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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mary's Astrology Blog for December 2010


As we look at the cycles of the earth, we are now in the time of darkness. It is the time when the seed is in the ground germinating. Just because it may look as though nothing is happening in your life, don’t fool yourself. There are powerful forces at work during this sacred time. These forces can create miracles and transform things. The Wonderful Beings of Light who watch over us knew that fear would come up for us at this time so they inspired our Spiritual leaders to create Feasts of Joy and Light in our time of darkness. So whether you are celebrating Christmas, Ramadan, Chanukah, Winter Solstice or Kwanza I wish for you the awareness of that magnificent seed which is germinating deep in your heart. May the Light of this Sacred Season inspire the awesome power from within this precious seed to burst forth while shining brightly out of your beautiful heart. In Love and Light, have a blessed holiday season. It is a time of miracles.


Infinite Presence

Out of the depths of my uncertainty, my soul cries out to You.

Hear my prayer

Give me the awareness of your Love

Help me to know that Your Love and Your Protection is always with me

Open my heart and my soul; so that I may feel Your Guidance

Fill me with the energy of these days of Light and Love

Let me be Your Instrument to carry that Light forth to others

For I know that where I put my attention is the energy my heart will dwell in

Keep my attention focused on Your Infinite Wisdom and

The knowledge that times of challenge can bring the greatest growth

I am one with your Light and Your Love and I carry it forth to all that I meet.

ARIES: Like the old lyrics of the Rolling Stones caution, you can’t always get what you want, this month; but you will get what you need. It may not seem like you are having much fun but you are building your future so this month your creativity will be brilliant. You will even amaze yourself. To reach your goal will require diligence so you can’t afford to get bored with the process, although you may be tempted. You are also realigning what you value which means that you must pay attention to your thoughts and your feelings. Your inner teacher is definitely speaking to you this month. It’s also a good time to read inspirational material because words and ideas can transform you this month, either spoken or written. Look for lots of ‘Ah-ha’ moments.

TAURUS: This is a powerful time for you where the main focus will be matters of health and of habit. You may be tempted to react more on emotion but trust that you will always know what the best thing to do really is; so listen to your inner voice. That’s the star by which you should be guiding your ship in December. You may have some tendency towards confusion as you try to sort out what your heart really wants. As much as you can journal, even if you don’t save it, there is a great connection this month between releasing confusion and nervous energy, through the written word. You will also be dealing with things from the past so look for the healing opportunity in all of these situations.

GEMINI: Your seeds have been germinating for a couple of years so you, more than any of us, may be really feeling the transformational energy of this time. Do what you do best, let go and fly, trust your process. December shows that your focus is on moving into the world and on partnerships and perhaps even marriage. It begins a fourteen year cycle which will keep you visible in the world. Whatever you do will be noticed, but then you are a sign with a lot of natural integrity so it should not present many problems. Right now the polarity of your personal charisma, your surrender to transformation, and your ability to communicate are getting ready to launch you into the world after a fourteen year period out of hibernation. Go for it! You love to fly!

CANCER: This could be a very emotional month for you. If you are in a relationship then you may not know where your partner stands, or you may imagine things that are not true. Make sure that you have all the facts before you act because the tendency to react from emotion will be there. It’s also a good time to pay attention to health and routines. Sometimes routines can become ruts. Things could be changing around you but, even though you don’t like change as a rule, these changes may be just what you need to get the energy going in the direction of your goals again. You’ve had cosmic gravity boots on for a few months now and you don’t like it. You may also find yourself looking at family through new eyes.

LEO: You will find prosperity increasing for you this month but the real blessing comes in the form of your creativity. You are in a very creative cycle and the lifting of financial stress will enhance your creative flow. Be sure to take advantage of it in whatever way you can. You will have good work routines and health should hold up well for you. The challenges will come in trying to understand the people in your life. There will be a great tendency for you to blow things out of proportion or to misunderstand. Be certain that you take the time to really look at all the sides to a situation before you get upset over it. You are a wonderful care giver but it’s important to take time for yourself. Buy yourself a present this month. You not only deserve it, you need it.

