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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Little Assistance from A Friend

Help Through Our Changing Times

Part 10

Dear Fellow Traveler,

In all my advice to you, over the past several blogs, I have been encouraging you to do things for yourself in the way of putting into practice certain intentions while adopting a specific attitude towards your life's journey. This has been with the underlying purpose of helping you to create a brighter and happier future as we navigate our somewhat hesitant and uncertain way forward into the next era of lighter and more refined earthly energies.

      In this respect we have been looking at the whole aspect of energy and how to deal with what is coming at us in these changing times. However, I'm all too aware that many people, you may be one of them, sometimes need a little more than something ethereal when it comes to handling tough situations; or even just remaining centered so as to put all the positive and affirming energy necessary into whatever intention is considered appropriate. We are all physical and tactile beings where, quite often, it's very comforting to have something reassuring to hang on to.

      What I want to talk about in this episode is very much concerned with energy but involves something which is present in our world that is very much misunderstood or, very often, not understood at all.

      To paraphrase Omnia as she has stressed to us all so many times, we so readily give our energy away to so many things without being conscious that we're doing it. She has reminded us time and time again that we must all be constantly aware of how our energy is being 'qualified' in the way that we send it out into the world where it creates our experiences. Energy is very powerful and 'we' are very powerful but we so often give up the lion's share of our power without being conscious that we're doing it. This has to change and it has to change right now.

      Just to clarify this, I would add that when I say 'qualify' I'm referring to the fact that all energy is neutral. It's you who puts the bias on it by how you use it. If you choose to project it in a non-beneficial way then that's what you will create as your experience. What you give out is what you get back. It's only energy returning to you with the same 'quality' with which you sent it out into the world. I was taught early on in my career that 'what's within, surrounds you' which is just another way of expressing how you use your energy.

      So, after all that we've looked at in my series on energy I trust that you are really beginning to see just how important it is in shaping your life. Life IS energy !!! How we use it is what we create. No exceptions !!

      With all that's happening for us and to us at this time, then there is a big shift in the energy field. An even bigger shift is now in the process of unfolding and will continue to do so as we move ever closer to the golden age. This new energy is less dense than that we have previously experienced and will be much less tolerant of the extremes which humanity has qualified it with. Duality will gradually fall away but we have to adjust to these new influences that we will experience. Staying balanced will be even more important than it is now and so, like every good mariner, we need a little compass to steer by.

      So what could be something which we could keep close by in our everyday lives which would help us respond in a beneficial way to how our intentions and energies are influencing what we experience and project. The answer is a crystal.

      A polished single point flawless clear crystal is a pure silicon powerhouse in miniature and has the amazing ability to respond to and direct any energy which it comes into contact with. In case you are of a mind that doubts the capability of this unassuming little member of our mineral world, then let me tell you that the ancient Atlanteans were reported to have the ability to transmit electricity via crystals and that's how they powered their cities. Crystals played a very important role in the whole of Atlantean society where they were used for very many things including healing practices. The two main giant crystals, which sat in the heart of the grand temple, are now lying at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean but are still active. As such, they have given rise to the current day mystery which we know as the Bermuda triangle where completely unexplainable things have happened to ships and planes. DO NOT underestimate the power of crystals. Crystals, however small, are wonderful little devices and can provide you with much needed help whenever you feel yourself getting 'off course'. They respond to energy instantly but you have to be just as aware as to what you're doing with them in the same way as using and directing your own energy.

      The whole subject of crystals is vast and far too much to go into in any great depth in this episode but just let me just cover a few important points and then tell you what has developed since I wrote my last episode of navigating through these challenging times.

      One of the capabilities of a crystal is to gather energy and redirect it. This can have many advantages even if you only keep it in your bedroom and never think about it. Sea salt absorbs the negative energies around you and has been known for aeons to be a great protector but crystals do the same thing and don't ever wear out or need replacing. Creating a crystal 'grid' in your bedroom will help you experience refreshing sleep by deflecting otherwise disruptive energies which would negatively impact you. Wearing a 'charged' crystal necklace will help keep you balanced as long as you stay conscious of what you are doing with your energies.

