't have that belief system because I 'know' it to be true. It's right in front of me every single day of my life just as you look in the mirror and see your body being reflected back at you.

No one has to convince you about the fact that you exist because you can see it for yourself. No logic is required. No BELIEF is involved. If you want any supporting proof then all you have to do is touch yourself and the deal is done. You FEEL so you're REAL – well here's the crux of the real message to you – this is what you have to start doing in every moment that you exist so that you can move fully into the new paradigm.

If I were to say to you that the sun is a blazing ball of fire and that if you got close to it then you would burn up and perish then what would you say? More than likely 'yes' that's what would happen – but why? Everything you have ever read or have been taught has led you to 'believe' that the sun is an inferno which is just hanging in space and from it comes the sustaining heat that underpins all life on planet earth. But have you every really thought about this particular aspect of our daily lives. I doubt that you have so lets just take a moment to examine this unquestioned 'belief' – trust me, it's important and it is leading you somewhere.

Firstly, if the sun is so incredibly hot then why is space so unbelievably cold? If you fly in a commercial aeroplane then the outside temperature at altitude is somewhere around -55 deg C; and you're only 5 miles up! Does that make any sense? The sun is 93 million miles away and it gets cold that quickly! How come?

Okay, there are lots of wonderful scientific explanations about wavelengths and the transformation of energy in the earth's atmosphere, which we don't need to go into here. But you get the idea that your mind has accepted the belief that the sun is massively hot and if the earth was any closer to it then we would all burn up and be gone for ever; including the oceans! -Right? All the water would be gone – evaporated.

A scientific study of a certain type of celestial body in the recent past has shown that a very brightly burning object in deep space has something strange coming out of its polar regions. There are huge streams shooting out of the axis points on which it spins. They have now established beyond doubt of what is coming out of this 'star' – it's water! A brightly burning star, even hotter than our sun, is producing water which it ejects into space and has been doing so for a very very long time.

So, what you've been taught about balls of fire in the cosmos you will have to revise as there is now proof that things aren't as we have imagined them to be. This is not a life changing revelation in itself but it is indicative of what is happening for us all in these times of changing energy.

For a moment, just put yourself back in the position of being a paid up member of the flat earth society when mankind was of the firm belief that the earth was like a pool table where all the water flowed over the edges and was lost into eternity. What must it have been like to have been proved wrong and then had to change your thinking about the world in which you existed. How difficult must that have been to adjust to and what an effect it must have had on society in general; especially when it came to the subject of believing those in authority who had championed the truth of this misconception for so long. I mean, what is to be done when trust is undermined? Surely this would lead to dissent and disagreement. It would have caused upheaval in society and thrown the status quo off balance. It may even have caused riots and public demonstrations. Does this ring any bells ?

We are not subject to the limitations of such a narrow mentality in the twenty first century but we are nevertheless undergoing just as radical a shift in our consciousness as that of those who had to give up their ideas of believing that the earth was flat. The generations of that era had to look elsewhere for guidance but it inevitably came in the form of information which appealed to the intellect. In this way humanity found its faltering way forward but now we have a different situation being presented to us and it's much more tricky to deal with.

Telling the flat earth society that the world is round is one thing in that, for that particular period of mankind's awareness, it was only necessary to raise the vibration of awareness so that one belief could replace another. In those days this was all that was needed so as to facilitate the next phase of our conscious evolution. What we are under the influence of now is an energy which is speeding up (expanding) not only our awareness of many things but our spiritual development as well. We are now having to cope with many changes on two fronts and not one.

Stars produce water. The universe is not how we believed it to be. Things have changed. they haven't in actual fact! They are just as they have always been, more or less. It's us who are changing. We are having to change the way we think but even that isn't enough any more. We are not in the same vibrational energy of those who had to accept the round world theory and then adjust to it. Those days are long gone and mankind has evolved greatly in certain respects. Now is the age of instant information but it's a double edged sword. You now have to ask yourself just how much of that information is accurate and more importantly, how you are going to make your choices based on what you're told. If that sounds a little scary in the respect of the potential which it contains that could undermine the very fabric of the society which you have come to know, accept and rely on, then it is; but it's also exciting!

