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Friday, October 1, 2010

Mary's Astrology Blog for October 2010


Life is made up of individual moments, each one of them precious and overflowing with information. Most of us get so caught up in our daily duties that we miss the true value of these moments in our quest for the future. So often I hear my clients say, “when I get that job, I’ll be happy” or “when I have enough money, I can enjoy life” or “if I could just find my soul mate I’d be happy” or enjoy good health, or any number of things. What are you waiting for in your life? Are you missing the beauty of the moment in your dreams of the future? The point of power for all of us, is in the moment. The moment is all that we really have; the future and the past are but insubstantial and unfulfilling dreams.

Take a few seconds now to notice your breath, be aware of how it moves through your body and check to see if your body is comfortable or tense.

Take a few seconds to relax and breathe.

Feel your well being. No matter what has occurred in the past, not matter what may be coming in the future, in this moment you are well and whole and present.

Breathe in the Divine Presence

Infinite Presence, I open my heart to You, to fully experience Your Love for this instant. I observe the breath of my body, I observe Your Presence in every cell. I observe the magnificence of your world

In this moment I send out my gratitude for the experience of being in Life. All things are God in Action and in this moment I take the opportunity to observe and give thanks. I am one with the Divine Presence and I know that I am Protected and Loved. In this moment All is Well.

ARIES: October shines the light on relationships for Aries. It becomes easier for you to speak your heart. It’s time for some emotional housecleaning. Keep what works and take a good hard look at possibly discarding what doesn’t work. Change is in the air and many of you may move or make plans to move at this time. There is a strong desire to nest and create a home and this will also be on your mind. Work will bring increased responsibilities, which provide an outlet for that Martian energy. This is the time to attend to creative projects where the results will amaze you.

TAURUS: Your mind has been on finances for a while and October is no different. You succeed most readily in projects where you share a partnership with someone. Money comes through a partner or spouse and the opportunities in that area will be increasing. Ideals must be kept high in order for success to come. It may also be a time to let go of some joint ventures; time to cut like a good gardener and prune those projects which may be draining your energy and sense of well being. Let the rest go into the Hands of the Infinite. Faith is called for here. You have done the hard work, now sit back and see where the Universe brings in the Light.

GEMINI: October may be emotional for you. The emphasis is on short trips made by car and examining how your truly feel about things. It’s a good month because your “feeling body” will be stronger than your “mental body” and that doesn’t happen too often for you. October could bring you insight. Lessons could be closer to home and you may also be in the market for a new home. This can bring responsibilities having to do with your immediate environment so if there is any fixing to do, its best to get at it. This is not the time to neglect the basics. It’s a creative time where you are going to be rethinking your work ethic and making changes in relationships. Look for the unexpected where career is concerned.

CANCER: Career gets a real boost this month. Energy expended in this direction will bring you what you desire. Pay attention to projects around the house which makes things more beautiful. Beautiful surroundings are vital to your well being. This is the month to take care of anything that has been neglected. The good news is that there will be money available to do what you wish and if you keep really busy you may stay out of family disagreements. It is also an excellent time to pick up where you have left off on old creative projects. You may find yourself being re-inspired. Any sudden opportunity to learn something new should be taken advantage of. See it as a gift from the Universe; it could surprise you.

LEO: October is the month for hopes and dreams. The ability to make some of your dreams come true should be presented to you this month. Any project begun at this time will be successful. It is also time to pay attention to you. Give yourself some me time, go to the spa or the hairdresser or just go shopping. Venus wants you to have some fun. Your heart seems to be longing to figure out where you are going. Focus on what you would love and forget the specifics. Your Higher Self will know what will make you happy, much more than your conscious mind. Those of you who write will find yourself truly creative at this time. The only difficulty will be getting started, if you can get by that, it will be great.

VIRGO: This will be a month of soul searching and getting in touch with those things that form the basis of who you are. Things which may have been held in the subconscious will come up to see the Light and this will empower you and free you from knee jerk reactions. Finances should be good and healthy this month where work will provide more opportunities for emotional satisfaction than perhaps it has done in the past. You may have the opportunity to move to a larger place. It’s good to stay flexible where home is concerned because change is a distinct possibility. The work at this time is mostly internal, but it should not be neglected. You are setting up a fourteen year pattern so have the courage to change what you need.

LIBRA: You may clear up old debts this month and so you may feel that you do not have the resources which you once believed that you had. Fear not! You have been cutting off ballast and once you have cleared things up your balloon will soar. It’s a time of births and weddings where you may hear that the family size is increasing. This does not mean a personal pregnancy, although you may be thinking along the lines of children; they may not appear until later. This is the time to think about you and what you want in life and to get moving on your career. You are ambitious at this time and opportunities for advancement are presented to you. Trust and follow your heart.

SCORPIO: You may find yourself going over and over past situations, trying to find out the meaning of them. It’s not a time of clarity but it is a time for lots of thought. Be flexible enough to allow yourself to change your mind at this time. Do not follow the course of any situation in which you hold great doubts. Finances should be fine as long as you are aware of what you value and willing to let go of what you don’t. It’s time to seek the garden of prosperity. If you can’t decide whether or not to move, it may be a time to stay put. Look for unexpected bursts of creativity and see where they lead you. It is also a good time to go back and heal those past issues which are holding you back.

SAGITTARIUS: Things tend to be a little crazy and you are extra sensitive at this time. There are personal changes that need to be made and you will either make them gracefully or the situation will be taken out of your hands. Don’t mourn any losses which occur; if loss happens then it will lead to a higher good for you. Trust the Divine Presence on that one. You could find yourself in the midst of a family discussion so try to stay neutral. The more you hear, the more you will see the wisdom of this. There can be a raise or a promotion at this time. People view you as competent and if you want to ask for a raise or a new position, now is the time to do it. Discover what you want and go for it.

CAPRICORN: October could be a difficult month for you. You could be going over the past and second guessing your choices and decisions. Try to let go of self criticism. There are no bad choices; all choices have consequences which lead us to where we need to learn. Working on your career will balance you and help you to gain some perspective. Finances will be alright. You may feel a bit of a squeeze at the moment but that will ease unexpectedly. Things are not as bad as you think. The tendency to worry is one of the things that you are on this earth to let go of. If you enter into a partnership, or if you have a present partner, make sure the work is equally divided. It’s time to share responsibilities.

AQUARIUS: It’s a good month to go within and commune with the spiritual forces that surround you. It’s not a good time to try to make yourself understood where your career is concerned. You will probably be misunderstood. They will love you at work and they will love your work, but if you want to express an opinion, it might be better to wait for another month. If you are looking for romance then you may find it in the form of someone you have known and loved in another lifetime. This could be a very special relationship and at the very least it will be here to bless you so be aware. Do not fear for finances. Any sources, which have dried up, will be replaced.

PISCES: It’s all about the work this month. October will be busy for you. You will find yourself bogged down in details as you create from the foundation up. If you pay attention to the little things today then the large things will go well tomorrow. It’s worth the effort. Someone will enter your life who will ground you and keep you focused. This is someone who stimulates you to cross all of the tees and dot ever I. If you are single then there may be an attraction this month. The question of home is also very much on your mind. Where will I live? You probably have a different answer for that for each day of the week. Move back from specifics and see what you value about your home. List 10 things you desire in a home and then cross of 5. What’s left on the list may tell you a lot.

I hope that this has been uplifting and helpful to you as it comes from me with much love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to -

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With much Love and Light to you



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