      In the early days of my challenging Omnia, she used to give away crystals so that people could have them as a physical reminder of her energy. This was her way of helping to maintain that special connection while having charged each piece with a pure energy that would then serve as a compass for the individual. I'm delighted to tell you that this has now happened again.

      In a very special and sacred private session with a dear friend of mine, Omnia brought in some very special Pleiadean energy which has been placed into crystals that are specifically intended to help those who have them, navigate a more sure-footed way forward. She wants to help in the same way as before but this time the energies which have come through are much more in keeping with the new energies which we are moving into.

     Even without this energy, a crystal is still very valuable to you but to have one charged with an energy that has not been influenced at all by our earthly experience then this is something very special. The idea is to keep your crystal close by as much as practically possible and to use it as a reminder that you need to bring your attention to your emotions and how they are influencing your energy 'qualification'. You will still be responsible for your choices in this respect but your crystal will serve to act very much like a 'tuning fork' if you but listen with the correct attitude of mind. Just taking time out for even a few seconds to become conscious of your crystal, of your mood and what influence your crystal may be having on it, will help you find your way forward into making choices which are more helpful to you; even if they may not make any sense at the time.

    You can even ask your crystal questions. By suspending it from something slender then, by just keeping absolutely still, you can see in which direction it begins to rotate when you ask the question about something which you need to know. This takes a little practice but the crystal will always respond. Try it with any crystal if you've never done this before. You will be amazed.

     Just to give you a little more clarification on the whole subject then let me bring your attention to the aspect of homoeopathy. Bear in mind while reading this, that 'everything' is energy. Water is an incredible source of energy as born out by the fact that without it then no life on earth would exist. But water can be easily influenced as can be seen by the way that the homoeopathic practitioner dilutes his or her medicinal formulation to the point that the original influencing source is no longer present – but the water 'remembers' the energy of the substance as though it was still there. Drinking the water transfers that energy into the body – which is roughly 90% water – and so the influence is integrated into the patient. Consequently it has its desired effect even though it's almost pure water that's being ingested. Whatever you may feel about this particular subject there is no denying that to have survived this long then there must be a certain level of validity that can be attached to the practice.

    In the same way that water remembers energy then silicon does the same – and more. Silicon is the most common mineral on the planet just as water is the most extensive covering aspect of the planet's surface. If you doubt the power of silicon then take note of what's making it possible for you to read my words at this moment in time. Everything that you are seeing is as a result of silicon's amazing ability to manipulate energy. No silicon – no computers or Internet. No iPhones no Facetime !

     So, I hope that this has at least stimulated your interest in crystals. Right now we are all facing challenges in numerous ways and to varying to degrees but there is no one who doesn't have to
deal with at least one major issue in their life. Anything which helps us find our way successfully through the maze is welcomed but always keep in mind that our choices are what determines how life unfolds for us. Crystals are a tool which comes to our aid just a telephone helps us communicate over distance. What we say in the process of that communication is up to us. We are always in charge of the energy.

     Please bear in mind, as much as you possibly can, that we are in a time of great change and that to go with the flow in the least resistant way that you feel able to, will always be the most beneficial thing to do. Give up the need to control while simply allowing the old energies to be swept away in a process which can sometimes seem as though the world around you is going completely crazy. Stay centered in yourself while always remembering what a powerful being you truly are. Take charge of your life by making positively affirming intentions which continuously lift you out of the lower vibrations. Choose love above everything else in whatever situation you find yourself. Use your crystal to bring yourself back into a state of love whenever you feel that you have moved away from that calm and confident state of being. Love is the energy of the Universe and you are a child of the stars. You know how to create a wonderful life, you just have to remember that's all.

In love and light as always



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