Just consider for a moment that every one of us on this earth is connected to each other by something which we term the collective consciousness. So you 'believe' this to be true or do you 'feel' the truth of this assertion. Just take a moment to reflect on this as it's important. If you have to think about it then you're testing your beliefs. Believing is mental. If you 'feel' that it's true ( or not ) then you're being intuitive. Please practice recognising the difference.

Do you 'believe' that the earth is round or do you intuitively know the truth of the shape of our beautiful planet. Anyone who has ever seen a picture of the spectacular place we call our home, and which gives life to everything we share our existence with, cannot fail to be moved by such incredible and indescribable beauty. But more than that – it looks right. Do you feel this as well? There is a knowing which no one has to teach us and which we do not need to be convinced of. Our mind doesn't need to intervene so as to bolster up our 'feeling' about this subject. We can just look at the earth and we 'know' in our heart what's right because it 'speaks' to us – just as your energy speaks to me.

No one needs to teach us about who our mother is and in a similar respect no one needs to TELL us who our earth mother is and what she looks like. She isn't flat and neither is she resting on the back of a turtle so as to keep from falling into the black abyss. So what's changed? Why are we at the point we are now where we wouldn't even consider such a suggestion albeit that our ancestors did? Why have we evolved into the conscious beings which we find ourselves as being today and what caused this change. Is our awareness like a plant which grows if you water it or what? Is that how evolution works? If it does then who does the watering?

Let's just go back to the notion of energy again and try to expand our view of things. I have offered you the wisdom that everything (every 'thing') is energy. Do you 'believe' this to be true or do you actually 'feel' the truth of this? When considering it then go back to your perception of the earth and how it truly is and where you get your understanding from. Is it from your head or does it come from your heart? It's very important to truly appreciate the difference and where you're getting your guidance from.

If your intuition leads you to accept that we are all part of a collective consciousness then you also have to acknowledge that, as with everything else in life, then there is one constant which applies. That constant is CHANGE. Energy moves, it flows, it has currents just like the oceans and it is influenced by external factors. The moon's gravitational pull creates the tides and the heat from the sun causes changes of state which produces rainfall from clouds. Did you know that the oceans are the biggest absorbers of carbon dioxide on the planet? If we didn't have the oceans then life could not exist as we know it.

So, the oceans are energy but what's happening to that energy as it gets affected by all that's being done to it? Overfishing, toxic waste dumping, sonic experiments, chemical poisoning, oil spills – the list goes on. We all know about it and we 'feel' the truth of what's happening and how is affects our lives but take a moment to compare this to the collective consciousness; the 'sea' of energy which links us all.

I made a statement in the beginning of this message that 'everything' is energy – even consciousness. If our beautiful oceans and seas can be affected by our actions ( energy manifesting into our reality ) then what about how we all think? What happens when we constantly put out negative energy in the form of unhelpful thoughts? Panic, fear, uncertainty, hostility, hate, blame, revenge – and many more. What difference is there in thinking like this and projecting it into the collective ocean of consciousness ( which is the absolute inevitability ) than dumping trash into the rivers and seas? It's time to wake up!

So, for the sake of argument, I'll use the analogy of a school playground filled with boisterous children who are getting out of hand. What happens? Teacher comes along and gently applies and exerts his or her energy so as to calm things down and in so doing changes the 'awareness' of everyone. The collective consciousness gets focused in the process but it also causes a fair bit of upheaval. The children have to let go of their emotional state ( which always takes time ) so as to come into another one. We've all done it and we still do it. Initially it can cause a certain degree of resentment but in a short space of time then things will inevitably settle to the point where everyone finds the benefit; if they allow it.

Now extend this scenario into the aspect of the cosmos and then visualise us as a tiny planet in the midst of space and on the edge of a huge galaxy. Where is teacher? The playground surely has got unruly and very much out of hand so it's time for a calming influence which changes our awareness and settles things down. Well, teacher has come and s/he arrived at 2012 but no one noticed. What they did see was the advent of sand castles getting knocked over, fights breaking out and some water getting thrown around where confusion appeared to reign. Of course, these events always attract attention where it's not appreciated that many who were in the playground have just gone quietly to line up by the entrance door in preparation for going to class. Their actions don't get reported but these are the ones who will get to learn most and who will enjoy their lives more fully because they have chosen to be this way. They use their energy more wisely and they respond to change much more readily.