VIRGO: There will be great notice taken of what you do in the world, as your work goes public. You will have lots of opportunities to express yourself creatively in many aspects of your life. There will be a huge tendency to travel and you may find yourself taking more than one trip this month. They should all be pleasurable and fun. Health may cause some concerns with mysterious symptoms and unexpected changes. This cycle will be with you for a while as it calls to you to pay closer attention to nutrition and exercise. If you don’t then unhelpful levels of nervous energy will be the result. If you find yourself feeling jumpy this month; get physical! Your emotions and your energy are all tied up together this month.

LIBRA: Work could really feel like work this month as you put a lot of energy into it without seeing many immediate results. The rewards will come later and they will be in direct proportion to your efforts now; so take heart. You will have new appreciation for home and the things that you value in your life, whether they be people, places or events. You may have been taking these things for granted but this month will teach you what you truly want. You may still be searching for what you do best but there will be many experiences to point you in the right direction, so don’t worry you could understand it a lot more before January. If you have any desire to write, this is the month to begin.

SCORPIO: You might really have your nose to the grindstone this month. A lot of your energy seems to be tied up with making money. You also have the gift, this month, of being heard and respected by those with whom you communicate; especially if you are debating the heart of any matter. You will have mixed feelings about gathering with family and friends this year but, trust me, you will need the break from work; so go. If the parties make you nervous then it will just serve to show you that you have been alone too much. You will find that when you are out and conversing with others you will have moments of creative genius, so it is definitely worth the effort. It’s also a good time to meet that mysterious stranger from another lifetime.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s an interesting time for you this month. On the one hand it may feel as though you have lost all of those who supported you in any way. The truth is you have, but, on the other hand, you will also find that you are better able to fly solo than you have ever been before. It’s time to take the training wheels off and see where you can go. You are one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac so what have you got to be afraid of? Take the time to journal; you will be very much in touch with your deepest thoughts and dreams. Your words are powerful this month so use them wisely. You are in a great cycle which could lift you to the pinnacle of your success.

CAPRICORN: The world will see your beauty this month but the important thing is for you to see it. This time when the compliments come take a deep breath and savor them. You have an unhelpful tendency to dismiss what you may term to be flattery but which others call heartfelt appreciation. There could be great prosperity coming through your partner while your own may seem to be ebbing and flowing with the tides. Follow your instincts where finances are concerned. Your intuition will lead you well right now so trust it, even if it changes its mind suddenly. Be careful when you are feeling emotional. The more you can trust yourself the less likely you will be to feel nervous.

AQUARIUS: You may feel all pumped up and raring to go but the trouble is you may not know which direction you want to go in. Be prepared to feel one way, one day and another way the next. If you don’t try to take action on these emotions then eventually they will lead you to your highest good. Keep a close eye on your health. You may also feel that you are stuck doing work which feels like drudgery but you will find that in about a year you will see the fruits of that labor. I know - a year! - and you are not the most patient sign but that is the cycle. Don’t worry there will be lots of help from others as you get through this time and there will be enough happening to keep you from getting bored.

PISCES: Ordinarily you are one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac and you feel things at a deeply emotional level. During the month of December you may find yourself riding an emotional roller-coaster. There will be a great desire to channel your energy into emotional issues but it may be best to just observe the feelings that come through you and to take note of them. You may also be feeling that you have to work very hard for everything you get but the Universe is just trying to tell you to focus. It’s time to bring forth your creativity and to make things manifest in the outer form instead of just in beautiful dreams. You could meet a partner who is practical enough to help you to manifest your dreams. A change of career is possible if you have the courage to reach for the stars.

I hope that this has been uplifting and helpful to you as it comes from me with much love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to –

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With much Love and Light to you



Glenna Park said...

Many Blessings and Happy Holidays to you and your family!! Thanks for the always inspiring blogs...Love You!!!

Glenna :-)

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