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Monday, January 4, 2010

Mary's Astro Blog for January 2010

Happy New Year

Wow! Just writing 2010 reminds me of how fast time is passing. I can remember giving lectures about the coming events of 2012 and they seemed so far away, that was back in the year 2000. Time is speeding up for all of us, and what I notice from so many of you is that your lessons and life challenges seem to be non stop.

Just know that you are not alone and that if life is challenging you, it's a good sign, as far as the evolution of your soul goes. We all incarnated at this time because we knew we would have the opportunity to clean up years of karma in one incarnation. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and when those magnificent beings who were advising us before we took physical form said that it would be difficult; I'm sure we felt so empowered and evolved that we believed we were up to the challenge.

Many of you are experiencing emotional cleansing. You may find yourself crying or feeling depressed and overwhelmed. As much as possible embrace those feelings. Let them come through you. They probably aren't even from this lifetime. Remind yourself - I AM CLEANSING, I AM CLEANSING.

Each of you has four bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these bodies communicates with you. Your physical body tells you when things are out of balance. Not always, but most of the time, physical ailments are communications. The physical knows that if it acts up enough then you will listen. Ask it, what are you trying to tell me? The answers may surprise you.

The mental body is a bully. It obsesses and takes things personally. It won't be quiet and can only be tamed by some form of meditation. You must use it as a tool, or it becomes your master.

Most of us fear our emotional body. We may have been told as children not to cry or even not to show much emotion at all. If feelings aren't released then we can carry them for lifetimes. When your emotions want to express, let them. Emotions cycle and few stay longer than 20 minutes, unless they are suppressed. Let them come through you and then release them.

When the lower bodies are clear you can operate from your spiritual body. That part of you which knows intuitively that all is well. The part of you that guides you towards your bliss and your Ascension.

Take a Deep Breath

Feel the Energy Releasing from every Pore of Your Body

Take a Deep Breath

I Release ALL that is not My True Being to the Universe

Take a Deep Breath

I am Still. I AM the PRESENCE of GOD!

ARIES: It is a time of destiny; a time when you are ending old karma which goes back lifetimes. Ask yourself what you have learned in the last two years. It is a time to look at what is going on now and ask yourself if you are slipping back to repeat old patterns. It is also a time of freedom and transformation. The energy of the Universe supports your evolvement. New people will enter your life and many of them will prove to be helpful to you in one way or the other. If you follow your heart and stay true to what you believe spiritually and ethically, you will find yourself reaping success and prosperity. If you do what you love, you will become well known for doing it well.

TAURUS: This is a time of balance for you. There will be a lot of activity around your partner or around family members, whether siblings or in-laws, everyone seems to need your nurturing ways. The lesson is of course to look after yourself. It may be a time of serious considerations and that makes it all the more important for you to be well balanced when action is called for. If you have wanted to make some choices around career; you may find yourself too distracted by other things to really give it serious thought. Trust the Universal timing. There is a force within your heart which will lead you through these times and the more in balance you are, the more you will be able to stay in tune with it.

GEMINI: Whether it is your lover or your best friend, good things come to you this month through your partner. Your partner will bring you energy and drive. Your partner will help you understand what you really value in life. Your partner will be the catalyst which stimulates your intellect and your creativity. Great transformation is possible at this time through your association with someone close to you. This may also be a time of love and romance but the true gifts of this month are more transformational than even love. Great success will come to you through going back to fundamentals but if you encounter roadblocks then go back to the basics.

CANCER: Now is the time to take a moment and look back and ask yourself where you have felt most restricted and you will find that these are also the areas of your greatest growth. What did you learn? What you learned will set the pattern for the next fourteen years. You will have a tendency to look at finances in a critical or even fearful light. Just know that most of your fear is in your imagination. Travel will figure well in this month. You may also find you have more interaction with siblings. If you are a writer then this is a time of fertile ideas and the ability to get a lot of things down in a way that pleases you.

