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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mary's Astrology Blog for November 2010


I see so many clients who are struggling with the concept of "IF ONLY". If only I had the money, I would build my perfect retirement home and be happy forever. If only my spouse would behave in such a way, I would be happy. If only I could move to California, I just know things would be better for me there.

When I find myself postponing my happiness, because of something that is not happening right now, in the way I would want it, I know that I am narrowing the possibility for the Universe to bless me.

There are limitless ways for Life to bring us happiness, but many times we take the stance of seeing only one way for that to happen and, like stubborn two year olds, we stomp our feet while firmly refusing to be shown any alternative.

If there is anywhere in your life, that you are holding back your happiness until certain conditions are satisfied then please take a moment to hold that picture in your mind.

Take a deep breath and acknowledge how much you would like that condition to be fulfilled.

As you release your breath, release the condition. Give it to God

Say to yourself.




November's Astrology Report

ARIES: November brings duties and the kind of attention to detail that most Aries hate. It’s time to clear up old situations and take care of those things that need to be attended to so that you can clear the decks while preparing yourself for a new cycle. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be creatively inspired, but it does mean that those inspirations may have to wait until you cut the lawn, or clean the fish tank or balance the checkbook. In between sweeping and cleaning make sure that you engage your partner in conversation. Try not to make assumptions where romance is concerned and ask for any information that you may need. November is a good month to get clear on things; life direction, romance and desires of the heart.

TAURUS: Home can be a pretty interesting place this month. You may find yourself taking short trips just to get away from some of the drama. It’s a good idea to remember that most of the drama is not yours. It is not yours to experience and it is not yours to solve. This is the big lesson that November brings to you. Trust in the Universal energy to sort things out while keeping your focus on your spouse or partner and any jointly held assets. November will see some financial relief in monies that are held jointly with someone else. Be flexible in your hopes and dreams as things can change suddenly in that area. There is a cleaning out process going on and what is not helpful will leave your life….Let it go!

GEMINI: November brings lots of energy with it and you will feel more like getting on with things. It’s time to come to terms with financial issues, as money seems to ebb and flow. It may also be time to consider what you want from your home. Harness that energy and make some choices as November begins with a very noticeable degree of restlessness. Where are you in life and where do you want to be? What is important to you? It’s time for some rigorous self-honesty. The energy is also there for you to transform your life, if you are willing to let go of habit and move towards what you want. Spiritual studies are favored so much so that in November you could alternate between work and monk-like isolation.

CANCER: November may bring you the opportunity to play the peacemaker in family difficulties. Others may look to you to solve their problems, but try to be helpful without taking things on or taking sides. It will help get your mind off finances. Money will be fine as long as you don’t give into fear. Many things in your life move in cycles and money is no exception. Trust in the natural rhythm of things. There may be an opportunity to make changes in work. A woman that you are friendly with may be instrumental in bringing this opportunity. You are naturally psychic so it’s good to trust your instincts now. Figure things out with the heart and not the head.

LEO: November may be an emotional month for you. You may feel a sense of frustration as long range plans seem to be delayed. Try putting your attention on other things, remember a watched pot never boils. It’s time for you to sit and look at your finances and then make some long range projections to be sure that when the time comes for change, your finances will support your dreams. Home will be a place of contentment and you will be at your creative best when you feel comfortable in your nest. November also brings people into your life who you have known in past lives. Pay attention to what you have to learn from them and also what you have to teach. Be flexible, you are realigning your priorities.

VIRGO: The good news is that November’s energy will inspire you to a healthier lifestyle. It will be easier for you to lose weight. At this time chronic fatigue or pains could just vanish. Your natural love of cycles and routine will get a boost from a force which will make work feel like play. But you are no stranger to work and if you apply your usual work ethic to any situation then you will find that the next years will bring you the benefit of the effort that you expend right now. It’s time to reassess your life and to figure out what you value as well as what you want to release. Life will show you, if you can learn to read the omens. Remember that you are laying the foundation so don’t be afraid to aim for what you want.

LIBRA: You will find that you are particularly persuasive this month. People will respect your ideas. You have a talent for landing on your feet which will serve you well because November will bring a need for flexibility as there will be many changes around work, including the people you work with. Things and ideas can change suddenly so be ready to go with the flow. November favors creative pursuits, particularly those of an artistic or literary nature. There will be the opportunity for many short trips which will bring about changes in your way of living. There could be news of a new addition to the family and a healing of old wounds. Let your natural diplomatic talent shine through.

SCORPIO: November brings news of prosperity and financial transformation. This may require a change on your part, perhaps even a change of residence. If it does not require a move then it may require you to travel. The challenge for you is to trust the way things are developing, even if events happen in an unusual way. Home becomes your retreat or your sanctuary and you should do all that you can to guard the energy there. An unexpected love may come into your life or an unplanned attraction to another. These feelings may not last, so be cautious about making long term commitments. It’s best to keep your focus on yourself and what you want from life. You are drawing in those conditions so as to make things happen.

SAGITTARIUS: Be prepared for unexpected travel. Things will not be dull this month. You may have some financial worries but if you can keep a positive attitude you will see that finances not only hold their own but that they improve unexpectedly. There is a vast Universe that is the Source of your supply so try not to limit yourself by thinking that prosperity must only come through one avenue. You have more power than you know. Your horizons are expanding and opportunity is all around. There will be many helpful people who make matters run more smoothly. If you are not married, or in a serious relationship, then this is the month that you could meet someone special.

CAPRICORN: November should be a peaceful month for you. You may feel more light hearted and relaxed as projects, which were begun in the last few months begin to show signs of bearing fruit. It’s a good time to meditate on what you really value and what’s important in your life. Try not to let your tendency to take care of others get out of hand. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to let someone else learn by their own mistakes. Anything that has to do with speaking or writing is favored this month and if you are making applications for anything then you are apt to be taken seriously. You are the master of making plans and figuring out a course of action. Now is the time to just let the wind take your sails and see where it goes.

AQUARIUS: November is an unusual month for you. You will find unexpected windfalls of cash as well as unexpected expenses. Hopefully it will all even out as the month progresses. Don’t be surprised if your family drops in on you unexpectedly. Be warned that November is a month of unexpected surprises! Try to see it as fun. Speaking of the unexpected, you could find yourself falling in love this month, as you meet someone whom you are sexually attracted to. This could be a past life friend, so the energy is bound to be strong. Someone who made a promise to you may not fulfill that promise, but don’t give up. What you are turned down for today, you may be approved for tomorrow.

PISCES: You may find lots of changes around you and life could get emotional. Try not to take it seriously and just be the observer. Think of it as a drama that the Universe has created just for your entertainment. You may feel that a partner is placing too many restrictions on you. You both want the same thing so maybe you can work it out. This is a time of expansion and there will be a variety of opportunities so don’t limit yourself. Dreams and meditations will be vivid and it is a good time to release blocks that have been set up for a lifetime. Remember, every experience is an opportunity to grow if you are ready, and those who annoy you the most mirror back something of yourself.

I really do hope that this has been not only uplifting but helpful to you as well as it comes from me with much love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to -

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With much Love and Light to you



Neerja said...

This is a wonderful gift you give us by posting the horoscopes like this. Your monthly horoscopes are amazingly accurate!!! Best, Neerja

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