The new vibrational energy which is pouring into our planet at the moment is causing similar upheavals because it's bringing a similar change. Change is constant. We are changing. The philosopher Heraclitus said a very long time ago that you cannot step into the same river twice. This may seem nonsensical on the face of it but just imagine a river and the constant flow of water ( energy ). The instant you step into the water then change happens. You make the change for a start but everything else is in flow as well. Stepping into it again results in you putting your foot into different water where even the organisms which surround your feet have grown and changed. In less than a second things change and are never the same again.

The 'flat earth' mentality is gone because the tide of energy has swept it away and replaced it with a new and more vibrant way of thinking. Whatever effects it had on the society of those times we can never know but we can be certain that the earth's ecosystems were affected in the very same way as it was felt by its inhabitants. Remember, all is energy. What affects us affects the earth because we are ALL ONE.

The new level of vibration which is coming in right now is raising everything up to a new level. It's doing this slowly as nothing can change that quickly; especially mankind. We are all experiencing an upheaval on many levels where not one of us isn't being asked to deal with issues that are proving to be very challenging. Our emotional landscape is suffering as the result of a process which is reshaping it but can you also appreciate that the earth's 'landscape' is undergoing the same thing? We are all connected but how we manifest our individual expressions of change is quite different. The earth is a living sentient being who has put up with an enormous amount through allowing mankind to accompany her on her journey. As a consequence, she has had to absorb a substantial amount of negative energy as the 'children' run riot in the playground. This accumulated energy is now being released in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis and crazy weather patterns; including tornadoes etc. It has to go somewhere!

People panic as a result but only because they are being shaken out of their comfort zones while their belief systems are being challenged. 'Change' is not what present-day mankind likes or has the ability to cope with because we have bought into a belief system which does not accommodate change in any shape or form. From a flat earth mentality we have evolved into a flat (fixed) life mentality and this too is now in the process of changing – it has to go. There is no place for it any longer.

So what do we do now and how do we go about dealing with the change and all that we perceive happening in our lives and our world today? Well, we do what I titled this message to you.

We stop BELIEVING and we start FEELING.

We stop staring mindlessly into the TV and believing every manufactured image and word which comes out of it. Get your head out of the papers and the mass media and start questioning everything! Absolutely everything. It's time to re-evaluate life. YOUR LIFE!; not just those of everyone else. The place to go for INFORMATION ( the involution of forms within you – the creation of an energy form that you accept as being part of you ) is your intuition. Your instinct. Your inner teacher (in-tuition; inner teaching). What is this? It's a sympathetic vibration, just like a tuning fork, which resonates when it is placed next to the truth. It's that simple. If you want to know the truth about something then feel how it resonates with you. If it doesn't feel right then move away from it – whatever that may mean! However much it may affect your life then if you continue to live a lie then you must accept the consequences which come from your choices.

This is what the new energetic vibration is doing for you. It's waking you up. You can see things more clearly now but within that clarity also comes confusion because you're bringing your old beliefs into the equation and trying to make them fit. They won't. Get rid of them and do it as fast as you possibly can! You don't need them any more. You don't need anyone in authority telling you what to do for the best because you already know what's best for you. You came to this life knowing everything necessary to make your life as happy and fulfilled as you could possibly want, but you just allowed yourself to forget by listening to the distorted opinions and teachings of others. Time to dump the BS and start 'feeling' what's right for you.

The geophysical changes in our world today are simply another manifestation of what's happening in the human collective consciousness and deep within ourselves. It's a time of upheaval but no more so than going to an old closet and clearing out the stuff which doesn't serve us any more. So let's get to the practical part.

In throwing away those old shoes, you know, the ones which you were convinced you would wear at least once more but which are in truth dreadfully uncomfortable and hurt like hell ( albeit that they look really cool and 10 years too young for you ), you are clearing the way for new stuff to come in to your life. With a new awareness comes a new responsibility. This responsibility is for you to be discerning ( not judgemental - that's totally different and negative ). In order to throw out your shoes you have to give up thinking about yourself in a particular way while accepting that life for you now has changed. It's not better or worse, it's just different.

When you see a disaster or some heart-rending situation on TV, or in the newspapers, then throw out your old way of thinking about it along with your shoes. It's no use to you any more. It's the energy of consciousness changing and you must change with it. I'm not saying that you shouldn't care about what you're seeing because that's not the issue. It's how you respond to the energetic situation that's important.