LEO: This is a month when you may find yourself confined to home and not getting out much into the world. When you get out at all you will find that there is a purpose and each experience may be widely different from the last. Most of your work will be within this month. You could be dealing with health issues, either yours or someone close to you, especially having to do with the bones. It would be good to keep a notebook or a journal. You will have lots of creative ideas flow through you at this time, although you may not be able to put them into action until later. Just because nothing may seem to be happening, don't be discouraged. Your germinating seed will burst into bloom by spring.

VIRGO: You could find your dreams manifesting this month as long cherished desires come forth and find outer form. Your intuition is nearly mystical, so it is important that you pay close attention to where your heart leads you and to maintain your own presence, even in groups or organizations. This is a time of great sensitivity, but it may also allow you to find those areas in your life where people can still push your buttons and you could find those emotions that you try so hard to keep a lid on, rising up and demanding recognition. Remember, there is power in knowing your vulnerable spots because they have a lot to teach you about yourself.

LIBRA: This is a time of great expansion for you. Others will see you as someone with great authority and experience and they will tend to listen to what you have to say. The emphasis this month is on travel and communication. You may find yourself saying things that almost come through you and not from you. You are able to access your inner wisdom when you speak or write and who you are and what you value will be communicated, as well as the ideas that you speak of. This is an excellent time to write, because your writing will carry the extra weight of authority. Changes can happen quickly around you and they will lead you to your heart's desire.

SCORPIO: You could feel restricted from learning all you need to know on a subject or from travelling, especially for long distances. Try to be patient, because you are building a foundation which will manifest around your career next month. This is the time to go back to basics and review not only your direction, but how you plan to get there. Special care will be given to financial matters this month and you could find long term plans paying off for you. All your ideas could make money for you, so it will be important to pay attention to your fertile imagination and to only travel those paths which support your basic values. You could find yourself feeling very at home in unusual places.

SAGITTARIUS: You will feel both restless and energized as few of the planets are negatively impacting you this month. Love can hit you out of the blue and you may find yourself opening up to a partner and sharing feelings from your heart. It is time to keep the focus on you, however; don't lose yourself in the fascination with someone else. January is ripe with opportunity and some of it is life-changing. You have never been afraid of adventure and now is the time to give your freedom-loving nature full reign. Old ideas and projects will return with new slants to them and this time you will find success.

CAPRICORN: The connection between past and present becomes very clear to you this month and you may find yourself going back and making peace with relationships that you have let go of in the past. You have a habit of avoiding deeply personal emotions that are associated with your past, especially if they are painful, but you will not be able to ignore the effects they have, especially if they are preventing you from finding happiness in the present. You are a great fan of tradition, but in the case of your spirituality, you may find yourself rejecting tradition and replacing it with what you feel in your heart. Your intuition will guide you well this month.

AQUARIUS: You will wear your individuality proudly this month and others will feel in harmony with you on an emotional level. Things tend to happen on the spur of the moment and you have a great opportunity to express yourself creatively and spiritually. Even if your life's ambition is something easy like changing the world, you could find yourself on the way to fulfilling it by moving others to take up your cause. If there is any area of your life that you need to be persuasive about then now is the time to speak your heart. An old love may reappear from the past and desire to resume a romance that you had thought was long gone. Explore all aspects of this before you leap as there may be hidden meanings.

PISCES: January could see you cleaning up old business, especially if it is legal or official in any way. You are closing down old cycles and preparing for the new and you will find your sensitive heart expressing its desires to a close partner or friend. The world smiles kindly on you at this time and you will find yourself coming out of the chrysalis and dancing through life once more. How you will make your mark in the world will move from theory to practical application as you make great strides in career. Try not to dwell too much in the past. It will be more difficult for you to incorporate the wonderful new changes you are making if you keep looking back to old mistakes.

I hope that this has been uplifting and helpful to you as it comes from me with my most heartfelt love and encouragement. If you have any comments on this or anything else then please leave a comment by going to -

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Wishing you a very happy and uplifting 2010

With very much love



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