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Monday, March 29, 2010

Omnia Inspirations CD

Greetings – as Omnia would say

Many Omnia followers have been asking me for some time now about her words of wisdom and guidance and when they can expect to hear more from her. I have been giving this a great deal of thought in respect of my new circumstances and place of living now. I do still channel a lot for private sessions but I haven’t done any group work since I left Florida so it’s been difficult to know what best to do and how.

My daughter Melissa and I have been talking about several different ideas and one which she has come up with may be of interest while I figure out what to do about channeling her for everyone again.

Melissa was inspired by an idea that a CD of Omnia’s wisdom relating to things that are still important to us at this very moment would be extremely helpful to everyone who needs to hear her wonderful words of guidance on such important subjects as -

Your Purpose in Life

Earth Changes and How they Affect You

Finding your Power


Lessons from Past Lives

We meditated together for quite some time while asking Omnia to help us choose what to put on the CD. What came through would have actually taken us ten CDs to produce so we have started with just one to see how you like it. There may be more depending on how well this one is received.

Another inspiration that Melissa had was to suggest that putting it together with relatively short clips would be very helpful in making Omnia’s wisdom much more accessible. She is very much in tune with modern day life and says that as time is so precious to everyone then having something to listen to in short meaningful bites would be better. The CD that she has made is about 55 minutes long with 30 clips ranging from 25 seconds to no more than five minutes each.

With the CD that she has produced you can either listen to the whole thing or have it in your car and just listen to just a few tracks when you are in need of a few minutes of inspiration. As she says – “anyone who's had the pleasure of listening to Omnia knows that a few minutes can be so uplifting”. A wise young lady is my daughter!

The CD is $10, including shipping and handling; and will soon be available, on for direct Download for those of you who have MP3 players.

If you would like to get them directly from Melissa then please email her at and please remember to include all your details with your order as well as how many copies you would like.

You can also send checks to:

Melissa Pompeo

1182 Old US Hwy 70w Apt 5

Black Mountain, NC 28711

Or call her on 828-581-0339

I hope that you very much enjoy this CD as you once again hear the magical tones of our wonderful Omnia. I very much miss our times together in FL but hope that as we move towards the new era then we will all get to hear much more of her in whatever way is appropriate.

With very much love to you from Omnia, Melissa and myself



Pat Roshaven said...

Great idea, Mary. I will get the MP3 version as soon as it's available. It's so nourishing to hear Omnia's view on life.

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