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Friday, July 3, 2009


July 2009


In speaking with many of you I hear about several issues which seem to be going on. Either you are waiting for something that should have happened a while ago, and perhaps seems to be on the edge of your horizon, almost here; or an event has occurred that has shocked you and altered your plans, or perhaps even your life and you are reeling. If you can relate to this, I hope you find this prayer helpful.

Take a deep breath and just be still for a moment.
Nothing good ever comes with running around and letting your mind go crazy.
Stop your mind……. just for a moment
Focus on that Magnificently Amazing Power and Energy that gave you this life in the first



I may not feel so grateful for where I am at this moment.
There may be things that I wish were different.
Health, Prosperity, Love
I didn’t come here for challenges !! - I thought it was going to be fun !!.

Almighty, Divine, Presence! I call out to you from the confusion of my soul.
Help me to remember that All Things Are God In Action!
Help me to remember that ALL THINGS LEAD TO MY HIGHEST GOOD!
Pull my attention back from my emotions and the opinions about my life
Help me to ASK “ What is the blessing?”
I AM an eternal soul
I AM here for my education
What am I learning, and what do I teach with my words and with my actions.
Almighty, Divine, Presence!
Let me see YOUR PRESENCE in all things!

ARIES: July has you feeling pretty lost. The reason seems to be that you are floundering
between career and hearts desire. In many cases they are not the same, and when they are not
the same then failure and stress are inevitable. Listen Aries, you are ruled by Mars, you
can do anything and if you throw your energy into something, the sky is the limit. It is mportant to find the call of your heart and pursue it, even part time is better than not at all. Stop the split of energy, settle on one thing and give it your all.

TAURUS: Something is going on around you that is deliberately there to force you to expand
your spirituality. I don’t mean do good deeds; I mean the Universe is bringing you opportunities to say “I’m not afraid, you can’t get me!” Your power comes from your spiritual practices this month. Go back to basics in whatever that is for you. There is a lot unsettling your world at the moment. This is the time to stay grounded and in your power and what does that for you are your rituals, whatever they happen to be for you. Go back to them. Practice them. Draw strength from them.

GEMINI: Your head is in the clouds as usual, and I say that fondly. Gemini’s, escape into
their mind. The mind of a Gemini is a wondrous thing. None of the rest of us can hope to fathom what it is like to live in pure mercury. But hey, I know you don’t like to be in the body in July, because in July you feel things, and there may be some of you, who may not want to look at reality, you’d rather live in Never Never Land. The Universe says “feel your emotions this month, even the sad ones.” Until you do, you will never be truly free and in your power.

CANCER: Stay in your fluid power this month. The Universe may challenge you with changes and twists and turns on the pathway, but you can handle it all with grace. Incidents around the
family may teach you this month. Watch your tongue as there is a scorpion vibe around you.
You may not be able to keep your opinions to yourself, even if you want to. Chose your words
wisely. It’s difficult to go through life as sensitive as you are. Just remember to breathe.

LEO: July kind of holds the flame to the soles of your feet on several issues. First is romance. What do you want and how much are you willing to be vulnerable. If you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable in the heart, you may have to contend with issues of the body. If the energydoesn’t come out one way, it will see another exit. You can not manifest what you are unclear about perceiving. The Universe is asking you “What is it that you want?” and if you can answer the question then you just might receive it.

VIRGO: Since you are such good scribes, it might be good to try to put in writing, just who you are. It’s time to decide. July has you examining your values and opinions. It is also raking up your past. It’s a crazy time, but it’s all designed to get you to face truth. Not the truth that you expected to find, but the full truth of your heart. You will need a fair amount of alone time in creative pursuits, which is for you, the same as meditation. Lose yourself and find yourself. If you had money and time, how would you fill your day?

LIBRA: Beautiful dreamer. It is going to be difficult to stay grounded this month. Fortunately the Universe is calling you to put that dreaminess into creative form. It doesn’t matter what avenue that form takes. The important thing is to be creative. If you are not creative, you will drive us all crazy with a constant need for debate. Venus rules you and she is calling you to be the spokesperson for her beauty and bring it to the earth in some form. Create!

SCORPIO: Passions run high this month, for good or for ill. Fortunately you hide them very
well from the rest of us, but that doesn’t mean that they are not there. July should come with an industrial strength warning for you. You are feeling psychic, to the bone. Don’t let anyone try to talk you out of what your radar is telling you. July is a good time to give your attention to the home. Basically the Universe has loaded you with raw energy and you can accomplish pretty much whatever you set your mind to. Just be careful not to step on too many toes or burn too many bridges

SAGITTARIUS: You may feel a bit lost, however, unlike Aries, you thrive on it. You see
finding your way as an adventure. You embrace it, so you will definitely have a chance to do
that in July. Life, right now, is very fluid and the Universe is asking you for your trust. Be the Happy Wanderer and see where life is taking you. You will be pleasantly fascinated by the adventures along the way. If you can truly Embrace the Journey, the outcome will astound you. Definitely time to go with the flow.

CAPRICORN: Lots of communication from the Spirit realm this month. Try not to be afraid that you are going crazy. You are just in a very psychic phase. Your practical nature is changing
and you are allowing your wonderful intuition to have a voice. This will consult your practical side, but, fear not, it will also consult your heart. July is your month to merge the two. Let your intuitive unite with your practical nature and produce wisdom. Time to let go of your fear and embrace your power.

AQUARIUS: July is a month to let your expanding creative energy find a form to express in.
You have so much electricity in you that you could power up half the globe. That’s difficult energy to handle. If you work in healing of any form you will be very effective this month. People may even be drawn to you for your energy sake alone, so be aware of what is going on around you. But, it won’t be easy. What are you going to do with all of that energy? Your higher self has the answer. Go within and breathe.

PISCES: Bless your heart, you just want to save the world. July is the time to take some of
that wonderful energy within. What can you do for you? I’m not talking about what lessons
you should be learning. The lesson for you this month is to learn to treat yourself well.
Try to do as much as you can in July that you truly WANT to do. Pisces takes care of everyone, but it is so important for them to learn to do nice things, (selfish things even) for themselves. July is your month to do unto yourself what you do for others.


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