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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mary's Astro Blog for March 2010


Even though we are having snow today in Asheville, spring is in the air. Our mother has been teasing us with warm days, full of hope and promise. She waves them in front of our noses and then surprises us the next morning with a beautiful white world. The Whole Universe is dropping signs and omens to remind us that good things are coming.

I grew up on the shores of Lake Erie, the land of ice and snow, and it has been a challenge to love winter again. I hid out from it for 30 years in Florida but these Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains have shown me a loveliness in the winter skies, the beautiful clouds and the colors of the earth.

We have all been struggling through the winter of our journey, no matter what climate we live in. It is important to see the beauty of what we are going through and how it is speeding up our transformation. Chaos and pressure often precede huge transformations. You are all created from the Divine. How could it not come out okay? So take a deep breath, let it out, and repeat with me.

Infinite Presence in humble awe I take the time to observe the beauty of the world

I know that You are in Everything and so Everything comes from You and therefore Blessed.

Keep my conscious contact with you, strong in my world, and especially through my emotional world.

For I know, that is where I Create from.

Let me never forget that I am You and You are All, Love Beauty, Perfect Harmony

Help me to remember that my fears and emotional rants, only block my connection to you

I want to choose my Divine Heritage, every second of the day.

ARIES: This is the month to try a new hairdo, or to spruce up your wardrobe. You may find that you want to change your look completely. It won’t only be fashion that has your attention, you will become alert to what you value in life and what you do not, and there could be a lot of emotional closet cleaning going on. Work with the energy this month because you will be clear about things and very unlikely to toss out anything that you really wanted to keep. You are often in a position of motivating and caring for others, but March is the month for you to look after yourself, and to make some plans for the future. Trust me Aries, plans can be a helpful thing to have. Your question this month; “What do I value?”

TAURUS: You could find yourself uncharacteristically impulsive this month. Try not to think about it too much and trust your instincts. You may find that you have a desire to move more and those who are close to you may discover that you are not apt to allow them to take advantage of your usually peaceful nature. This month the bull may be inclined to charge the matador. It doesn’t happen often for you, but it does happen. The timing is right for you to take a stand on any issue that you find important. Important relationships from the past will resurface in order for you to make different choices this time around. Give yourself some quiet time to work on creative projects which may bear fruit after the Equinox.

GEMINI: The focus for the month of March is on career and finance. Pay close attention to what you are doing in those areas. You may feel as though finances are restricted, but if you pay close attention, you will notice that you are actually building a firm foundation for manifesting your dreams. Unexpected business communications help to present opportunities for you to shine. It may be about time as well because you will also have the feeling that you are outgrowing your living environment and you will want to expand that in some way and feel frustrated because the timing is not right. You will have lots of opportunities to make different choices concerning people and situations from your past.

CANCER: You could pretty much be feeling confined this month in lots of ways. When you want to communicate no matter what the form, you may find that you have to do it twice. There isn’t anything wrong with you, it is the Universe trying to tell you that it is time to go within and communicate with your own heart. This is a time of great spiritual awareness and deep soul searching and you could even take a pilgrimage back to places you have been before. Try to work with the energy and perhaps journal. It would be good to take care of routine health maintenance as well, visit the dentist, get your yearly mammogram, or check-up. You are laying the foundation for good health at this time.

LEO: Confusion seems to be laying heavily on you this month. It is not the time to make any decisions that are not absolutely forced upon you by circumstances. Don’t be alarmed if you see people or circumstances one way today and another way tomorrow, which is truth and which is illusion. It may be difficult to sort that out this month. The best way to deal with this craziness is just to gather information and observe your reactions to things. Finances may also seem a bit low but things will improve for you by mid May At the same time all this confusion is going on inside of you, your emotions will all be felt passionately. It should make for a very interesting month. Good Luck!

VIRGO: March will be an active month for you. You may find help coming to you in unusual forms and from out of the blue. Even though you may be feeling like you aren’t progressing as quickly as you would like to, there is a Divine Plan going on and you will see signs of it all this month. Go easy on yourself, there is nothing that you NEED to do. Just be and life will come to you to assist you to manifest your dreams. You may be feeling a lot of confusion about work this month and perhaps longing to be doing something more spiritual. Try to see it all as spiritual. It will only take a shift in your perception. You will find things moving along nicely, but more because of what you have done in the past than from anything that you are doing at the moment. Relax and enjoy it.

LIBRA: You will find yourself having sudden instants of creative inspiration, just when you need them most this month. It is definitely a good time to trust your intuition. Work may feel a bit like drudgery as you keep on plowing through obstacles, which seem to come out of nowhere. But cheer up the news is not all bad. You may get that expression of love, which you have been waiting to hear from that special some one, or a new love could appear on the horizon. March is the month for romance and you should find it all around you. Keep plugging away at work the energy you put into things now will pay off in mid May. Meanwhile enjoy having a spin with cupid as your love life definitely lights up.

SCORPIO: You could find yourself very attracted to someone this month. If you are already in a relationship, you may find yourself experiencing the feelings that you had when you where first attracted to your partner. It may be that circumstances are keeping you apart and that may serve to fan the flames higher. The best way to ground yourself through all of this is to do something creative or innovative. Use the energy that is generated and make it work for you. You are in a cycle of change. So pay attention to what is important to you, especially in your surroundings. There will be endings and beginnings, try to just observe the process.

SAGITTARIUS: Listen to your body this month. It will be communicating to you. Learn to speak its language. Health will be of some importance, but more than that, you will find that your body will let you know immediately if you have made a poor choice. You may also find that your diet is changing and your body may no longer tolerate certain substances. Food allergies can occur in this cycle. Just remember that your body is leading you to your highest good and any discomfort will vanish once you hear what your body is trying to say to you. There will be happy changes around the home and you may also find yourself experiencing strong moments of intuition.

CAPRICORN: Pay close attention to partnerships this month; whether they are personal or business. You will have the opportunity to go back and repair past damage, follow your heart. You may find that outer things in your life have changed. It could be a new home or a new work environment. You don’t take to change easily, so give yourself time to adapt. If you work with the energy the change will lead you to great happiness. Finances will seem uncertain to you, but notice I used the word “seem” In reality they are just fine, don’t stress about money. A family member from a distance may surprise you. Try to let go and let the changes carry you to a peaceful place.

AQUARIUS: Don’t worry if you feel like you are in a fog. This is a time for faith. It will not let you down. Things may be moving much more slowly than you would like. Remember, your sign rules electricity and you like things to move at lightening speed but it won’t be doing that for a while yet. You may find that you have many questions at this time, questions about the future. The answers will come from deep inside of you with a sureness that will enable you to trust them. Take the time to go within. Finances may seem uncertain, but they will transform quickly and money will appear as you trust your judgment. Go within and decide what you want to bring into your life, because you will soon have the opportunity to do it.

PISCES: Exciting things are on the horizon. There may be unexpected messages, which bring good news. Finances also pick up in the month of March. You also have a wonderful opportunity to handle a family problem differently. The karma is paid in this situation so do what feels best in your heart. You may be feeling at a low ebb creatively, but that is because your energy is going into other matters at this time. You are going through a huge transformation, Instead of believing that you can not succeed unless the world assists you, you are becoming acquainted with your own creative powers and releasing the role of victim.. Let go of the expectations you had of others, and watch your life transform, as you take back your power.

I hope that this has been uplifting and helpful to you as it comes from me with much love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to -

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With very much love


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insight and posting each month!

Glenna Park said...

Thank you, Mary!!! You are an inspiration to my world, and I'm sure to many, many other's! My love to you and your family...

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