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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am the Captain of my ship and I am a Robot

Dear Fellow Traveller,

Since I last wrote to you I have been encouraged by all the feedback that I have received and the requests for more information by way of explaining our current topic of understanding – energy!

I had expected that it would have taken longer for my last blog to be absorbed but it seems that things really are moving along fast and so I'll keep on in the same vane and see how it goes this time. Here is my opening statement to you – please take a moment to consider it carefully.

You have Psychokinetic Powers and you use them Every Day. You are a Master of Psychokinesis

Don't believe me? – Thank goodness! At least you've learned something from last time!! This a great start.

Now, when you think of psychokinesis then you probably imagine the classic situation where someone is moving an inanimate object by using nothing but their mind. A person making a cigarette lighter move across a wooden tabletop could be one example or you may recall the scene out of the movie Poltergeist where every object in the kitchen was airborne and flying around in a circle. Whatever way you choose to imagine it then it's totally misleading in the context of yourself and your abilities. I'll explain.

Allow yourself to picture something totally mundane as an illustration and we'll gradually work our way though it. You're putting gas in your car. You are standing at the pump, or someone is doing it for you if you're lucky enough, and your vehicle is getting filled up. After this operation is complete, you take to the road and head for your destination. Simple. Right? Everyone has done it and can relate to it.

You pay for your gas by choosing credit card, debit card or cash depending on the choice you make about your options, Then you head off into the traffic and drive to the mall, pick up the kids, stop at the drug store, collect your grandmother, head for a restaurant, drive to work etc etc. All the while you're checking your schedule, looking at the road and the cars around you, thinking about your next move, keeping an eye on your phone, thinking up a text message, planning the evening meal, figuring out your quickest route and countless other decisions which need to be made. Subsequently you get to your destination and hopefully in one piece.

So what does this have to do with energy, your life and your part in it. Answer – everything.

Let's just back up to the gas pump for a moment and see what's going on in a little more detail while also taking more time to consider something so automatic that you scarcely give it any thought. Firstly you decide to put gas in your car. It's an obvious statement but in truth you have to make the choice concerning energy exchange Your mind tells you that you are low on gas and so you chose to exchange one form of energy for another. You pay money (energy) and convert it into the gas ( energy )which sits in your tank. You didn't transform anything yourself per se but you did cause the energy in your experience to change by virtue of your choice – the application of your mental energy.

So, you have gas in your tank and you're ready to go. The energy exchange has taken place and you are ready to put your plan into action, whatever that may be for that point on your journey. You fire up the engine and prepare to move off. So what's happening in actuality? What potential is there which you have created and are just about to exert your will over?

Imagine the fuel which you have just put in your tank as being pure energy which has no other purpose in life than to serve you. Because this is actually true. It's energy which you have gathered to you so that it can respond to your command. Try to see it as a glittering substance which has millions of tiny stars in it and just sitting in your vehicle while waiting for you to command it to do something for you. Starting the engine sets that process in motion where the energy in the tank flows to another energetic transformer which then converts the sparkling gas into rotary motion. As soon as you press a few levers it transfers this spinning energy to the wheels which then begin turning.

The wheels are fastened to the body of your car ( another energetic form ) and you are sat within this encapsulating energy field. The wheels turn as a result of the energy from the engine having converted the energy of the gas and you are propelled as an energy being through one point in space and time to another. Your choice to instruct your vehicle is the way in which you command the energy to act for you. In doing so you change the situation of your energetic body by moving it through other energetic circumstances until you meet up with the one which you have visualised. All this was done by you; simply through manipulating energy. Nothing else was involved apart from the energy of thought.

So, just for a moment, try to see the entire scene of your car at the gas pump in terms of energy. There is the gas in the pump just bursting with energy, the money in your pocket or purse doing the same and your vehicle glowing with energy devices many of which can transform one kind of energy to another. You sit encapsulated in your car and exist within a space/time energy experience while your thought energy acts to change it. In so doing you move through successive space/time experiences until the one which you eventually end up changing things to, matches what you had chosen it to. You caused all this to happen simply by the power of your mind. Putting your foot on the gas pedal caused an energy transformation just the same as when you transformed your money into gas. It's all energy manipulation and you're doing it.

