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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Fish out of Water

Dear fellow traveler,

Now that we are getting deeper into the ever expanding subject of energy, and our perception is starting to shift a little, then let's take a moment to assess our point of position along the measure of our paradigm shift. This may sound confusing at first, which is not my intention, so for the sake of clarity I want to make certain that you have no problems in understanding my words and expressions.

When I speak of a paradigm this is simply a shorthand way of referring to a set of conditions, an energy state, which creates your reality. In other words, the way in which you see and perceive your world is completely dependent on what you have come to accept as the energy constructs around you. Your memories are energy constructs which you have woven into your energetic being and which manifest as what we term your 'character'. You respond to your world as a direct result of what you have taken on board to make you who you are right now. You are a living breathing energy compendium which filters your experiences according to how you have integrated all your energy experiences. You have created for yourself what's called a 'paradigm'.

Imagine this. You are sitting on the sea bed of a beautiful tropical Atoll. Fish swim by and you observe everything that they do. You see their world where your experiences are the same. You feel the warmth of the water and the effects of the current while all the colors of the coral give you immense pleasure and fill you with wonder. You are wary of predators, just as the fish are, and you appreciate that life is precarious to say the least; especially in a setting which looks next to idyllic.

The fish are sensitive to much the same that you are but they have absolutely no idea at all of the world which you come from or the experiences which you use to base your choices on. They have no access to this and so their 'paradigm' is totally different – as you would expect. If you were able to discuss things with any of them then you would be amazed at how little they knew in comparison to you, and how limited their appreciation of the world which they inhabit is. They live in a world where their choices are all about survival and procreation but, in truth, it's not that far removed from our own because we do the same thing when it comes right down to it.

If you were to make your way up to the beach, and leave the water, then you would find yourself back in your own paradigm while coping with your world in the way that you have conditioned yourself to see it. When you were born, you had no preconceived ideas whatsoever. You were completely open to new experiences where the only choices you had were to act on instinct; which you did. In those times, your driving energy forces were - survival and feeling protected first, having fun and exploring your new world second. They brought you your experiences where your character and appreciation of the world around you evolved as a consequence. You still have all of those fundamental experiences with you where you used them as the foundations of making you who you are now.

You added energy to energy and in so doing you created a filter through which you view your world and your circumstances – good or bad. All the fish, which you are now observing from the beach, view their world in a similar way in the respect of the context which they have experienced.

Now then, we arrive at the important part. We have been talking about the shift in your consciousness as the new vibrational energies expand your awareness and what this truly means. There is, as I have said before, no way to describe it because your mind has nothing from the past to compare it with. You are moving to a new way of being which means allowing yourself to give up or at least change how you have been up to now. Look at the fish swimming in front of you and think what the response would be if you asked them how they liked swimming in the clear blue tropical waters of their world. The fish would answer – what's water?

They would have no idea what you're talking about as they have no way to imagine what living above the water is like – you do. You are aware of another world but how would you describe it to the fish? How would you explain what human life is like in terms that they would understand? You're not a fish but you are heading for another world the like of which is somewhat comparable to moving from the perception of a fish to that of a human. You are moving up to the next vibrational level but it's one where no human has been before; in living memory that is. I hope this gives you an idea of what's ahead.

So, to the point of all this. Your difficulty now is making the transition from asking what this has to do in practice with your everyday life. It's all great in an etheric sense and sounds really interesting but what does it do to address your daily problems where you have to deal with life as it comes at you. How does it help you manage your life when you're faced with downsizing and living on less money or potentially losing your home. How does it help you when you're faced with a problematic partner or relative who pushes your buttons and saps you of your energy and your joy. How does it help you when you have to agonize over a new or unresolved relationship which keeps you in perpetual anxiety where your happiness is permanently on hold. How does it help you when you have to deal with a job and people you don't like where you feel exhausted at the end of the day because life just doesn't seem worth living and your health is suffering.

To move the fish out of the water means making adjustments, the first of which is learning to breathe the new air and using this energy to change your world and yourself. This is what you have to do. Well, strictly speaking you don't have to do it at all. Yours is the gift of free will and so you can stay exactly as you are, if this is your choice, where you will continue to experience life as it is now. All that you don't learn in this lifetime you will reincarnate to recreate so that you can try again – or you can change now and learn it this time. It's up to you.

