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Friday, April 1, 2011

Mary's Blog for April

My Message to You in these Times of Great Change

Dear Cosmic Friends,

I have heard that some of you were surprised when you didn’t receive March’s Astrology Report. I’m also sure that many of you, who have been part of this community, know that I don’t always get them out on time. It wasn’t until I started to get questions from many of you that I realized I hadn’t written it.

Every now and then I need to get away to be quiet and to meditate and go within. If I don’t take the time to do that then my work suffers. So I was in a stressful time of burnout when miraculously I had a place to stay for a retreat; a whole week to get in touch with my soul, no phones or internet. It was a wonderful and much needed time for peace, creativity and introspection.

During my meditations I was once again able to see the necessity and importance of taking periods of time to just sit and unwind, to step out of the rat race while reconnecting with the gentle rhythms of nature. In doing this for myself I was able to get quiet enough and relaxed enough to really hear that still, quiet voice that remains waiting for any opportunity to be heard. It’s the same divinely inspired voice that eternally resides within all of us. Its wisdom is infallible while its patience is inexhaustible. Life is just so busy that we don’t always take the time to listen but when we do then our guide is ever eager to provide whatever we are in the greatest need to know while always serving our highest good.

People often ask me how they can know if the answers they receive are coming from their heart or coming from their imagination, their mind. There is only one way to be sure. When the quiet voice of your intuition speaks to you then there will be no difficulty in recognizing the truth of what is being said. You may only acknowledge it for a brief moment but within that space of a fleeting heartbeat you will know for certain the truth of what you have heard. For when that truth is present it comes with a peaceful but powerful ‘knowing’ which will settle deeply and reassuringly within your whole being. You will sense a certain ‘rightness’ to it which comes from outside of your thought processes. Your heart will always guide you as it knows the answer to your every question but it takes the courage to still yourself and your mind so as to listen carefully to its wisdom.

So be courageous my beloved brothers and sisters for you are here to bring in the Light, to lift the vibration of yourself and everyone around you, to usher in an age of peace which is why you must be ever more vigilant so as to pay attention to the urgings of your wonderful hearts.

During my quiet times of meditation I recognized my own truth in that I was able to appreciate that I needed to give up all my channeling work. For a while now I have been noticing how much of my energy full trance takes, and while I love you all, I have paid attention to my inner voice which tells me that it is unwise for me to attempt to sustain that level of energetic commitment. For the sake of my health, my physical and mental well being, I am honoring my wise guide which tells me that it is time to set aside my gift which has been of such service to so many for so long. All things have their cycles and rhythms and so it is with great gratitude that I lay down my mantel of full trance channel.

Melissa is busy going through all of the audio records we have of Omnia’s talks as well as posting a thought for the day on her site on Facebook. In this way we can still have access to all the timeless wisdom that is as relevant today as it was whenever she so graciously gifted us with it.

I also have to be honestly aware of how much energy mediumship takes from me, especially when one of the parties is very emotional and I have to be mediator as well as medium. From now on I must consider my health and well being first and foremost while limiting my efforts to situations where I can be of the greatest benefit. I must conserve my resources while still seeking to provide my very best when I am able. In this respect I am will no longer be involved with the search for missing children, or victims of crime, the energy of sadness which surrounds these situations is far too exhausting to work in at my time of life. I will of course continue to do the phone readings, the counseling and teaching that I have done for a great many years now.

I will make an effort to keep up this blog while sharing with you all the directions and spiritual wisdom that is given to me and which is offered so as to assist you in finding your life’s purpose. Part of the information I received during my retreat was that we are now in the countdown approaching 2012. Many things will be happening during these critical times and those wonderful Beings who have guided me for much of my life have things that they want to share with you.

You may not think of yourself as an important part of this transformation, but, if you are reading these words and visiting spiritual sites then please be assured that you and your radiant energy are very important indeed. You are an integral part of the whole and without you and your unique contribution then that whole is incomplete. Your influence is inevitable in being who you are so it is vital that you move towards the peacefulness of your heart’s intent so as to bring the greatest benefit to all of humanity and our wonderful Mother Earth.