So, this is what you need to consider. On the trip to wherever you were heading for, while working your magic to transform the energy, the thoughts which were necessary to achieve what you did were all planned – right? You had an idea and this unfolded in a succession of energy conversions which got you to your destination while changing your successive experiences en route.

You thought about paying for the gas, putting your receipt away, checking your purse/wallet was safe, whether grandma was still sat in the back and hadn't gone wandering off again, what the weather was doing, how bad the traffic was, how the time was doing, if you needed to stop somewhere else on the way, if you needed to make a call and so on. All of this was left-brain energy and all of it was logic. From the time you put the gas ( energy ) into the tank and set off on your journey, your right brain sat totally silent and looking out of the window. None of its energy got involved in any of these processes. Your energy exchanges were running according to a program which might as well have come from a robot. This robot is who you have become.

All the decisions you made, all the choices you put into action, all the calculations you processed along the route, all the monitoring you did, all the planning of calls you wanted to make or messages you needed to send came out of your left brain. Your logic centre, Your energy store of pre-programming. And let's not forget all the unconscious actions like turning the wheel, deciding when to indicate, when to slow down, speed up, change lanes, stop, pull away, operate the windshield wipers, turn on the radio and countless other things which you have learned to do. More specifically, which your left brain has learned how to do without you needing to pay attention to giving it specific ( conscious ) instructions. Your left-brain 'thought' energy acts to accede to your will by converting accumulated energy while propelling your energetic body through space and time. Your right brain just goes along for the ride and does nothing. It can do something but you won't let it. So it just sits there unused and forgotten about.

Logic gets you to where you want to go/need to go/are compelled to go/are committed to go and this satisfies you in the main because it's what you have come to accept as a contributory factor to living a fulfilled life. Hmmmm. Let's rewind a moment.

You're back at the gas station and sat in your vehicle. This amazing energy field which surrounds you and is completely at your command is bursting with unfulfilled potential. It's your energy ship where you are the captain. And what do you do with this miracle of energy conversion? You double left click a program and the application starts which then propels you automatically through space time and into another experience. Your psychokinetic powers transport your energetic body to the drug store so that you can buy something strong to slow your computer program down in order that you can get away from the damn thing because you can't find the OFF switch!

Next to you at the gas pump is another energetic body sat in her potentially charged energetic capsule but she is able to/has the good sense and awareness to turn her left brain off. Right at the same time as you are engaging your warp drive -must-get-to-pick-the-baby-up-from-the-child-minder- program, she is deciding what would be nice to do next. Something which would bring balance into her life and make her feel better after having made other choices which proved to be draining. What would happen if you followed her example and for once, let your left brain sit in neutral while your right brain dreamed up somewhere nice to go for a change.

All that sparkling energy in the tank could flow into your energy converter, at your command, and then move the energy sphere of your car ( with you encapsulated in it ) to a destination experience in space and time which actually might make you happy. You may well end up on a high vantage point overlooking the landscape in an energy situation which resonated with how you sensed the need to feel. Your right brain energy, having been allowed to influence your choices, could have transformed your situation into something much more beneficial had it been given the opportunity to slide out from under the oppression of the totally dominant left brain – which has been conditioned to be that way but over which you have complete control.

It's your choice to let it run your life. No one else has the power to make you use it or not but remember this. Your left brain knows nothing of love. The energy of love does not resonate in your left brain – only logic. Your left brain is an organic calculator and it runs your life because you let it You have believed that it's the way to find happiness where, by the process of deduction and elimination, you transform energy on your way to Nirvana. Think again – or preferably not!

What happens when your energy experiences don't live up to your dreams and expectations? What happens when life doesn't turn out the way that you want it to/expect it to/are conditioned to believe it ought to/how others told you it ought to? How do you fix your broken relationship/your ailing health/your poor financial situation/your lack of love/lack of self respect/lack of self worth when logic doesn't come up with the answers?

Simple. You start having panic attacks, have a nervous breakdown, start drinking or taking drugs. And this does what? They all attempts to resolve the disharmonious energies which you have created for yourself by virtue of far too many irreconcilable logical choices. Drugs and alcohol are just other forms of energy which you choose to incorporate into your experience in order to balance up the lack of right brain input into your choice making processes.

