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Thursday, April 30, 2009



MAY 2009

ARIES: May shines its light on your past and those experiences that shaped you, especially with regards to how you interact in romantic attractions. If you are looking for love and suspect that there may be some roadblocks along the way, May's energy will help to free you. May also asks you to embrace both the male and female sides of yourself, whatever gender you happen to be. How do you express love and how do you attract it? These are important questions to ask yourself at this time. May can also be a time where the past comes bursting back into your life. No matter how disruptive it may be,it is there to heal you. Lets face it Aries, you hate to be bored, and May will be anything but boring. Let every experience help with your healing and all will be well. Its a time of power.

TAURUS: May should cheer you up. There will be good news concerning your finances, just avoid contracts after the 7th, wait until June. Career should be expanding and bringing you prosperity. Ride the waveand enjoy it for the next year or so. Be prudent and invest wisely, so that the hills and valleys are less stressful. A past love may reappear, or you may be thinking of a past love and playing the "what if" game. Just remember that life has a way of putting us where we are meant to be. Trust your journey, its rarely helpful to backtrack. There may be a new home in your future. It is important that you have a clear idea of what you really want. The physical place doesn't matter as much as the feeling that living there would bring you and the conveniences that you would like to have use of.

GEMINI: May will bring you a feeling of harmony in your body mind and spirit. Use the six days as a time to bring anything to yourself, which requires any sort of communication to complete. Send for documents, onterview for jobs, be persuasive if you feel incllined. After the 7th, its time to take that energy into yourself and use what the world has taught you in the last few months and create your happiness.Travel for pleasure is definitely on the horizon and foreign travel is a definite possibility. Pay attention to things around the home, this is the time to repair what doesn't show, wires, plumbing.A lot of wisdom will come to you while you are engaged in these activities, use them as a meditation; the isights may surprise you.If someone else does the work, use the time for contemplation.

CANCER: May brings surpises. I know you are more comfortable when things are predictable, but any surprise at this time is a blessing, no matter how it appears on the outer. You may be concerned about finances, but you will always have a little tucked away. Fear not your career is in a powerful place. If you hate your job, you may find a new one at this time. The energy is shining on your house of career, so look for blessings in that area. You may find that you have faith and confidence in yourself. Someone from the past re enters your life again and emotins run high. It will be important to stay true to what you value, do not cloud your vision, with what you want to see. Love is possible this month, but only if you stay emotionally honest.

LEO: May is an emotional month Spring is in the air and your heart is longing for adventure. Someone you care about may pop in for a visit or you may travel to visit them. There are lots of possibilities so the longing in your heart may very well be fulfilled. Finances should be more solid and you can treat yourself to trips to the hairdresser or the spa. Do something nice for yourself so that the emotions that are high at this time can be pleasant ones. After the 7th is a good time for writing or journaling. It helps to put all those emotions down on paper where you can make sense of them. You could also feel a sudden attraction to someone who pops into your life, so there will be plenty to journal about. You will shine at work and may bell be noticed for a promotion.

VIRGO: May sees you continuing to work on yourself, but it will be important for you to get out and avoid depression. Emotions bring up things from the past, so its a good time to journal and practice letting go of those things that need to go, but also rejuvenating those practices which are beneficial.You are in a cycle of setting new patterns, which will last you for years, embrace what brings you joy and take your eye off of the harvest. Seeds planted now will flourish, but if you keep digging at them and worrying over them, they will wither on the vine. Look for a message concerning your career. Good news comes after the 7th
concerning a situation you have given up on. Remember you are starting a new cycle of life.You are manifesting your happiness and it is worth the time that you are taking now.

LIBRA: May brings romance and love. If you are not in a relationship, you could meet someone now; if you are in a relationship, you will find yourself recommitting to the romance that brought you together. Your partner could prove to be a real blessing at this time. They may be your inspiration. There will also be an opportunity to go over material which you have not quite mastered. Someone may come along who teaches you old information in a new way, but you will grasp ideas that have proved difficult before. It is also an excellent time to go within and meditate on those principles which rule your life, your ethics, your spirutality all need to be expressed clearly or you will find yourself spinning your wheels. You may also be changing your home, or rearranging rooms and furniture. The transition will be good for you.

SCORPIO: May has you expanding your living space or perhaps taking advantage of the new mortgage programs and buying a home. The money should be there to help you get into the place that feels good to you. Your creativity may be sporatic, but when it comes it will be powerful and worthy of you devoting your time to it. Its a social month as well. Romance may happen in the workplace, or perhaps someone who visits your workplace has warm feelings for you. Any partnerships at this time will be creative and productive. If you are not already working at a career, which you can be passionate about, then its time to head in that direction. Have the courage to follow your dreams this month. You have the passion and the power to reach for the stars.

SAGITTARIUS: Travel, travel, travel, is all around you this month. That suits you just fine, because you are the happy wanderer of the zodiac and May will make you feel as though someone has opened the door and set you free. Financial changes that you have made recently will give you the prosperity to allow you to indulge your desire to wander the globe. Be sure to bring whatever you need to indulge your creativity, and be prepared to fall in love along the way, maybe a few times. These romances may not lead to the altar, but they will make your travels a lot more fun. May should find you feeling healthy and healing any physical conditions, which are out of harmony with your higher self. Keep a journal of your travels, not just of where you have been, but what you feelings and intuitions have been while you travel.

CAPRICORN: May brings change and transformation. It is a time of healing for you and a time to start putting plans in motion, which will be fulfilled at a later day. Look for your bank account to grow and for you to be able to acquire more of the comforts that you desire. You are entering a long period of prosperity, so don't be afraid to move forward with plans. There will be lots of company, coming and going around the home. Its a busy social time and people like to visit you because of the love that they feel. You have created that atmosphere be proud of what you have accomplished. There is great power in creating sacred space where love flourishes. The energy that you direct from the space you have created will manifest your dreams.

AQUARIUS: May brings opportunity. The world sees you as successful and so you easily attract success to you in all areas. Take advantage of this energy it is a long cyle. You are an air sign and as an air sign, you tend to be mental. There are many wonderful ideas in you, which need to come into form. It is time to put your ideas into action. They will manifest well for you if you have the courage to take them forward. Someone speaks words of love to you. Hear them and take them in. You worry about everyone else and you may be missing a personal experience,which would bring you great joy. You can still save the world, even if you take the time out for some fun. Listen to your partners feelings, they are important. There will be emotional clarity this month,sometimes whether you want it or not.

PISCES: May relaxes your mind about prosperity. You will notice your bank balance growing, as if by magic. Don't question it, just relax and steward it well. There will be healing in the family, particularly if that involes communication with your children or siblings. You may find yourself taking short road trips to visit those whom you have not seen in a while. It will lift your spirit to get away, but your space will welcome you home. Work may seem like drudgery, but it is in reality your meditation. You do it so well, all you have to do is remember to breathe. Pisces can be the martyr of the zodiac, but this is not the time for you to sacrifice yourself. This is the time for you to go within and see what it is that you desire. You can't go for your dreams, if you don't know what they are.


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