To see any circumstance where people are suffering is and always will be difficult to deal with because this is part of the human condition. We are sensitive, 'feeling' human beings but the most that any of us can do in any situation like this is to send out love and light to all those concerned.....and then let it go. We have to appreciate that we just do not understand, at our present level of consciousness, what life is all about and how it works. What we can do is to stop putting the energy of blame, revenge, anger and fear etc back into the sea of consciousness and so creating more of these instances; because that's what we're doing. We cannot eradicate negative energy by creating more of it. Surely you must feel the truth of this. Even if you don't then you must agree that it doesn't make sense either.

Your task now is to quickly as you can, move away from the influences of a society which has got out of control in the way that it has given up its responsibilities to those who purport to know better. It's created an insane worldwide society which has to change. It has no option because the raising of our vibrations is expanding our awareness and shining a powerful light into every dark situation. People are asking questions all over the world where the rule-choked authorities and governments have no idea how to respond in any meaningful way. They have no answers where mindless laws, regulations and the use of force is not acceptable to a newly aware public any more. Change is in progress and will not be stopped. You are a part of that change but in so being you have to make better choices which stem from your intuition and not your head.

Remember, everything is energy. You are energy but you have a responsibility to use that energy wisely. A responsibility to yourself as well as those in your life and the world which graciously supports your very existence.

Turn the TV off and stop believing what it tells you. Look on the Internet for places of interest which you feel contain the truth as you know it to be. Start trusting yourself even though it may mean your life changes as a result. Better to live in the happiness of the truth which you discover in your heart than to live the lie of a contrived existence which conforms to some 'flat earth' norm. You didn't come here to be oppressed by mindless beliefs, you came here as an expression of your creator who only wants you to be the happiest expression of your true self that you can possibly be.

If you want to see a wonderful world in which you can exist, and your children's children can enjoy, then you have to start being that world. You are energy and whatever you decide to do then you will make a difference to the collective energy of creation. The world is not complete without you. LIFE is NOT complete without you. The creator does not make mistakes and s/he didn't make one with you! If you want to see change then be that change but feel it! Really, really FEEL IT !

Stop thinking and start feeling!

Thought is an energy but it's being corrupted by external influences such as the mass media and especially TV. Get out of your head and into your heart but do it for real and mean it. Live it right now. No one else can do it for you but remember that just one little change will affect everything. By choosing not to give in to the sudden urge to be angry and spiteful then you take away the potential of that energy to leach back into the collective. You make that change by choosing not to act on your anger. You choose to accept that it's there and just let it be. In the very same way that you look at something on TV and accept it for what it is without letting it affect you.

I know that it's almost impossible to send loving energy out when you feel yourself to be in a dark space but if you just make the choice not to act on your emotions then that's just as helpful in bringing about the change that you want. That's how you use the energy. You take responsibility for it. If someone were to give you a loaded weapon would you simply pull the trigger in anger or would your intuition guide you to choosing to lay it down while not letting anyone else pick it up. The weapon is energy. Nothing more. It has potential, as we have seen in other messages which I have sent you. Your choice is how to manifest that potential, or not, as the case may be. This is your responsibility. You are creating the difference by the choices which you make.

Your new awareness is presenting you with many challenges most of which push your highly sensitised buttons. The flat earth society met with the same situation when it came to their time for change and no doubt they had just as difficult a journey in getting to where they needed to go. But it's only relative. They survived and prospered and so will you. It's all a matter of degree so take heart from the fact that you are going through a transition which is much more challenging because the rewards are more spectacular and you have the ability to deal with what comes into your life as your horizons expand. You may feel that you're being blinded by the light but, as with all situations like this, you just have to give yourself time to adjust.

Okay, having said all of this I would ask you to feel the truth of my next statement. Here it is -

You are never presented with anything, any circumstance or situation, however bad it may appear at the time, which is beyond your capacity or capability to deal with.

You can do it! You have the ability but you need to trust in yourself first. Your true self and not the one which you have been taught to 'believe' exists. Your challenge is to discover the real you where this can only be done by trusting your intuition. Your inner truth; your inner teacher; you inner-tuition.


I will give you more to consider when you have had time to digest this - but more importantly, when you have had time to put it into practice and then experienced the consequences.

With much love and light as always



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