Nervous breakdowns and panic attacks, plus many other illnesses, are created to achieve the same thing. It's all energy. If you continuously devolve the responsibility of using your psychokinetic powers to a mental program then you have to expect highly flawed results. Why? Because you leave out the most vital part of the equation which no program can ever accommodate – the energy of love.

You sit alongside the gas pump in a highly charged energetic situation with all the potential of your choices at your fingertips and what do you do? Never once do you consider bringing love into that situation and seeing where it takes you. Why is this? Where is the problem? Has your life turned out perfectly as a result of excluding this most precious of all energies? Where does the energy of love fit in to the exercising of your incredible psychokinetic gift? From the moment you turn the engine on so as to start the energy conversion process, which will move your energetic body through space and time to any point you desire, you give up control of it to a robot! Is this sane? Or even wise?

Last time we learned about believing versus feeling. Well we are continuing in the same vane. You need to give up believing what's right for you and start feeling what's right for you. Feeling is simply getting in touch with a sympathetic resonance which lets you know when things/situations/relationships etc are right for you. If it feels right then it's what's best for you. No one else can do it for you and frankly most people around you don't have a clue what you're talking about if you were to discuss it with them. It's a solo trip which means going very much against what you were taught and how you have been programmed. To get to the place where you feel good about being, while accepting whatever those circumstances may present themselves as at that point, then it's essentially a uniquely personal journey.

The energy which you are, what you attract to you and which you choose to use in the way which is most beneficial to you is unlike that of anyone else. The colloquial term is 'individuality' which is simply a shorthand reference to the vibrational quality of your energy. You will surely attract others who exhibit a similar energy to yours and in so doing you will experience a peacefulness unlike that which you have found elsewhere. Will Smith is quoted as saying – Don't chase other people – just be the best expression of your true self that you can possibly be and you will attract those people into your life who you are happiest being with. He is talking about energy and vibration.

When you next get into your car then take a moment before starting the engine to not think. Just sit while visualising the energy potential all around which you have at your command as well as appreciating the powerful energetic being that you are. Take a moment to feel whether what you are about to do will bring you greater happiness/will uplift you an any way/will improve the quality of your life/will simply be fun/will be something that you genuinely enjoy doing or is it just being done to fulfil a need. To satisfy a means to an end because you have to do it.

You may well find that you decide to make the journey as planned but at least you'll have started to allow your right brain the opportunity to get used the fact that it can actually step forward with inspiring ideas. Slowly but surely you will learn to listen to them and on the odd occasion you may surprise yourself with a choice which seems much more appealing than the one you set out with. Each of these new choices will lead you on to a different path and away from the madness created by pure left-brain thinking. Nothing good will ever come of this.

The greatest thinker of all time stated that – a problem cannot be solved from the same level as that which it was created. In other words, if you want to rise above your problems then start by changing the way in which you use your energy. As often as you possibly can, bring the energy of love into play when making your choices. This will raise the vibration of everything you do where solutions to any unwanted situation will start appearing in your life. After years of conditioning this is not easy to do but you have to start somewhere. Each journey starts with the first step but when it comes to the subject of making wiser choices for using your psychokinetic powers then the first step is to feel. Before acting on anything then feel if it's right for you. If it isn't, then don't do it. Why should you? The greatest gift, next to that of life itself, is free will. Use it while deciding that happiness is your absolute right and well within your power to achieve. The only thing which you ever need to become successful in this endeavour is the awareness of your abilities and the wisdom to guide your choices.

So what happens when you put your foot down on the gas pedal of your relationship because it isn't moving fast enough for your liking? What happens when you make an unscheduled left turn with your finances without indicating to those around you that you're going to do it and the wondering why they show their annoyance? What comes of braking suddenly because you don't want to get caught up in the mess of family dispute which you didn't recognise the potential to occur because you were too busy thinking about something else, or texting on your new tablet. Why is it that your passengers get upset when you talk on the phone while not paying attention to your journey and putting everyone's lives at risk? Is this how you show them you love them?

Where is love at work in any of these situations? You conduct and control your energy day in day out from the command centre of your left brain and then wonder why things so often go pear shaped. Why is this? Do you not see what you're doing? 

Let me just add this for your consideration. I'm not asking you to believe it, I simply want you to feel how it sits with you.