We are in a time of great change and one aspect of this new energetic vibration is how it influences me and, consequently, how I approach my work. I know the Astrology report has been well received and I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who were kind enough to take your precious time to write to me and thank me for the monthly guidance. However; if you prefer a monthly astrology site I trust that your Divine guidance will lead you to the one that’s right for you.

In Love and Light as always



Greetings Light Warriors

You have taken incarnation at this time in order to contribute your energy and assist in raising the planet from third vibrational consciousness to fourth. Many of you have been under the misconception that in order to be helpful you have to bring about changes in a public way such as teaching, healing, or offering spiritual communication. However, this is simply not the case. What lifts the planet in vibration is the energy of joy and love. The happier you are then the higher the vibration gets where just one very happy person touches the vibrational fields of all who are within a 30 mile radius. So you see, even in the quiet of your home you will be assisting the Masters, Teachers and Guides to bring about a World of Peace and Love just by moving into the vibration of your greatest joy.

The first step in this process is to search your own life and find what makes you the happiest. That special circumstance that when you are engaged in it then you forget about time, you may even forget to eat and it makes you so happy that you forget your worldly concerns. We will call this your Bliss.

Often when I have discussed this in workshops I have given then I get the response of “well I think I know what it is, but how can I make any money at it?” Another question is “I know what it is but I may not be very good at it. I’ve tried but the world doesn’t notice me.” Remember it’s not important for you to get famous or even for anyone to like or even notice what you are doing. It is only important that you enjoy it.

When the Light Beings spoke about this, they emphasized that the important thing is first to find what your bliss is. Once you have found it then begin to perfect it to the very best of your ability and then practice it as often as you are able to. Do it for no other reason than it’s purely fun to do and that you enjoy doing it with all your heart. Allow yourself to get thoroughly lost in it while letting the world go by without you.

They want to remind you that finding your true bliss may be a process of trial and error but not to worry if it takes you a little while to discover. Just keep thinking of all the fun that you can have along the way! I appreciate that you may be in a situation where your needs are not always the first to be considered so you may have to be creative in addressing your own time and space requirements. You may be taking care of aging parents or you may be a parent yourself. If you are married then you may often have to take your spouses needs and desires into consideration. So you probably aren’t used to putting yourself first but to be successful at achieving this state of being then it’s important to persevere. Here are some questions that are suggested which will help you find your way to realizing your ultimate bliss.

  1. If I had all the money in the world and all the time in the world, what would I do?
  2. What activities or subjects do I find myself drawn to again and again?
  3. What things have people told me that I am good at?
  4. What am I passionate about?

Another way to find clues is to look through the newspapers that advertise activities in your area. Notice which ones your eye goes back to more than once. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. You might not hit it correctly on your first try but the worst that can happen is that you get to explore things that have interested you for all of your life. Keep a notebook in which you list the activity along with what appealed to you about it, what the experience was like and if you might want to try it again.

Good luck with this quest. If you have any questions then please be sure to sign onto my blog and ask them. I will answer you in the same space so that others who may have the same or similar questions can read the answers. It is always possible to ask anonymously, if you prefer.

Good Luck on your quest

The Masters, Teachers and Guides express their gratitude

In Love and Light

Mary and very special Friends


Debra Gibbs said...

I enjoyed reading your blog post this morning Mary:-)
Very Nice!
Love, Deb

Finding Meaning in Art said...

Hello Mary -- I hope you are ok -- This last week I've sent an email to you and a phone call but have not had a response. Pat Roshaven

joybell said...

Thank you, mom. I loved reading this post. Reading Truth always puts me in touch with my own; I can more clearly hear the voice of my own intuition guiding me along my path. I love you with my body, mind and soul and I am eternally grateful for everything you have ever been to me, to others, and just for BEING. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

HI Pat,
Thanks for your concern. I'm fine, just on the road. I'll be back in Asheville, Tues April 12th

painting techniques said...

Reading truth is really great! I like how you spent the time and effort posting this...Great work!...Daniel

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