We have been looking at examples of energy and how it works and by now you should have a gained good idea of many different concepts as well as some practical tips. My suggestion of taking time out before acting on negative emotions is an important step towards heading up the beach and leaving the water; but are you able to do it? Is this something which you find yourself maybe thinking about once in a while or is it creeping into your mental processes frequently each day. If you're going to positively address your problems, as you see them, then it has to be an integral part of your day-to-day living. This is how you start the process of changing your energy and moving up and out of the paradigm which you are trapped in – and I do mean trapped in. Whether you agree with my statement or not, it really is the case.

By virtue of where you have found yourself for such a long time, then it's not possible to move quickly into a new state of being. More accurately speaking, it's not advisable to move quickly as the shock would be too great. Just out of interest, I once heard a being tell me that it would not be possible for me to hold even a fraction of the knowledge of our creator because I would literally explode. Obviously it made an impression on me but there was no way that I could even begin to understand what was meant by this. If I could have understood then I would have exploded. So, naturally, I choose to evolve gradually towards that level of understanding and still keep myself in one piece. That's what we're doing now. We're moving into a new level of 'being' which keeps ourselves in one piece as we progress; and I am guiding you.

Okay, here we move to the more practical, down-to-earth aspect of your journey. You walk outside your door and what do you see but the OFCOURSEWECAN taxi waiting for you. The driver enjoyed your company so much that he's come back because he wants to show you more of his home world while learning more about yours. He will take you through the barrier and up on to the beach while you learn to 'breathe' his atmosphere to experience what he does. Sounds great!

Reading these words you can allow yourself to fantasize but this is no use to you. In this energy construct which you're wrapped up in now, where my words are creating your experience, then it's fine; but if you really were to walk out of your third dimensional door and see what I've suggested then things would be hugely different. And yet this is what I'm trying to get you to appreciate.

In your reality, as it stands right at this point on your journey, then there is no way that you're even going to consider taking this ride; even if you accepted that it was possible in the first place. There are so many other demands on your time where many more important ( and no doubt relevant ) things that need to be paid attention to while choices are made in the process. Your day is full, even if you're sat watching TV, driving somewhere, reading the newspaper or a thousand other things which collectively make up your life. And besides, how would you explain to others what you would have done and where you went? God forbid that you should step out of character let alone your own world! Where would that leave you when you're trying to convince others to behave in a responsible manner for the good of their eternal soul! Oh my – what a dilemma. Does this begin to address the task in front of you.

Part of the reason that you find yourself in the situation you are in now, and how you feel about your family in general, is because you are different. You started out being different and it was for a purpose. You needed to experience an environment which would allow you the opportunity to propel yourself into this new paradigm. All of your life you have been facing challenges which others thought you were nuts to take on. In the process you have moved away from people who didn't share your view of life until you gathered those around you who at least accepted you for who you are.

Now you need to go one step farther because you need to show them the way. Will you be the fish who dares to clamber up onto the beach while all the others stay safely in the shallows? Will you go for the ride in the taxi and forget about the doctor's appointment, the letter to your lawyer that just has to be done, the bathroom remodeling which needs the builder contacting, the brat who demands your attention, the partner who you want to check up on in case s/he is cheating? All this is simply energy in motion and you need to realize that you're sustaining it. Just as the fish can't see the water, you don't see your part in what you're doing to maintain the energy of your experience. You have to get past this. The messages from spirit are that you inevitably will; the only option you have is just how long you will take to do it.

Part of the reason that you are here right now, at this point in our evolution, is that the energies which are coming to earth, and which are affecting us all, have the greatest potential to allow for the biggest shift in consciousness that we have ever known. You came to your present incarnation knowing this because it's what you wanted. In so doing you picked everything about your life so that you would be ready with all that you needed when the opportunity came. Well – it's here! It's staring you right in the face but you aren't looking at it if, in reality, you tell the taxi driver that you don't have time to make the trip with him. If you would rather sit and fret over your self-created circumstances, while your mind tries to project what it calculates the future holds for you, then that's fine. As long as you appreciate that this is what's happening.

As I said in my last blog - You cannot keep doing the same things as before and expecting to experience change. If you want to see true change then you must change first. What you are reading and what you have read, and will read, is all about how to do this. But if you don't put it into practice then it just isn't going to happen. You have to use your energy differently than how you have been up to now if you want to leave the lagoon. When you eventually sit on the beach and then look back at the water you will wonder why on earth you didn't see it before. It will be so obvious but right now it isn't. The only thing you need to trust at this moment is that you have the ability to get there. You can do it. The only determining factor is whether or not you have the will to do it.