For centuries past, mankind has existed in a density where thoughts have had to be deliberately and continuously focused in order to manifest the intention. The human mind is akin to a grasshopper where it flits irrationally from one thing to another and lays prone to the demands of the emotional body. Imagine if you will that we had lived in an energy circumstance where all thoughts manifested instantly. The consequences don't bear thinking about. There had to be some kind of dampening if we weren't to destroy ourselves. The reason for this energy attenuation was that our awareness of our responsibilities had not evolved sufficiently.

This is all changing now as is the need to regulate the manifestation of intent. We have gradually moved into a new energy paradigm where many more things are possible for us; but we have to assume the responsibility to use this gift wisely. If we perpetuate the habits of even a decade ago then we are doomed to reap the same rewards – only quicker! We are energy converters and manipulators who have the ability to create through our thoughts and feelings. If we continue to evolve by virtue of our 'left-brain-only' conditioning then you cannot expect to enjoy the fruits which this incredibly wonderful life has to offer. Everything must balance. Energies must resonate with each other so as to bring harmony and joy.

Anyone who has bought a piano knows full well that it needs tuning as soon as it has settled in to its new environment. All the strings need to vibrate in harmony and to a common scale so as to sound good. That scale doesn't necessarily have to correspond to concert pitch as long as the notes and chords compliment each other. It's simply energy working in harmony which then creates the joyful effect on you which it does.

An orchestra or band will tune up before playing together so as to give their best and most impressive performance. You receive those harmonious and complimentary energies by virtue of the individual player's awareness of how they interact. Musicians know how to spend time tuning their instruments accurately and consciously choose to do so. Why is this same principal not applied to all life when everything is ENERGY! It doesn't make sense! And we wonder why life is so disharmonious!

Where is your awareness when you are driving your car and where is it when you are steering your relationships with friends, children, partners or lovers? They are all energy interactions where the common 'pitch' is LOVE. If things aren't guided to resonate then nothing works for the best and happiness becomes just an unattainable dream.

But this is the crucial part to understand. Everything does have a natural resonance and you have the ability to find it. Whatever aspect of your personal life is concerned then you have the skills to fine tune it to the degree that it brings you the greatest happiness that you can achieve. The journey in your car is all about your choices to manipulate the energy of your circumstance so as to get you to where you want to go. If that need is governed solely by the left-brain dominated choices then happiness is never factored into the calculation. If you want to live a left-brained life then go to bed with your iPhone and cuddle up to it on a cold winter's night when the battery is dead. The emptiness of eternity will come to sit on the end of your bed and watch with fascination if need some company.

Let the energy of love start flowing into your life and forget about not sharing it because others around you don't. It's a crazy way to think. It's also just as blinkered to consider that if you start to factor in love to your choice-making then somehow this diminishes or weakens you as a person. How can it possibly do anything other than make you stronger by moving you more firmly in the direction of your ultimate happiness. Do not give in to the fear of what might happen if you choose the path of compassionate love.

It will ultimately lead to you where you need to go and not where you think that you have to go. There is a big difference which your left brain will argue in favour of its preferred route until you tell it quite firmly who is the boss. Left-brain activities are important but must be integrated with the creative initiatives of the right brain energy. Together they are powerful but by using just one of them to get you through life then its exactly the same as nailing one foot to the floor. You simply go around in circles. Does this ring any bells for you? I hope it does. 

So, on one of the less demanding times when you get into your car and prepare to drive off on your chosen journey, just take a moment to imagine the vision which I've created of the energy potential which you are surrounded by and which you are an integral and controlling part of. Will you choose to let love guide you on that occasion and so direct the energy towards taking you in the direction of discovering your ultimate happiness? Probably not. But at least you will have started to consider the possibility that it could happen whenever you choose to allow yourself the opportunity. Also you will be incrementally expanding your awareness while opening your mind to the potential of your ability to create the change which you so long for. This will constitute your first steps to moving your life in the direction of a pathway which you have never before considered possible or even existed.

From the moment you set out on this pathway then make certain to keep checking your rear view mirror for any signs of fast approaching miracles. They will be surely speeding to catch up with you and very soon they will overtake you. Then there will be no need to look back ever again.


Next time we'll look further into how this new way of manipulating energy can change not only your personal world but the world in general. You know - Simple stuff like that :)

With love and light as always



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