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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mary's Astrology Blog for February 2011


These are challenging times that we are going through. We can either allow the energies that are intensifying to toss us around like flotsam and jetsam, or we can unite with the Divine Creative Force that is in charge of this energy. The members of Unity say a simple prayer:

The Light of God surrounds me

The Love of God enfolds me

The Power of God protects me

Where ever I am, God is and all is well

In these challenging times, it is helpful to take time away from our stress and affirm our connection with the Source of All Things.




Thank you, thank you, thank you……. for my life. For all of those experiences that have brought me to this moment. ……….Thank you. Thank you, Thank you.

Give me the courage to look at my mistakes

Give me the compassion to forgive myself and all against whom I hold any resentment. Give me the wisdom to see them as my honored teachers.

Thank you for my challenges and the growth that came with them

With each breath I exhale my love to the loving energy that has brought me to this moment. In humble reverence, I silence all regrets. I command stillness in the Presence of the Force of all creation.



Astrology Report for February 2011


ARIES: February is a good month for you, in fact it just doesn’t get much better than this. The emphasis is on your hopes and dreams and you have lots of help to bring them into manifestation, especially if they relate to your career. Interesting people will show up in your life and open doors, which will take you into new arenas where you can express your talents. There is a good chance that you will enter into a money making project that will be beneficial to you and your partners. You have worked hard for quite a while now where February will allow you to begin to reap what you have sown. Travel is indicated, but it is best if it is for the purpose of personal transformation.

TAURUS: If your car is giving you trouble then this is the perfect time for repairs but, if you are considering a new purchase you may want to wait until March. Frustration is definitely a factor and you may find yourself having to repeat what you are trying to communicate because you are not being understood. There is a lesson here and it would be good to take a deeper look past the frustration and see what you are learning at a deeper level. There is a lot of focus on career and you could find yourself working without defined goals. Work may seem endless but romance is also on the horizon so don’t forget to take some time to play.

GEMINI: The focus in Feb is on your house of money. For the past two years the Universe has been attempting to teach you new ways of looking at your finances and what you value. This is a good month to meditate on what you have learned. Here is a hint. If you have the courage to come face to face with what you fear it will teach you about your power. If you have learned the lesson you should look for the reward to manifest sometime this summer. Another good hint is to look at what was going on financially fourteen years ago and then to see how you can improve your choices today. The good news is that all the factors are there to support transformation.

CANCER: Where were you fourteen years ago and what was going on. In some way you are getting another opportunity to live through a similar drama. The players may have changed but the lesson remains the same. If you have partners in finance then you can expect them to come through for you. This is a time of sudden changes and magical solutions. Now is the perfect time to expand your home or even perhaps to purchase a new and larger place to live. I know you hate change but you may have outgrown your surroundings.There may be times of dreaming and day dreaming but these dreams will carry a message and open up your creativity. It’s a time of endings and beginnings.

LEO: Just when you were ready to give up ever finding a kindred spirit, here comes a soul-mate right in your path. Be on the lookout for someone who shares your values at a soul level and who will help you achieve a sense of fairness and justice in your life and perhaps even on into the world. Finances improve either through inheritance or through the help of someone who acts like a partner. You may not be getting out in the world as much as you would like but there is great wisdom and power in going within; so use this time of solitude wisely. There is someone in your life that you may be paying a past life debt to and if you give your service willingly then the rewards will be many.

VIRGO: You could feel like a bit of a hermit this month but it won’t be an uncomfortable feeling. You may find that you prefer to be in quiet solitude as you open to the messages from the Universe which will spark your creativity. It is also a time to get your health in balance and to make changes in your routine and your life style which support your well-being. Work becomes an artistic way to express yourself as your attitude changes. Bringing all of this together in harmony will take times of quiet contemplation so don’t criticize yourself if you find you are daydreaming. Yours is a sign of service but for this month try to give that service to yourself.

LIBRA: February brings you into a period where you will find yourself happier and with a bit more time and freedom to explore this wonderful world. Do not be concerned about your finances, even if you have had to spend a lot lately. Money is a fluid thing and like the tides in the ocean, when it seems to go out, it will soon come back in. You will find the nesting instinct is working in you and you will want to make your home or your workspace a more pleasant place to be. If there are misunderstandings with your siblings then this is the time to straighten them out; start fresh and let go of any past baggage that you have been carrying around. You are the peacemaker at heart so this should be easy for you.

SCORPIO: Feeling a bit emotional this month; picking up the emotions of others like a psychic sponge? If you can find those things that help to ground you then it will make it easier. Because you have a sense of what people are feeling you are able to be very persuasive as you speak. Don’t be afraid to stand up and let the world know how you feel, especially if you perceive an injustice is occurring. You will be very effective. Sleep patterns may also be a bit off. You are in a very creative period and these bouts of creativity may strike you in the middle of the night or early in the morning. This is definitely the time to express yourself and to do it on a grand scale.

SAGITTARIUS: Energy is high and so are any insights that you may have about how to approach things differently. You are becoming very much aware of what works for you and what doesn’t and you will find that your communications to others will reflect that. This is a time of hope and a time of moving forward on projects that have been stalled for a bit. Just remember to let your words reflect your heart and you will be empowered. If you are shopping for a new car, but having trouble trying to decide what you want, use your heart and not your head. This is a cycle of great change for you and it is all good, so if things move out of your life, they are only making room for the good to come.

CAPRICORN: Love is in the air but right now the best love will be the love you are developing for yourself. You have been learning to value yourself and as you do that then you will find others reflect those feelings. If you are unattached, you could meet the love of your life at this time and develop a long term relationship. It is also time to reassess how you feel about what in the past has been very important to you. You may find that your standards have changed and what you value is what nurtures your soul. It’s a healing time for on-going family disagreements. Forgetting the past is not easy for you but under these influences it is possible and will bring good results.

AQUARIUS: This is a time when body mind and spirit will come together as they have never done before. Any work you have been doing to facilitate the understanding of yourself and the freeing of your basic nature will bear fruit in this cycle. Pay attention to random thoughts and feelings and random encounters. There is a spiritual force working behind everything that happens at this time. Trust it. Travel or education may be in the picture to help you achieve your hopes and dreams. The key through this entire cycle is to follow your inner voice and listen to your heart.

PISCES: February will find you emerging from a long period of sleep. It’s important not to fall into old habits as the pace of life begins to quicken. There are things about yourself that you will be delving into on a deep soul level and emotions or behaviors, which have been blocking your happiness, will surface at this time for you to examine them. Don’t sweep it all under the rug and let habit take over. Female friends figure very much in the scheme of things as you work towards goals. Be alert to any wisdom that they may pass on. You will have lots of energy when it comes to career but it may be necessary to take a long hard look at what you want and whether or not your choices are leading to your goals.

I hope that this has been uplifting and helpful to you as it comes from me with much love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to –

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With very much love and my best wishes for a wonderful month ahead



UK said...

Like all of you when I heard the original lineup had reunited for "Astronaut" I was thrilled.
Not quite so thrilled when I heard the disc.
Granted "Astronaut" had some great moments but that was not the comeback I was hoping for.
I skipped "Red Carpet" all together due to the reviews from fans and critics.
Then without even realizing DD was coming out with something new, this caught my attention on our local newspaper.
Not quite the hippest place to find out about a new DD album but that's it.

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