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Friday, July 15, 2011

Mary's Special Blog for July

Into A New Adventure

*** This is YOUR Time ***

Dear Cosmic Friends,

First of all I want to thank those of you who took the time to send prayers and warmest wishes during these challenging times. Your messages really touched my heart. It was humbling to hear how many of you have been following my work since the 80’s and it is truly encouraging to also hear the kind wishes from some of you who have just found the web site.

Health continues to be an issue for me but I feel very strongly that this last cusp which we are in before 2012 is unlike any other time that we have experienced. So I am awed by those of you who have sent good thoughts my way because I know that there is not one person who reads these words who is not faced with major challenges (notice the plural) of their own.

Many of us are being asked to change our entire way of thinking, working and relating. If any of this feels familiar then please take a moment to congratulate yourself because you are firmly and surely on your way to fourth dimensional consciousness. The Rapture, the Ascension, no matter what you label it, you have elevated yourself spiritually. The wonderful Beings who called me to write these words to you tonight, want you to take some time to realize that you are at a point in your spiritual evolution that deserves a cheer. Take a well deserved bow and then just take a few moments to remove your attention from those habits that still need to be cleaned up while focusing it firmly on the amazing Being that you are. The Spiritual Seeker.

They want me to remind you that each of you started in some organized religion, or perhaps with no spiritual values at all, yet somehow you rebelled. You followed that call of your Soul to seek out Cosmic Truth and to align yourself with the Light.

Even getting these words to you has been a challenge. The first thing that happened is that Microsoft Word would not work in my computer so I couldn’t even begin to type this message. It wouldn’t work even though I had been using it without a glitch right up until yesterday. Then it was gone and gave me nothing but error messages! I looked at the clock, it was 6:00 pm. The person who I knew could fix this in a heartbeat lives in England. It was 11:00 pm his time and as I felt his energy I knew that today had been a tiring one. I also wasn’t even sure that he wanted to talk to me or anyone else for that matter as he likes to be left alone when he is working on a spiritual project.

The Force from Spirit was so strong to get these words out to you NOW! that it compelled me to put aside all personal doubts, even the doubt of speaking for them so I called. No problem, it was fixed and these words flowed into my computer unimpeded and now they are flowing out to you. I took my own advice and followed what I felt to be the right thing to do. There are so many people writing their opinions or channellings about these times so why not one more? So once the computer hurdle was cleared I then had to deal with my own ego and the desire not to appear foolish or crazy.

The Energy which surrounded me was Irresistible. I felt the Presence of three Beings, one of who I’m certain was Omnia, but as I tried to figure out how many, and exactly who, they pushed me back with a powerful united shove. They considered their message more important than their identity.

Their message is this. They want you to wake up and remember who you are, especially in these difficult times. You are warriors. You are evolved souls who have brought yourself along against public opinion and even family support in some cases. You have sought for the truth and you have found that truth in your own hearts, whether or not you are aware of it. If you are reading these words then they have directed you here so that you will know who you are.

You now walk to a different beat of the drummer because you are ahead of the pack. I don’t mean to speak in a spiritually arrogant way, even though it may come across as my seeming to do so. Believe me, as I write these words I sound very unlike myself, which is how I know that it is the Beings who speak them.

We are an Army of Light and we are bringing in Heaven on Earth, or as the Hindu’s say, OM Shanti Shanti Shanti! Or to quote the Christ “As Above, so Below” Each of you has a unique creative talent. It may be in any area of your life. The biggest clue to finding it is to search for those activities which bring forth the passion of your heart. It must be your joy, your bliss and it must be something that you would love to do even if you were never known for doing it well or if you were never paid any money to do it.

There is an energy which tries to prevent you from finding that passion but fear not, for it is of your own creation. It can come from childhood fears, or low self esteem, or guilt and shame but it is a useless waste of time to look for the source. Take your attention away from your fears and failures while putting it firmly on your talent. The time to just sit on the fence while watching the battle is over. We need every soldier, NOW!

These Beings also want you to know that you are totally supported in every way, including financially, socially and physically but if you have fear in any one of these areas you will be facing it now. The fears of being bound have no place in Heaven. When you evolve into the Light you will be fearless, empowered and radiating love.

These Beings will speak to you more often, now that my health is improving. They have a lot to say but for tonight they want us all to remember who we are.

When you have a few moments

Stand in front of a mirror

Take enough deep breaths to calm you down

Relax your body as much as you can and look into your eyes

Say (aloud of possible)

I AM A Warrior of the Light

I AM an Expression and Manifestation of the Light on Earth

I Claim this Realm and this Dimension for the Light

Without Exception

I Join My Brothers and Sisters in Manifesting the Light

Together, we are the Light of the World!

Look deeply into your eyes as you do this exercise. Recognize who you are and why you are here. Once you truly know that, the rest will be easy.

If you have any questions about this process that you would like to ask these Beings, just log into the blog on my website and post them.

I will close with a request from the Beings. They ask that you forward this to any of your friends. They want me to advise you that since you are all evolved souls you will draw to you friends who are also seeking. They do not wish you to pass judgment on your friends in any way either by thinking this will be too far over their heads or it will be too simplistic.

Tonight, as you relax and ponder your evolution in this incarnation, as you see how magnificent you were as you followed your own spiritual search for the truth, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the feelings within your own Being. Allow yourself to be proud of the fact that you are now walking to the beat of a different drummer. Then, while you are in that consciousness, if the name or face of someone close to you draws your attention, just forward them this message.

So here we go - Off on a New Adventure!!!

In Love and Light as always



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Anonymous said...

Mary, Thank you for reminding me of the Real Me. I get so caught up in day to day living that I sometimes forget and let my spiritual gifts lay dormant. These are gifts you help me find so many years ago in Florida. You will always have a VERY special place in my heart. Ken Peterson

Jean Maurie (angelsloveyou) said...

Lovely channeling Mary, thank you ♥♥ Jean Maurie

marypompeo said...

Hi Ken, Of all the people I have met on my journey, you are one whom I would hate to see let his gifts go dormant, especially during these times. I know from my own life and from hearing from so many of my clients that we are being challenged on all levels, pushed right to the wall. Yet I remember Omnia saying years ago, that she observed how remarkable we were and that we all did our greatest growth when our backs were to the wall. We laughed then, I don't think we are laughing so much any more

marypompeo said...

Thanks for your support jean marie. I follow you on face book, so I know you are still guiding many seekers

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