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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Cat, the TV and You

Help Through Our Changing Times

Part 11

Dear Fellow Traveler,

In the last episode of this series we looked at energy and what part crystals can play in helping you to gain a better understanding of how things work. I hope that you have had a chance to experiment for yourself or are at least giving the idea some thought in your quiet times or when you meditate.

In this lesson I want to expand on the whole subject of your part in manipulating energy whether you are conscious of it or not. To this end, I want to engage your imagination so as to help in not only visualizing what I want you to become much more aware of, but to actually 'feel' it as well. After all, feelings are simply another manifestation of energy which then creates a certain aspect to the dimension of your experience.

At the moment, these may appear to be merely words and I understand, so let's look a little deeper into things if you are prepared to take a step forward and through a door which may have been closed to you up to this point on your journey.

Imagine an empty room in your home. It could be your present home or another one which you have fond memories of. In this room there is a TV which has been left on and the only living soul who is aware of it is a cat. On the channel which the TV has been left set to, there is a suspense thriller playing out. It's now got to the part where things are getting very scary and the music is going crazy while the victim is screaming so loud that it can be heard a block away. The cat looks on while being fascinated by all the moving images but is only actually trying to figure out if there is anything worth chasing or eating. It really doesn't care about anything else.

Just as the scene builds to a deafening crescendo, you walk in the room and the cat looks around to see what's going on; as it might be more interesting than what's on TV. You see the scene and instantly react or maybe you ignore it to a certain degree. Maybe someone else with you doesn't and then you get caught up in the drama while the cat could care less.

Conversely, the cat could have been watching a Disney movie or a nature program with some attractive scenes but it's motivation would have been the same as watching the suspense program. Your reaction on coming into the room would have been different but nonetheless you would have had some sort of feelings about what was going on if you decided to pay attention to it.

Now, lets look at what's really happening. Let's go behind the TV and see that there is actually nothing there apart from a bunch of wires coming into it. So where exactly is all the stuff that you see on the screen? How does it get there and are the people and animals real? How can they be when they aren't actually inside the TV? make them real. You believe they are real because that's what you have been conditioned to believe. It's simply one way that you have been led to gather energy and then use it. The cat, on the other hand, hasn't been conditioned in this way and so it disregards most everything which is going on. You come into the room and the cat sees you as being real but to the cat the TV is just meaningless colorful moving images in its feline world. It has no emotions towards it one way or another.

What comes through the TV cable is energy. Nothing else. Inside the TV is s bunch of silicon and copper which has been programmed to turn the incoming energy into moving images of light. That's all it is. Light energy that has been converted from electrical energy but it's all just electromagnetic energy at the end of the day. To your eye it's reality and you react according to how you have been conditioned, but really, all that's happening is that you are putting a value on the light energy and then feeling something as as result. The cat doesn't. It's more interested in you, its immediate world and its continued comfortable survival. So why aren't you? What's the difference between you and the cat?

You could argue that humans are more intelligent than animals and yet, they don't believe that moving light images created by a bunch of silicon and wires is anything to get all worked up about. The cat is not affected by the energy but you are. If you follow the intelligence argument to justify your reactions then it must surely follow that your mind is totally responsible for interpreting the light energy which comes at you. Not only that but the sound energy too. It's all just energy but you firstly have the choice of how to process that energy and then you have the choice of how to react to what you have decided that it means to you.

The whole world around you is composed of energy which you are reacting to each and every moment of your life. Your intellect chooses to determine the quality of that energy and then you react to it in ways which are very often rooted in your unconscious through years of conditioning.

The turn of the eras from one to another has brought with it a revelation. It has been the end of time but not as it has been heralded by the media and other sources. Now is the time when we are able to see things more clearly. We have woken up, but in so doing we are confused. Why? Because we have been so used to simply reacting to familiar energies coming at us that we don't know how to react in any other way. Or so we think.

For confirmation of this then go back to the room and sit with the cat while feeling what it's like to watch the TV through the eyes of an animal. Remember while doing this that the cat is also very aware of its surroundings at all times and so the TV is not its sole focus of attention by any means. The moving images and sound do not draw it in, especially the sound. So, let's turn the sound off. How scary is the movie now? How much do you feel the urge to hear what's being said and to hear the screams. Or should I more accurately say, the converted energy of the screams which have been created in a studio and never really happened in real life? Would you have the same reaction now?

No, of course not. So why do you get so wrapped up in it? You turn the sound off and things change. So then, what if you were to apply this to your life and then take a step back while assessing how things looked from a different perspective. Try seeing the world through the eyes of a cat while appreciating the magic which is all around you and not the distorted, contrived, manipulating energy which comes racing at you each day. Practice holding the energy of your attention at bay until you have had a chance to really appreciate just what an effect it is having on you but, more importantly, getting to appreciate whether you want it to influence you in the way that it has been designed to – and I do mean 'designed' to.

You are constantly being manipulated by a world which wants you to consume. You are a fully fledged consumer where energy is the common commodity. It's time to take back control of your own energy and to fully understand that you have the ability to discriminate between beneficial and non-beneficial energies. In so doing you then get to decide, in a more conscious process, which you wish to influence you and which you don't. In this way you will be creating a new way of beginning to see things as they really are and in doing so you will emerge out from under the influence of others who want to impose their will on you. Taking control bit by bit will launch you onto the pathway of finding your true self where, having done so, no one will have any control over you from that point on. You will be able to view the TV in the same way as the cat but, if you choose to go for a scary ride or a pleasant and exciting one, then you can do so in the consciousness of appreciating that it's for your entertainment only where your feelings are completely under your control.

It's time to get off the ride that we have been on for so long as the game is up. We have been given the ability to see what's truly going on as we were shifted out of the darkness on 12/21/2012. This was the true miracle but we just don't see it as yet. We will become increasingly aware as time progresses but right now we need something to point the way as the new dawn breaks in earnest.

Don't be disheartened by what has apparently not happened. What actually did happen was far far greater and much more wonderful than anything that we could have imagined or hoped for. We are awake and we have a new way of living which is simply waiting for us to take advantage of it if only we will step through the door and into a new world of our creating. Energy is the key. Controlling our energy and how it affects us is the way to find the lock.

In love and light as always


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