The simple act of pausing before making choices when dealing with negative energies may sound ineffectual and irrelevant when faced with so many day-to-day circumstances which don't allow you the luxury of lapsing into meditation so as to find your answers; but where do you break the cycle? At which point can you jump off the merry-go-round so as to take stock of the situation and see it from a different perspective. Let's look at a practical situation and not something ethereal like interdimensional taxi drivers

You're standing in line at the checkout and late for an appointment or a rendezvous. The lady with three trolleys full of food eventually gets everything passed through the register and then produces a thick wad of coupons. People behind her moan and you see that it's going to take ages. One person gets irate and an argument breaks out which you feel is justified. What do you do? Your energy programming encourages you to 'join in' because you need that energy state dealt with. The other energies around are making yours vibrate in sympathy; but instead of recognizing this, you respond – as you always have. What would happen if you didn't or were even aware that you could opt out? What would be the consequences if your new awareness kicked in and you said to yourself. 'Okay, I see what's really happening here. I can handle this!”

You leave your shopping where it is, move out of the line, close your ears to the argument while all the time appreciating that your emotional energy is peaking and it needs to change. You step outside the store while thinking about what you're supposed to be doing but, instead of giving in to it, you just go for a walk to calm down while regaining your balance. The world isn't going to fall apart because you've done this but it surely is going to change for you as a result of your choices.

Let me explain. You could have chosen to soldier on at the checkout and eventually got through while feeling very irritable and frustrated at the end of it. This is an energy vibration which, if left in that state, will cause you to make choices as a result of its influence. You may have been snappy with the checkout person and then with someone who called you or even with someone you care about when meeting up with them. What you would have brought away with you from the store was more than just the items which you purchased. It was other people's energy which you then passed on, undiluted, to others. These recipients will almost surely react in a negative way as it impacts and influences them and so, in turn, they make choices accordingly - one of which may have been to start being snappy and arguing with you. Does this sound familiar? Think 'energy' if it does.

Each person in that checkout line is an energy 'being', just as you are. They exist in the same energy flow just as all the fish in the lagoon are being affected by the energy of the ocean currents. On a stormy day they get communally bounced around but in their wisdom they take shelter in places of comparatively tranquil refuge. We do similarly when faced with rainy/blustery weather but the energy storms of crowds, or disruptive individuals, remain all but invisible to us. The only 'barometer' we have to measure them by is how they make us 'feel'. As a consequence, we see no need to take an 'energetic umbrella' into the supermarket with us; but why not? It may be raining cats and dogs outside, which means that we'll surely get wet in the trips to and from the car, but we can dry the wetness off and get back to normal again. So why don't we do the same from being soaked with the energy of the store so that we can return to our preferred state of vibrational 'being' again? Why is this?

When a big long-haired dog climbs out from the lake, are you going to want to be near him in the first few seconds of his appearance? Not if you know what's going to happen or unless you're a child who thinks it's great fun to get soaked in the spray! Angry people at the checkout are no different where the 'body shake' can manifest as a burst of anger which is their way of trying to deal with the unwanted 'burdensome' energy. There's no need to expand on what repercussions this can have as everyone else attempts to do the same thing. It's just chaos – energy chaos and total disharmony which saturates you. Can you visualize this? I hope you can because it's very important.

By taking yourself out of that vibrational situation then you allow yourself the opportunity to regulate and 'retune' your own energy state. To function in a beneficial way then you need to bring your vibration into harmony with who you feel yourself to truly be. Temper tantrums often come when you feel prevented from doing this. It's a natural reaction to the need which you feel for making the world how you want it to be; but which always seems to elude your ability to manifest it. To do this in the meaningful way which brings you your greatest happiness, then disruptive energies need to be dealt with in your own space and your own time; in whatever way and however you can make this possible. This is your right! By being held captive to the turbulent energies of others, then you will inevitably be swept along with that same stormy tide where you feel completely out of control. Do not allow this to happen. Kill the robot and take over the conscious command of your ship. (See previous blog)

Returning to the store situation (the alternate scenario). You make the choice to abandon your shopping so as to go somewhere that allows you to change your vibrational state; it doesn't mater that you have commitments, this is important for you to do. You could go to a coffee shop and have something nice or just go sit in your car and close your eyes for a while. You may just take a walk or even browse another place which has a quieter atmosphere like a book store. Whatever you choose to do then your mood will be one that is difficult to cope with but, in the respect that you are somewhere which has a different energy to it, then you will be able to benefit from what you now find yourself surrounded by. Slowly but surely you will feel the positive change as your mood lightens and the day seems much less gloomy and challenging.

