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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rest is Essential as we Approach Dec 21st

Help Through our Changing Times

Part 1

Hi Everyone,

        We have just passed the fall equinox, so we are officially in the big count down to the Winter Solstice, Dec 21, 2012. As I listen to the things that are going on in my clients’ lives, which are also mirrored in my own life, I can't help but be increasingly aware of what an incredibly challenging time we are going through.

        Omnia used to warn us about such things as the changes in our sleep patterns and I hear this coming up again and again from my clients. There is such a general feeling of tiredness among everyone no matter what age or state of health. Many are waking around 4 in the morning. This is often the time that we are returned to our bodies from nightly learning experiences and conferences with our guides and teachers. If you truly can't get back to sleep it’s an excellent time to journal because you are just freshly back from your teachers and what you have been learning will be within you , even if you don't remember it.

        My advice, in this circumstance, is always that the important thing is to remember that your physical body still needs rest so it’s important to get back to sleep as soon as you possibly can. Using meditation is a great way to calm the energies of both your mind and body thus allowing sleep to naturally return. One of the things I am recommending is that you also find the time to take 20 minute naps during the day. This can help to restore your chi as well as helping you to maintain your physical and emotional balance.

        As we move into this new vibration we will need to be flexible, as much as humanly possible. Values of the past are quickly changing and so we need to adapt, sometimes it can seem that we need to do this almost moment by moment. In this respect it’s extremely important that we live more consciously and above all that we take the time to listen very carefully to the voice of our infallible intuition so that we follow the truly magical urgings of our swiftly awakening hearts.

        Over countless past decades we, and many generations before us, have been living unconsciously. We have been taught ‘what’ to think but not ‘how’ to think. Society has led us to believe that there has been no need to think as everything will be provided for us. So, we get the latest fad because everyone else does. We cling to beliefs which have apparently worked well for our parents only to discover that they are no longer helpful in these changing times. We have lived conservatively for the stated sake of our safety but everything which we are now experiencing is not supported by much of what we have been taught. Now, we are being challenged to be courageous – but just how do we go about doing this? Nothing seems to have prepared us for what life continually brings us at this present time.

        Omnia reminds us that we are in a time of constant change and upheaval and that we are all going through these changes with everyone else who shares in this experience on this planet at this time. Her advice to all of us is that we must not look for or expect things to remain static and stable as we race towards the end times. We must change so as to be as flexible as possible while the process of your future unfolds before you.

A Quote from Omnia on the DRAMA OF LIFE

        What happens to you, is that you begin to take life seriously……you begin to take the body seriously with all of its aches and pains, and you begin to take life seriously in all its little melodramas. The soul in you cries out for the oneness that you come from, because what you’ve all come from is love……..a oneness, a unique communion with each other, beyond words, beyond the physical body. 

        You look for it in the material world, when the nature of the material world is constant change.  So forgive yourself and look around at each other and you know what you will see? You will see others that are searching for the same things you are searching for….searching for the same love……searching for the same oneness

        How true this is but, in saying all of this, I have become increasingly aware that all of you are finding the many challenges to be of a nature which oftentimes can be overwhelming. This is completely understandable where I can appreciate the confusion which so often accompanies these turbulent times. 

        As a result of this I have been developing a kind of spiritual ‘rescue package’ which can be used to help navigate the turbulent waters of this highly intense and disruptive period. Within it I encourage the freeing of your spirit so as to allow the energies of the new dimension to merge as smoothly as possible with the quickly emerging ‘true’ you. 

        I have come to realize that this advice cannot easily be absorbed via the written word so I am making more time to accommodate those of you who would like to contact me personally for guidance. In this respect I am happy to let you know that I can be available for telephone consultations if you feel that this will be helpful to you. Please feel free to call me on 828-252-7573 and we can set a time that works for both of us.

In Love and Light


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