From this new state you will make your choices and so, when you meet up with the next person, you're going to respond to them differently. They may smile as a result but even if they don't then you will experience a lighter world because you are not bringing the disruptive energy of negativity to it. You will have consciously made the choice not to, and so the world of your experience will reflect the positive 'quality' of your intention. This is how you change your world. What you give out is what you get back. In other words, your vibration will attract similar vibrations. Contrary to popular belief, you don't get what you want, you get what you are. By now you should understand the wisdom behind this assertion. It's the law of attraction and you can't fake it!

In the supermarket, you experienced someone else's world where they attracted disruptive vibrations and you began to get drawn in. You decided not to be a part of it because it's not the way you choose to be and so you moved away in order to take the time out to readjust. Then you carried on with your intention to create the world which you feel happiest experiencing. Continuing to do this creates more and more of what you want and what your heart guides you towards manifesting. In so doing you will start to see the world differently and, before long, you will be looking back at the water in the lagoon and wondering why you didn't notice it in the delightfully new way that you are now. Suddenly the wonders of life will appear even more fascinating where a new joy will start creeping in to excite you. Life will start to feel really good and you will begin to experience a sense of fulfillment the like of which you'd not imagined possible before that time.

So what stops you from doing all of this? The fear of change? Being seen as somehow different where you often get asked - 'What's come over you? You've changed, are you ill?' Those around you may not like change but this is no reason for you to stay trapped in being who you don't want to be just to please others. You have a duty to yourself first. If you don't allow the energy of love to fully express itself in the very heart of you, then you won't experience that same quality returning to you. Be the love that you desire to receive. Don't wait for it to find you first, you already have it within you and waiting to be expressed. Live that love and let others deal with it in whatever way they choose. Almost certainly you will be helping them with their journey through doing it.

Sitting quietly on the beach you notice one particular fish which seems to have taken an interest in you. Being the kindhearted soul that you are, you take it out and show it your world and all the amazing things that you've come to understand about it. You explain to the fish about its own world and how vast it is, just like the Universe. The fish is amazed and can't take it all in but is fascinated and sees things very differently from that moment on. You put the 'enlightened' fish back into the water and it eagerly swims off to investigate the world of its new awareness.

Having read this, does your mind want to convince you of the fact that this fortunate fish may actually end up being very lonely because it now sees its world, and the other fishes, in a different light? Do you consider that, having been shown a different way of being then there is no going back from that point on where a life of isolation and disappointment is the only option? It's true to say that something cannot be unlearned and so this may well be a stumbling block to your stepping forward on the path towards a new way of viewing your life.

Okay, just consider the newly enlightened fish for a moment. It has gone back to its world but is still surrounded by all the other fishes it's known. Nothing is different except that there is now a greater distance between the scale of their vibrational harmony. The enlightened fish carries this higher vibration while choosing to live out its life in this way. Other fishes may decide to move up to match that vibration while many simply stay where they are and swim away so as to join others of a like mind (similar vibration). Neither matters to the newly aware fish because it sees the world which it enjoys and shares it with those who choose to do likewise. From its enlightenment comes a new level of companionship and enjoyment where sharing contributes a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction to its everyday life. Aloneness is a low vibration which sits very near to the bottom of the scale. Within the environment of the energy which gives rise to excitement, joy and happiness then none of the lower vibrations can exist. Aloneness cannot be felt or even imagined.

If you fear the loss of love through choosing to be different then let me remind you of the love which exists that is ever-present from your twin soul. This love is eternal and absolutely spectacular. No matter what you do, it is always with you and just waiting for you to discover it once again. Whenever you feel the possibility of loneliness creeping into your life, as you step forward onto this new path, then just allow yourself to reach out to this wonderful vibration. It will always respond so as to sustain you. The reuniting with it is your ultimate goal and this unique quest is the motivation behind your continued journey. To say that life is pointless is to miss this very point itself. To become fully aware is to appreciate just exactly what you're doing here.

Be the fish who gets put back into the water and can't wait to discover so many new things while having fun in the process. Part of that fun is sharing it with others and helping them to achieve a new level of happiness in their lives. You never know, one day you might venture to be the one that leads them out of the water and onto the beach. Won't that be a day to remember!


Next time we'll look further into more specific ways that you can manifest meaningful changes to your world so as to begin creating what it is that you truly want out of life.

With love and light as always



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